Protesting Funerals

Senator Douglas emailed this to the tip line while I was in the air:

I note that the scum from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas is planning to demonstrate at the funeral of a slain Marine Thursday morning in Gwinnett County. These are just the people we targeted in Senate Bill 606, the Funeral Buffer bill that passed the House and Senate in final form on March 30th. The vermin led by Fred Phelps yells and holds signs thanking God for dead soldiers and explosive devices that kill soldiers in Iraq.

The combined Senate and House vote on the bill, 199-15 was a loud and clear statement that we in Georgia wont tolerate such actions at funerals in this state. SB 606 calls for a 500 foot buffer one hour before and after funerals at the church and cemetery.
The bill is scheduled for signing on April 20th and will go into effect on July 1.

God bless the families of these brave Americans. God bless all our military.

Senator John Douglas
District 17
Chairman, Veteran and Military Affairs