Reece draws an opponent. Cagle should be thrilled.

IN Senator Casey Cagles home district the competition for his seat has just intensified. A local dentist, Lee Hawkins, has announced to run. Also running is Representative Stacey Reece.

The Political Insider has more of a scoop.

Casey should be rejoicing at the fact of a highly contested primary for his seat. Not because he does not like Rep. Reece, but because this is sure to up turnout. High Turnout in this district can do nothing but increase Caseys Vote come July 18th. Now if only Ralph could get someone to run in his hometow….err…seat…errr, Wheres Ralph from again? Toccoa? Gwinnett? nope–Florida.


  1. Tommy_a2b says:

    The title of the Political Insider colume is hillarious.

    “Of engagement showers, and the AIDS virus”

    On a more serious note I am hearing Stacey’s people on the inside of his campaign are defecting like rats on a sinking ship.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle garned 14,874 votes in the Primary 2004.
    In the General he garned 45,282.

    Not a big State Senate District.

    Face it, there will be a big turnout statewide because of the very hotly contested Lt. Governor’s race and Secretary of State’s race .

    The high GOP Primary turnout should propel Taylor to the Democratic Nomination.

  3. Beth says:

    Can you give us a lesson in how State Senate districts are formed and how many people are in each district?

  4. First of all, Cagle ran unopposed in the primary and general election. About 40% of the people will just skip an unopposed race, so I would guess the turnout was a lot higher than what Cagle got in both elections.

    That said, non-Presidential years (like 2006) always see decreased turnout in all elections, whether it is the primary or general. Most voters don’t pay that much attention and don’t vote when the news is not full of presidential political coverage.

    Finally, you have to be crazy if you think the average Georgian cares more about who the Republican SOS (or Lt Gov) nominee is than who the Democrats nominate for Governor.

    In one race, you have Mark Taylor vs Cathy Cox, both with name ID’s already in the 70’s and soon to be close to 100%. In the other race you have candidates that people who don’t read Peach Pundit have probably never heard of. Hmm, I wonder what race the *average* Georgian will choose to vote in.

    Keep in mind that even in 2004 when it was Isakson vs Cain vs Collins AND in parts of the state Price vs Lamutt vs Clay and Westmoreland vs Glenn, about 100,000 more Georgians still voted in the Democratic primary than the Republican, even though we had few contested primaries (statewide) and lackluster candidates in the ones that were contested.

    I will bet anyone on this site that more Georgians will vote in the Democratic primary than Republican one.

  5. Nate says:

    Cagle has not had any significant primary opposition in the past elections. The fact that there are contested races for the house, district attorney, senate and a ballot initiative on liquor by the drink is going to make for larger primary voter turn out than Hall has had in a long time. Word on the ground is that top Reece supports are dropping like flies. Hawkins has already picked up some of the big players in the county.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Chrishardcore, I don’t know where you got your vote totals for the primaries in 2004, but there were 26.128 more votes cast in the Republican Primary than in the Democratic Primary. I will admit the source I got mine from may not be accurate. I got it from the SOS official election totals.

    To break it down: There were 625,154 votes cast in the Democratic Priamary and 651,282 votes cast in the Republican Primary. Do the math.

    The majority of voters will want to cast votes for the next Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State. and others. They like to go with winners. That will be in the Republican Primary.

    This Primary election cycle will be the same. You will have mostly moderates and conservatives vote in the Republican Primary and Liberals vote in the Democratic Primary. The GOP will nominate moderate/conservative candidates and the Dem will nominate more liberal candidates as was in the case of Majette/Oxford.

  7. Karla Stuckey says:

    Sounds like Reece and his wife to be are Casey Cagle kind of people!

    Reed is GA born and bred. He has a Ph.D. from Georgia for goodness sake. Did Cagle finish college? Someone recently told me he was a drop out.

    Reed has lived in GA again for some time.

  8. Demonbeck says:

    Has he registered to vote here yet? That would be awfully embarassing if he weren’t even able to vote for himself in the primary.

    It would also be embarassing to see that he voted in two states in the same year.

  9. Former Cagle Guy says:

    Being from this neck of the woods, we assumed Reece was Cagle’s hand-picked boy. Two peas in a pod as far as I am concerned. Cagle attacks Reed for making money even though Reed was a business man. Cagle has made a mint and done it while in office.

    As a friend of mine once said, “I don’t car what kind of car they drive when they run for office. But I do care if they start driving a BMW after they are elected!”

  10. What is wrong people that did not finish college?

    Sorry to bust your bubble Karla but RR was born in Miami, raised in VA, then he moved to Stephens County half way through high school. When he is fundraising in VA he mentions his history that state. Funny he does not mention that during his speeches here in Georgia.

    His PHD is not from Georgia.

  11. Bill Simon says:

    Actually, I believe Reed’s PhD is from Emory.

    BUT, he definitely did not grow-up in Georgia. His family moved to Toccoa when Ralph entered the 10th grade.

    Ralph is born and bred in Georgia? HARDLY, Karla. Looks like your “inside D.C. info” is more like info from folks who inbreed…

    I suspect, folks, that little Miss “Karla” is none other than little Miss Linda Hamrick.

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