Governor & Shafer About to Make Waves?

I got a media advisory that Governor Perdue and Senator Shafer are going to be at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on Friday afternoon for the purposes of making “an important announcement regarding umbilical cord blood.


  1. NICHOLAS says:

    This is GLORIOUS news. It is most appropriate that the senator’s bill should be “resurrected” on Good Friday!

    Cord blood is rich in stem cells which can be used to save lives without destroying life. It is the newborn baby’s gift to the world and should saved, stored and used. The Democrats should be ashamed of their filibuster that killed this good bill!

    Senator Shafer has worked tirelessly, at times heroically, in this noble pursuit. He has endured the slings and arrows and never stopped working and educating. Praise be to Governor Perdue for resurrecting this wonderful proposal.

  2. Trey L. says:

    The Shafer stem cell bill was good conservative legislation. Compassionate and ethical. The Governor should make it a centerpiece of his re-election campaign.

  3. Mike from the Coast says:

    This will be a good plank in Perdue’s campaign platform.

    Cagle cosponsored this bill with Shafer in the Senate.

    I am punching my ticket for Perdue, Cagle, Handel and Black.

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    I am punching my ticket for Perdue, Cagle, Handel and Black.

    Mike, you must either vote for Cagle/Handel/Kemp or Reed/Stephens/Black. To mix and match those candidates could bring severe environmental and metaphysical consequences.

  5. Mike from the Coast says:

    I am not against Reed, Stephens or Kemp. I just believe that Cagle, Handel and Black give Perdue the strongest and most balanced ticket.

  6. HJ Bailey says:

    Who cares about Perdue? Let him run his own race Mike. Candidates in down ballot races don’t run to make the Governor look good, they do it to make a change for the better. Reed/Stephens/Kemp.

  7. Mike from the Coast says:

    Cagle, Handel and Black are the best qualified for the jobs they are seeking.

    Cagle knows the legislative process.

    Handel knows management and administration.

    Black knows agriculture.

    I do not believe that Cagle and Handel are any more or less conservative than Reed and Stephens, but I believe they are better qualified and will help the Perdue ticket, not hurt it.

  8. FamilyMan says:

    I have to join in to applaud the Governor and the Senator, neither which I voted for. There certainly were some interesting politics used at the close of the session, and working on treatments for terrible medical afflictions should be above and beyond the unfortunate games played under the dome. This idea is wonderful and Senator Shafer should be remembered for getting this idea rolling and relentlessly trying to educate the masses. Whether or not this is good for the Governor, this is great for all Georgians. These stem cells have shown results so let’s work with them.

  9. Julie UGA says:

    What a great idea. I heard a lot about stem cells in the past few months. I think that if it is going to do that much good, we should get things rolling right now. Maybe that will mean that by the start of next year’s session there will be a strong support for funding this initiative to deliver the next generation of medical therapies. Go Perdue! Bring back Shafer’s plan!! 🙂

  10. Chris says:

    He’s getting out there, it would seem, ahead of Democrats on issues that normally favor Democrats. Romney did it and he might as well too.

    Bush did that too with No Child Left Behind and that abomination call the prescription drug benefit. If Sonny thinks its a good idea for Republicans and the State of Georgia to get behind things like single payer health care, then the terrorists Democrats have already won.

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