Mickey Channell Joins GOP

That’s a pretty big story, and one that has been predicted for a while.

Today in Greensboro, GA, State Representative Mickey Channell announced he is joining the Georgia Republican Party. He is the 14th legislator to switch to the Republican Party since the Perdue administration took over in 2002.

“As I’ve said, the Republican Party is the fastest growing family in Georgia, and this is yet another example of that truth,


  1. Jason Rizner says:

    Mickey is good friend and a former boss. I was in attendance at the campaign kickoff where the announcement was made. The event was attended by many prominent Republicans – Congressman Charlie Norwood, Speaker Glenn Richardson, Speaker Pro Tem Mark Burkhalter, Majority Leader Jerry Keen, Appropriations Chair Ben Harbin, Caucus Chair Sharon Cooper, Majority Whip Barry Fleming, Caucus Secretary Sue Burmeister, Senators Grant and Kemp – and a host of other state and local elected officials.

    Here’s the official press release from Rep. Channell:

    For Immediate Release:

    Contact: Representative Mickey Channell

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    Greensboro, GA – State Representative Mickey Channell, a 14 year veteran of the House of Representatives, announced today that he is running for re-election as a Republican. The announcement was made today at the Yesterday Café on Main Street in downtown Greensboro, which once housed his father Melvin’s grocery store and his Uncle Ernest’s hardware store.

    “I did not go to Atlanta in 1992 to represent the Democratic Party. As the first State Representative from this area since the early 60’s, I went to represent the people of my district. Over the years my district number and the Democratic Party has changed but I have not. I still think public service is a high calling and my constituents still come first. The question today is whose Legislative agenda comes closest to the view of the majority of the folks that I represent in Greene, Putnam, Wilkes and Oglethorpe counties,

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Some folks should remind Mickey that Bart Graham doesn’t take too kindly to anyone who cheats on paying taxes, regardless of whether they are a D or an R. The previous revenue commissioner was known to protect his own; Graham does not. Just ask Chuck Scheid if Graham will let him off the hook for the $70,000 he still owes the state.

  3. Mickey is a moron. During his party switch decision making over the last few weeks he told one of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates that he hates Perdue and will do everything he can (as a Republican) to help this candidate beat him. In fact, one of his rationales was, get this…that he could do more for this Democrat (against Perdue) as a Republican than as a fellow Democrat!

    All righty then. We’ll see how that one works out for him. Great bench you guys are building over there. All the people who stick their finger in the wind to see which way it’s blowing have pretty much jumped ship. I hope for y’alls sake that ship don’t start to sink, they won’t be there to help bail you out.

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