1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    So Chris, do you think Bobby Kahn is trying to smear Handel now and save Stephens? (when the focus of his attacks for quite a while were Stephens and Perdue — MAYBE Bobby Kahn is just showing that Karen Handel has flaws too? – I mean, getting new chairs isn’t “bad” per se, but it probably isn’t the most “fiscally conservative” thing to spend $18,000 on – although I haven’t been buying any nice leather, executive chairs lately so I don’t know the going rate). Regardless, I certainly don’t think he included that in his post as any favor to Bill Stephens – I mean, I don’t think these two guys are exactly friends — they’ve both made some pretty damning remarks about one another in the past. In fact, Mr. Bill Simon’s own Political Vine featured an article on July 15, 2004 – discussing how Bobby Kahn had turned his support, and that of the GA Trial Lawyers Ass’n, to aid Bubba McDonald in defeating Stephens — that doesn’t sound like Bobby was trying to help his “former Democrat” Bill Stephens any.

  2. UGA Wins 2005 says:


    You need to be careful, people here are going to start lumping your views in with your poster girl Democrat, Cynthia McKinney. If you can just get a bit more shrill and silly, you will be right down there with Cynthia.

    And whats a “Tiramisu’ anyway?

  3. Charlie says:

    Dump the loser – law. It’s one thing to have a debate on this site, it’s another to falsely smear someone. It’s very well documented that Handel has been happly married for a long time. The idiot law has never had anything intelligent to saw nor is contributing to this site.

    As far as the chairs, last time you tried it it didn’t go anywhere. When the press investigated your claim they found out that you left the office in shambles, and that the request averaged about $200/chair, basically a non-issue. Crawl back in your hole Kahn.

  4. SteveHandel says:

    I will admit that I have been a lurker on this site for a longtime now. I think it’s a great site, full of some good banter. I know in politics that you have to develop some thick skin for some of the attacks that happen during a campaign.

    It is extremely hard to sit by and see my wife of 14 years be called a lesbian.

    A true leader leads in tough times while in the minority and shows the courage to stand alone. Karen has demonstrated that numerous times during her tenure as Chairman of the Fulton County Commission. Everywhere I go and everyone I speak to comments about what a breath of fresh air Karen is on the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. She has changed that body for the better and served the citizens of Fulton County well.

    As a life long conservative republican, she is the most qualified candidate for the office of SoS, due to her mix of business and goverment service background, and her impeccable ethical record.

    I have the honor to wake up every morning and kiss the women that I become prouder of everyday.

    I will go back to lurking, as I’m sure Karen’s campaign team will light up my phone this morning 🙂

  5. TigerLily says:


    Not that I am an advocate for Law or any others….but there have been lots of false accusations on here concerning both Handel and Stephens that are entirely inappropriate.

    How about a call for ending all the BS about both and stick to the facts.


  6. debbie0040 says:

    Karen is not a lesbian. She is a fine person and the next Secretary of State.

    Rumors, rumors. The same rumor circulates about the current Secretary of State. It is no secret the gay community supports Cox for Governor. I don’t believe that rumor about Cox being a lesbian, though.

    I think men that have problems with strong, spirited women and feel threatened by them start those ridiculous rumors.

  7. Bobby Kahn says:

    The condition of the office was just fine. What are you talking about? If the chairs are no big deal, what’s with the email, “we want to be careful re perceptions.” As to spending the surplus, what about saving it and cutting education by a little bit less? But this isn’t about Karen Handel. Its about Gov. Perdue saying one thing and doing another. Read the entire Rome editorial — they say it much better than I ever could.

  8. GAWire says:

    C’mon now … Law has his purpose on this site. Every discussion needs that little ankle-biting idiot that makes assenine comments and makes everybody else feel just a little better about themselves. Law does a fine job with those responsibilities!

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Any truth to the rumors that Bobby Kahn made sure that the “B” and the “K” on every keyboard was glued down on the computers in ex-Governor Barnes’ offices before he left? 🙂

  10. debbie0040 says:

    GAWire, I think those comments were uncalled for. Law has made some very good posts that I agree with. The one in this thread was just not one of them. He did not start that rumor about Handel. I had heard that months ago.

    I stated my reasons on why those rumors get started.

    You can say what you want to , but there is double standard in the political world with men and women. If a man is tough and abrasive, he is given a pat on the back for being strong and macho. If a woman is the same way, she is called a bit**

  11. Three Jack says:

    “elect a leader, not a lesbian” — Stephens is about as much a leader as Handel is a lesbian. law should lay off the late night libations…friends don’t let friends blog while inebriated.

  12. GAWire says:

    Uh, Debbie, let your point be your reason for NOT GETTING INTO POLITICS!

    Apparently, you want to share Law’s important responsibilities.

  13. Charlie says:

    In some ways it’s sad to see that Steve Handel had to respond to false attacks about his wife. It would be nice to see candidates and their supporters debate the issues, and not spread out right lies about a candidate.

  14. JRM2016 says:

    I have posted earlier about the smear campaign against Karen Handel and so I will simply refer you back to my prior comments about that. I am not sure what has been said about Sen. Stephens that was false or inappropriate, but in any case the focus should be on the issues around the SoS race, not false negative campaigning.

    Myself and others have repeatedly articulated the reasons Karen Handel is best qualified for this position. I have, in reviewing posts on this site for the last month or so, yet to see a single post outlining reasons for supporting Sen. Stephens (the typical post has been “Stephens will win” or “Stephens is a Senator so he should be SoS”).

    As to Mr. Kahn’s statements about chairs, I don’t know if that is true. Let’s assume for a moment that it is, he is stating that a decision to spend money on chairs and return a surplus of $585,000 instead of $600,000 is a bad reflection on the Gov. et al. I don’t really see it. I do know Karen has saved and returned roughly $35 million to the Fulton County treasury during her tenure as County Commission Chairman.

    Also, I understand Karen is still traveling the state and taking her conservative message to Georgia Republicans, most recently in the Statesboro area yesterday and will be coming back to my neck of the woods (Muscogee County) in early May. I continue to be impressed with her work ethic and determination to win this nomination, while continuing her hard work on the Fulton County Commission.

    Handel ’06

  15. Nativeson says:

    Law is just your typical Republican Christian, demonizing anyone he disagrees with as a hated homosexual– rendering an opponent as less than human. And if his charge is untrue, he’s just “lying for the Lord.”

  16. Beth says:

    Maybe the Stephens crowd just did the math and now understand the challenge he faces because, he needs to raise in 3 months what he raised in 6 months. Just to catch Handel in cash. Not to mention that Handel raised more in 3 months than he did in 6.

    They could be waking up to the fact that Handel has the momentum, and qualifications to beat Stephens. So they feel helpless and have to resort to false attacks on Handel.

    Handel ’06

  17. Jackets over Dogs says:

    As most of you know, I tend to agree with Law on this site. This time he has taken it too far. I would not blame “law” whoever that may be for the incident. I did not know that Karen Handel was married until verifying that “SteveHandel” is her husband, and that they have been married for some time now. I was told, numerous times by the Stephens camp, similar things to what Law expressed. I even spread it myself because I thought that:
    A) It was true, and
    B) It ran counter to my conservative beliefs.

    If a campaign is willing to stoop that low, they don’t deserve my vote or my support.

    ~Handel 06

  18. Beth says:

    Just one thought. In the future instead of believing what you were spoon fed by a campaign, you may want to take a minute to do some research. It very clearly states on Handel’s website that she is married. There are numerous pictures of she and her husband on the site as well.

    Welcome to the team, and please take sometime to learn more about Handel and spread the word about how she is the best candidate for SoS.

  19. Tammi Metzler says:

    Jackets, why don’t you tell us who in the Stephens “camp” told you these terrible things about Mrs. Handel? I don’t believe a word of your post. I am a Stephens supporter and admitedly close to those who are actually in the real Stephens “camp” and they have never said anything of the sort!

    I’m sorry that Steve Handel (or at least someone calling himself Steve Handel) felt the need to post about this. I think ya’ll are getting the issue confused. We all know that Handel actively campaigned for the gay vote in her commission races and has publicly supported many gay issues. Stephens’ team has indeed pointed that out – as well they should. But they have never spread rumors like that. Hell, they have enough ammunition already without having to resort to rumor-spreading!

  20. John Konop says:

    The comment LAW made should be removed ! If you agree or disagree with Karen Handel is not the issue. To make ugly personal attacks , to ruin a married lady reputation for political gain is wrong. And for you to make fun of a couple because they had personal medical problems having children is sick. I would hope, rather you support Bill or Karen more of you would speak up !

  21. Tammi Metzler says:

    John, you’re absolutely right. And to pin this kind of smut-spreading on the Stephens “camp” is irresponsible.

  22. Bull Moose says:

    This post has turned into a very unfortunate series of attacks on Karen Handel and her family. Whomever started the rumor should be ashamed of themself.

    As for qualifications, the Secretary of State’s office oversees the licensing of businesses, the intergrity of elections, and other important tasks and it’s paramount that we put someone in that position who has the right background and can improve on the position. Karen is that person.

    Her opponent has been fined a record amount for campaign violations. How is he supposed to have credibility overseeing elections with that baggage? I would submit that Karen’s opponent just wants to be in a statewide elected position and doesn’t really care that much about serving the people of our state.

    Karen Handel 2006!

  23. Beth says:

    What are the “many gay issues” that Handel supports? Where are the facts? You are taking part in rumor spreading. But, not to the vile extent of Law.

    I have yet to see anyone on this blog articulate any reason, other than – Stephens has been a State Senator, of why he qualified to hold the office of SoS.

  24. Bill Simon says:

    Tammi, statements like these from you “We all know that Handel actively campaigned for the gay vote in her commission races and has publicly supported many gay issues…” are disingenius at best.

    Why don’t you give us SPECIFIC, DOCUMENTED incidences of these “acts” by Karen Handel? Otherwise, your sense of “outrage” for Jacket’s statement smacks of false sympathy.

    Provided, of course, that “Tammi” is your real name…

  25. debbie0040 says:

    If I were a politician running for county wide office in Fulton, I would be a moron not to campaign for gay Republican votes. There is a gay club called Log Cabin Republicans in Fulton, is there not? That does not mean I would promise to support all their issues.

    Karen is not pro gay issues, gay marriage so don’t even try to paint her that way. You lose your credibility.

    And saying pro gay issues could mean a number of things. There are some issues gays and conservatives might support like a conservative fiscal policy.

    I really would like to see what you are referring to.

  26. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Government employees should sit on stools. Better yet, buy some of those plastic lawn chairs and save the taxpayers a few bucks.

    This is petty and ridiculous. Seems to me Karen has done and is doing a fine job.

  27. Bobby Kahn says:

    As much as I love seeing you Rs fight, let’s bring this back around to the primary purpose of the post — Gov. Perdue says one thing and does another, particularly when it comes to perks of the office, violating his own gift ban, etc.

  28. Charlie says:

    You used the same lame email during Handel’s 2003 Chairman’s race, which she won with 56% of the vote over 2 D’s. The front runner in race, Karen Webster (D) got crushed. If my memory serves me correctly she had former Gov. Barnes endorsement.

    Handel’s conservative message of lower taxes and responsible goverment won the day. I might also point out that she uncovered a dirty Democratic Sherriff, and an inept Democratic appointed Tax Assessors board.

    You really should try to come up with some new material.

  29. debbie0040 says:

    Bobby, are you trying to to imply that Gov. Perdue acted just like Roy Barnes and the Democrats do in office?

  30. Bobby Kahn says:

    Gov. Perdue is doing what he falsely accused Gov. Barnes of doing, only worse. Gov. Barnes put in place a gift ban, and complied with it. Gov. Perdue put in a weaker gift ban, and violates it regularly. Gov. Perdue uses taxpayer funded aircraft for personal and political purposes. Gov. Barnes never abused the aircraft, using only for official purposes. The Rome editorial nailed it, both as to Gov. Perdue and as to the Republican leadership in the General Assembly.

  31. Jimbo says:

    Man, it looks like you all have spent way more posts defending Handel than the Governor, even though Kahn’s attacks were directed at Gov. Perdue. Hmmm, I wonder what that means?

  32. Beth says:

    It’s due to the fact that the Stephens people just blame lie and make stuff up They have nothing to base their statements on.

    In Bobby’s case it’s easy to shoot holes in his stuff because he uses bad material.

  33. JoshA says:

    Wow, UGA Wins question on what is Tiramisu nails the point home on GOP corruption. From the article Bobby linked to…

    ONE OF THE TRADITIONS of closing day in the General Assembly has, for about 30 years, been ordering a working dinner from the Varsity, that Georgia institution of culinary delight. Legislators, stuck at their desks in the last-minute rush, would press the buttons on their voting machines to order – red (no) for a hot dog, green (yes) for a hamburger.

    Not this year. “Not to denigrate the Varsity, but we’ve gone upscale,

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