More Conservative Leadership from the Senate.

I was watching Fox News and the Georgia immigration bill came up. Governor Perdue appeared to have been flanked by Senators Casey Cagle, Chip Rogers, David Shafer,  and Brian Kemp and Representatives John Lunsford and Melvin Everson as he signed the bill.

Congrats to the Conservative Legislators involved.



    Good job Sonny as well as the House and Senate, it’s also significant to see Cagle and Kemp flanking him proving once again they are the leaders that are working for a better Georgia.

  2. JP says:

    This is just conservative (little “c” please) posturing, at least until the “sanctions” against companies are imposed for hiring illegals. If you don’t stop demand, the supply will keep a-comin’.

  3. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Why was Cagle there? I guess he’s for stopping illegal imigration now, huh?

    I know Sonny’s people think Reed is going to win, so I’m surprised he allowed him to be present.

  4. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Yeah, I guess they should not allow sponsors of bills to be present when its signed. Former your an idiot.


    Former I believe your a former cagle guy about like I believe pigs fly. You’re just another kool aide slush who can’t believe some candidates are leaders and not self rightous egomaniacs. I agree with Brian your an idiot.

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