1. jacewalden says:

    Oh Thank GOD!

    Finally, the long awaited RR vs. CC thread!

    I just want to say that if Reed plans on beating Cagle, he’s going to need God on his side.

  2. Gerry says:

    I was initially impressed with Ralph, but the more you learn about him, the more you realize that he is a skunk.

  3. I know I’m being semi-blasphemous here, but when is God going to stop meddling in Georgia politics?

    First he tells Denise Majette to run for U.S. Senate, now he’s appointed Ralph Reed as the “right hand of God”.

    Does anyone wonder how Jesus feels about losing his seat next to God?

    I think that God should just recuse himself from politics completely (especially Georgia politics) and stick to stuff that he’s an expert on…like, you know, creating the universe & creating man in his own image.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    I thought God punished the snake for talking Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Now he sits at His right hand?

  5. debbie0040 says:

    Loved it. Great photo. Just wait until the ads start running, you guys will start whining louder. Wimper, wimper, wimper


    Some people just have no taste…. and will stop at nothing for self promotion. I just wonder how many people will be scared to come out of thier house when the announcment is made that RR lost by 20+ points, and everybody said amen!!!!

  7. Jack S says:

    I just crunched the numbers and if I”m doing this right then Ralph has raised roughly $400,000 in general election and runoff election money that he cannot use in the primary. So much for the decisive advantage in fundraising.

    of course, we know that little things like laws aren’t a hinderance to Ralph and Jack, but as usual with Ralph, it’s all hype.

  8. law303peachtreeroad says:

    Ralph will win. End of story. He’s won the fundraising, he’s got the grassroots and the attacks by the AJC and other liberals only make his case stronger. In case you haven’t, I’d suggest picking up a ticket and getting in line.

  9. jackson says:

    Arent dislcosures great? I just spent 3 hours looking at them. The wife was out tonite, so I had some free time. Guess what I found out? Ralph Reed only has $300,000 more avaiable than Cagle. Cagle has about 75% of what Reed has fundraising wise. So much for your comment, Law303 that he won fundraising. They guy has had 6 months more months to raise money, yet is barely keeping pace ahead of cagle. So much for all his connections.

    “He’s got the grassroots”– Funny, then why has he raised LESS in Georgia than Cagle?

    “Attacks by the AjC and other Liberals”– I love it. NO ONE in Ralph Reeds camp will speak to the fact that Conservative and Christian magazines, writers, and publications have also leveled massive attacks on Reed. You guys must be scared.

  10. True Conservative says:

    so Ralph has 1.1 million in primary money on hand, and Cagle has 800,000. Not bad Casey, not bad at all.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph will win. Ralph has a money advantage and grassroots advantage. 300,000 is a lot of money. You can’t just ignore that. Ralph has a great deal more volunteers than Cagle. Volunteers go door to door, etc. You do remember how successful Reed was in 2002 with his grassroots campaign? I would advise you guys in the Cagle Camp not ot read Peach Pundit July 19th as there will be a lot of gloating going on by Reed supporters.

  12. debbie0040 says:

    It is true about the attacks, the more attacks there are, the more steadfast the support is. As far as the Christian and conservative publications, Ralph did make a bad choice that he acknowledged and apologized for. The bottom line is when you are on top, you have a lot of people trying to knock you down. It is no different in the Christian community. I can say that from experience, I am a pk.


    I hav’nt seen where Ralphie has apoligized for anything, furthermore even if he had there is penalties for one’s transgressions. He lost his right to serve our great state and that he has to accept like a man, this is not a highschool or college election.You guys run around like a bunch of groupies and that’s your perogative, but don’t try to soil a man’s reputation that has proven he is a leader and not after self promotion but the good of the state and the party.This is big boy ball, so just leave it to us. There is alot of business to handle in the coming years and we need a leader that understands and leads by example.

  14. atlantaman says:

    “300,000 is a lot of money. You can’t just ignore that” Ah didn’t Barnes lose just 4 years ago with something like an $18 million advantge.

  15. SouthernConservative says:

    TrueConservative — Apparently you forgot that the same campaign finance laws that apply to Ralph also apply to Casey. If you take out the money only allowed to be spent in the general, I believe that RR has about 1.1 million on hand, and that CC has about 650k on hand. At his current burn rate, that’s not alot, considering he’s going to be fighting nigh around 10 major primary opponents for media slots in metro Atlanta.

  16. Philly says:

    Ralph Reed – “If I had known then what I know now, I would not have done that work — not because what I did was wrong, but because of the group that hired me.”
    Atlantaman, Your are correct except Perdue had a grassroots advantage and Reed also has the grassroots advantage. The fact is Reed did a great job of getting out the vote in the 2002 General Election.

    SouthernComfort, you need to heed your own words. You are trying to sully Reed’s reputation and I think he has done a great deal for the GOP. The voters will decide if he has lost the right to serve this state. My opinion is that he has not.
    Again the Cagle supporters with the insults. I am not a groupie. sounds like something Howard Dean or Michael Moore would say about conservatives. All politicians are self promoters or they would not be elected. Reed is a proven leader. The point is everyone has their opinion on this subject and they do differ according to who you support. Your statement “this is big boy ball, so leave it to us” is very sexist and condescending. No, we will not leave it to you. What makes you Cagle supporters think you have the sole right to decide what is best? The voters will decide that. Southerncomfort, you have the attitude that the liberal elitists have.

  17. jacewalden says:

    Don’t worry true conservative…I can’t delete it…that picture pretty much makes the article.

    Look…I don’t know where everyone is getting this “Ralph has the grassroots locked down” thing from. Using his monetary stats is no way to prove he has the grass roots. Typically, “grass root” folks aren’t your biggest donors.

    Most of the “grass roots” people I talk to are completely against Ralph Reed…maybe it’s just because of where I’m at, but I can’t find a whole lot of people jumping on the right hand of God’s holy chariot as of yet.


    Sorry philly no liberal elitist here, however I should restate my comment to read “BIG BOY AND GIRL” ball. Ralph did good work for the party at one time there is no argument there but he ruined all the good with bad choices. He is not repentful of what he did he’s just sorry he got caught, exemplified by the measures he took to hide it. There will always be some that will forgive and act like nothing happened ie Jimmy Swaggert …. but in the course of running the state’s business there is no room for it. Ralph sullied his on reputation and political career and for that he’s to blame. Probably 95% of people that are in his predictament would have never dreamed of running for a position of this importance, but his arrogance and lack of sensitivity will not allow him to see the forest for the trees.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    SouthernComfort it is up to the voters to decide who is best to represent the party not the Big Boys and Girls. In the course of running the State’s business, I had much rather have Reed running the State Business than Cagle. Reed is in a position to do more for Georgia than Cagle can. Jacewalden, the grassroots people I talk to are supporting Ralph. I have a friend that wrote this in a letter to the editor and I agree with him:

    ” Casey moves in local political circles while Reed rubs elbows in the highest levels of American government. Cagle has tended to surround himself with local political strategists, while Reed has at his disposal this nations best and brightest in their chosen fields of expertise. I like Casey Cagle as a legislator and I have no doubt that he serves his constituents well. However, I am also certain that Reed would ‘raise the bar’ for those seeking influence in Georgia’s executive branch in a way that Casey Cagle is simply not prepared to match. When it comes to demonstrated leadership effectiveness, the comparison isn’t even close.”

  20. debbie0040 says:

    This is an interesting site and test. It might explain why some of us support Cagle and why some support Reed. It nailed my personality precisely. Just for fun, why not? I was a Corvette: “You’re a classic – powerful, athletic, and competitive. You’re all about winning the race and getting the job done. While you have a practical everyday side, you get wild when anyone pushes your pedal. You hate to lose, but you hardly ever do.”

    To take the test:



    Debbie, there is no doubt that throughout the country there are those that “owe” Ralph for past deeds. But, that was yesterday and one contribution and those guys move on, and pat ole Ralph on the back, and say we gave it our best shot. Meanwhile, in the land of reality our party has work to do and don’t need the distractions and luggage your boy brings with him. When the CAGLE TEAM start releasing endorsments (new i might add ) there will be much silence in the halls of Reeds offices.

  22. debbie0040 says:

    Southern Comfort, back room party elitists should not determine what the party needs, the primary voters should make that decision. I will wait for the endorsements with baited breathe…. And how do you know that Reed has released all his endorsements?

    Yes, Bill I will admit I have a wild side sometimes, but not too wild. 🙂 Have you takend that test? Which care were you?


    Debbie they will decide ..my point exactly and you guys need to conserve your energy , so when we accept you back in the fold (after a little i told you so..) you will have the strength to contribute to a winning campaign and push the party forward. how wild is a little wild?

  24. debbie0040 says:

    You mean when we accept you back in the fold… Will you committ to supporting Ralph when he wins the nomination? I haven’t danced on table tops yet…:)

  25. debbie0040 says:

    You know guy and gals, maybe all of us Reed supporters and Cagle supporters should get together for cocktails/meet and greet bash. We are all on the same team in the end, fighting democrats.

  26. tobin smith says:

    I don’t know Debbie. Elsewhere some of the caglelites have said they will not vote for Reed if he wins. I’m not sure they are really Republicans, or just Reed haters. Try as I may, I cannot fathom what Reed has done to deserve this level of venom. This is why I wonder if Republicans can sustain control, or deserve control of our government. We eat our own. If you don’t like Ralph then beat him on the issues. Don’t join in with the liberal media and others who will do anything to destroy Republicans and our cause by destroying an icon and hero.

    I will vote for Cagle if he wins, but I’ll never respect him because of the campaign he has run.

  27. Demonbeck says:


    Cagle supporters would love to debate the issues. We have a candidate with a wonderful, conservative 12 year record in the General Assembly. We know where he stands on the issues.

  28. tobin smith says:

    Has anyone heard about any members of the legislature being in trouble back in their districts because of their endorsements of Cagle or Reed, or any other statewide candidate?

  29. Brian from Ellijay says:

    The members of legislatures friends & family & supporters (and in most cases local party) have been tending to lean toward who their legislators supports. As far as trouble? We have very safe districts. Even Senator Douglas who has an opponent isnt in trouble. Talk about scare tactics Tobin (is it Toby?)

  30. debbie0040 says:

    Tobin, I am not sure what disctrict Chicamauga is in but I have an Aunt that said she would vote for the devil before she votes for her GOP Senator because he tried to keep Reed off the ticket. I have heard complaints about the Senators that signed the letter urging Reed not to run. One activist sent her Senator an email saying she was through with him. I don’t think any of the ones in Cobb are in trouble, but I don’t keep up with the rest of the state. I think the main concern would be if they did not go out and vote in November.

  31. debbie0040 says:

    Brian, it is way too soon to tell who will have opponents and who will be in trouble. You are way off in your assessment of Senators friends and supporters. I know supporters of State Senators that are mixed. People expect their State Senators to support their own so that does not carry much weight. If your logic is correct, then Handel and Black would not have a chance and they do. Remember the Lamutt/Price runoff. All the Cobb elected officials endorsed and supported Robert and he lost the election.

  32. Demonbeck says:

    Your friend in Chicamauga is an idiot. Jeff Mullis is as fine a Senator as there is in the General Assembly. He may be the most approachable/accessible Senator in the state.

    It’s funny how you Reed supporters call Cagle supporters closet Dems for being unwilling to vote for Reed, yet Reed supporters won’t vote for their Republican State Senators for endorsing another candidate.

  33. tobin smith says:

    Mullis is a nice guy. I’ve met him a couple of times, but I have also heard he is the lobbyists best friend.

    I thought Preston Smith and Mitch Seabaugh were also for Reed? What about Balfour?

    I got a mailer from the Cagle campaign with the senators signatures who support him. I think I counted 22, which means there are 12 who did not sign the Cagle letter (don’t we have 34??). So are there 12 who may be supporting Reed in one way or another?

  34. Jimbo says:

    Demonbeck there you go with insults again. You should start your own Hallmark Card insult line. There are a lot of Reed supporters that will vote and support the nominees of the party, including the State Senators. I will and I know Debbie said she would. Your hypocrisy is amazing. You don’t have a problem with Cagle supporters not voting for Reed, but you do with Reed supporters not voting for their State Senator because of him trying to keep Reed off the ticket. Either you believe you should support the nominee of the party or you don’t. You can not pick and choose. This issue is not with the endorsement, the issue is with the State Senators that sent a letter to the press asking Reed to step down for the good of the party. They are trying to choose the nominee of the party and not leave it up to the voters. They did that because they know Cagle will not beat Reed if the voters decide.

  35. Demonbeck says:

    A majority of those who have not endorsed CC in the Senate are leadership. Oh and CC has 23 endorsements in the Senate and 43 in the House have publicly endorsed CC. (Not including Burke Day, who I am certain will not be endorsing RR.) No one in leadership has or will publicly endorse in the primary. That right there is half of the entire Republican delegation in the GA and these are PRIMARY endorsements, not General Election endorsements.

    How many does Ralph claim?

  36. Demonbeck says:

    No Jimbo, I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy within the Reed rank and file. Out of one mouth we hear that CC supporters are closet Dems because they may not support Reed in the General and then another Reed apologist is telling us about her friends who will do the same thing if Cagle wins. I mean come on, let’s get some friggin consistency here. I have not heard one Cagle supporter refusing to leave the state because that’s where all the Reed endorsers reside.

    I don’t have a problem with anyone making their own decisions on how they vote. You Reed supporters can do what you want with your vote in the General, Cagle will win easily with or without them.

    The Senators are not trying to supersede the voters, they are trying to make sure that Reed doesn’t drag down the entire Republican ticket with all of his unethical conduct. If Reed truly cared for anyone other than himself, he would step down for the good of the party because of all of the bad press surrounding him. He won’t because all Ralph Reed cares about is Ralph Reed.

  37. Philly says:

    I have not heard one Reed supporter say they will not support Cagle if he wins. Can you say the same about Cagle supporters voting for Reed when he wins? Your sentiment is wrong and the State Senators are trying to supreceed the voters. They are making a power play and alienating Reed supporters in the process. When the State Senators wrote that letter urging Reed to step down they were trying to choose the nominee and why did they do that? Why did they thumb their noses at Reed and his supporters? Because they know Reed will trounce Cagle if left up to the voters. I can tell you that my State Senator was one of them and I will not vote for him. If he has no GOP opponent, I will write in Ralph Reed’s name as a sign of protest. I will not vote for the Democrat, but I will not vote for my State Senator. If he doesn’t want Reed on the ticket and let the voters decide the nominee, then he doesn’t want or deserve my vote. If you think I am the only one that feels that way, then you are fools. I am not supporting any State Senator running for statewide office either.

  38. Bill Simon says:


    Since no one expects the Lt. Governor’s race to win or lose by one vote, I don’t think your no-vote will count for much. NOR will it represent any significant number of “silent” people who think your way is the right way. The average voter really doesn’t get down to whatever analysis level you have gone down to for your decision-making process.

  39. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie,,,, this is the comment that concerns me from another thread. It is the ultimate way to lose any current or future elections….

    “Ralph will do what is necessary to be successful. Had I been in his shoes with things you menitoned, I probably would have done things similar.”

    Lose your integrity and you’ve lost everything.

  40. Mike from the Coast says:

    Ralph Hudgens and Cecil Staton are the only senators (out of 34) who have endorsed Ralph Reed. The leadership of the caucus initially stayed neutral but Tommie Williams has now endorsed Casey Cagle, and I predict Eric Johnson will soon follow.

  41. Philly says:

    Bill, I unlike you, did not say I would not support the GOP nominee in Lt. Governor’s race. The same goes for you, your non vote for Reed will not make a difference in the General election. My beef is with the State Senators that are trying to choose the nominee of the party. Their arrogance knows no bounds. The GOP took over the State Senate and started acting like the Democrats when they had control.
    Maurice, Cagle lost his integrity when Barnes ruled the roost.
    I am not the only one that feels this way and if you feel that way then you will be very suprised. There is a lot of disgust out there and not just the Lt. Governor’s race. When people are disgusted they don’t turn out to vote.

  42. Demonbeck says:


    The Senators asked him to drop out for the good of the party, because he is under a federal investigation because of his unethical business dealings. Obviously, your candidate doesn’t care about what is good for the party, because he did not heed their request.

    Casey Cagle is the picture perfect candidate for LG of this state. He has the experience and knows the issues well. His record is solid and conservative and we know he will represent the state ethically and with dignity. I cannot say the same for your candidate.

  43. Demonbeck says:

    Philly said,
    April 12, 2006 @ 9:18 pm

    I have not heard one Reed supporter say they will not support Cagle if he wins…..I am not supporting any State Senator running for statewide office either.

    Hello Philly, meet Philly. He is a Reed supporter who will not support any State Senator running for statewide office.

  44. debbie0040 says:

    The State Senators that asked Reed to drop don’t care about the good of the party and neither does Cagle. It is all about control and protecting themselves. I would have lost all respect for Ralph had he dropped out. Reed has not been charged with ethics violations nor has he been charged with a violation of the law. If the State Senators are so concerned about ethics, why did ignore the Stephens matter? Reed cares enough about the party to stay in and fight. Cagle is weak and caves in under pressure. Ralph can do far more for the state than Cagle can and Reed will make a far better leader. Reed has connections on the national level. The State Senators should not decide the party nominee, the voters should. The voters should determine what is best for the party, not the State Senators nor backroom GOP elitists that think they know best. The truth of the matter is, some in the GOP would have a problem with Reed on the ticket if this Abramoff thing had not surfaced. They would have found the excuse that he is too controversial and would draw the dems to the polls. It is very clear who the liberals prefer as Lt. Governor, and that is Cagles. Ralph Reed is one of the most hated people by the liberals. If you you want the liberals to win, then vote for Cagle.

  45. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, you know good and well Philly was referring to Stephens and Kemp. This is what he said so quit trying twist things around to suit your purpose.
    “Bill, I unlike you, did not say I would not support the GOP nominee in Lt. Governor’s race. ”

    If you don’t have a problem with Cagle supporters not supporting Reed if he wins, then it is hypocritical to have a problem with Reed supporters not supporting Cagle if he wins. I have a problem with ANYONE not supporting the nominee of the party. They are like spoiled children playing marbles, if their side does not win then they will take their marbles and go home.

  46. Demonbeck says:

    Debbie, I could care less what Reed supporters will do after Cagle wins the primary.

    You can think whatever you want with regard to the 50% of the General Assembly who have endorsed Cagle publicly. Frankly, I don’t care. The fact of the matter is, the people that know how this state is run are supporting Cagle. Take that however you would like.

    “quit trying twist things around to suit your purpose.” ???? WTF??? “Hello Kettle? This is Pot. You’re Black”

  47. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, following what you just said then I should be supporting Stephens instead of Handel and Kemp instead of Black because Stephens and Kemp received a larger percentage of endorsements from the general assembly than Cagle did. Naw, I will just stick to Reed, Handel and Black. I like to go with winners.

  48. Demonbeck says:

    Just like Cagle, in Stephens and Kemp, the people who know how the state is run are endorsing these two.

    I really don’t know much about Karen as a person and Gary may be one of the nicest people I have ever had the opportunity of knowing. I could never say a bad thing about him and won’t say something bad about someone I don’t know. However, neither of these two don’t have the experience I am looking for in a statewide candidate.

    Karen worked behind the scenes for several people and held office in Fulton. So she may know how things are in Atlanta, but I am afraid she will end up just like every other SOS we’ve ever had and forget that Georgia is not just Atlanta. I am sure Fulton County is a big job, but in the end, it’s just one county and all of their concerns are the same. I want someone who has built coalitions throughout the state. Someone who has heard concerns from Savannah and Brunswick and Albany and Macon and Columbus and worked to resolve them. Bill Stephens has done that.

    As for the Ag race, Gary Black probably knows the issues just as well if not better than Brian Kemp, because he has probably been in this business for a lot longer than the Senator. However, again, he’s never dealt with the pressures of holding office and I don’t want someone learning how to do that on the job. I want someone who has experience making the hard decisions. I know Gary Black would be the perfect second in charge to the Ag Commissioner, I’m just not convinced that he’s right for numero uno.

    Now my choices for these two races aren’t set in stone, and I am probably more up in the air for Ag commissioner than anything. That’s just how I see it.

  49. Jimbo says:

    That endorsement list is a no brainer. Most of the local elected officials endorsed State Senators running in statewide races. State Senators that influence local money and projects. Get the picture? The same group endorsed Stephens over Handel and Kemp over Black.

  50. Demonbeck says:

    I like how RR is squinting so he looks all serious in the picture. “I am the Right Hand of God, thou shall not steal. Laundering is much easier.”

  51. tobin smith says:

    Ralph’s got more hair than Cassey Shafer. I think polls show more hair wins every time.

  52. Karla Stuckey says:

    DC Republican insiders really appreciate Reed and all he has done for the President. The hatred he engenders among some Georgians is interesting. Could it be that Republicans in Georgia are not as conservative, or at least that the battle between social and economic Republicans is alive and well in Georgia?

    I would think a Republican attacking someone of Reed’s standing and conservative credentials would not make it as far as Cagle has. You expect it from the AJC, but not from some of those who regularly post here.

    You have to ask yourself, why such strong emotions against Reed?

  53. Demonbeck says:

    You see, Karla, the difference in reception that Reed gets in DC versus in Georgia is that we expect a modicum of honesty in our politicians down here.

  54. Karla Stuckey says:

    Thanks for insulting everyone who works up here. We’re all harlots and charlatans who don’t give a damn about honesty or integrity. I guess that’s what I dislike most about many Cagle supporters–your view that you are somehow supremely righteous.

    Your criticisms of Reed are not fair or accurate. You justify your own views by tearing down someone who has been one of the most effective leaders of our cause in this generation. As far as I am concerned, you are no better than the AJC or the liberal left. I believe you are afraid of what might happen if conservative Republicans actually took over and did what they said they believed.

    With Cagle, we’ll never have to worry about that.

  55. Bill Simon says:

    Thank you for confirming what I thought about a lot of people who “work” up in D.C., Karla.

    Tell me, has either John Linder or Johnny Isakson made any observations that they think Ralph should win?

  56. Demonbeck says:

    “Karla Stuckey said,
    April 13, 2006 @ 4:40 pm

    Thanks for insulting everyone who works up here. We’re all harlots and charlatans who don’t give a damn about honesty or integrity.”

    Thanks for your token righteous indignation Karla, but you’re talking to someone who has lived and worked on the Hill. I know how things work up there and have the utmost faith in Georgia’s federal politician’s honesty, but I also know how Ralph Reed worked up there as well. Of course, with the entire Abramoff scandal, now everyone else does as well.

    “I guess that’s what I dislike most about many Cagle supporters–your view that you are somehow supremely righteous.

    Your criticisms of Reed are not fair or accurate. You justify your own views by tearing down someone who has been one of the most effective leaders of our cause in this generation. As far as I am concerned, you are no better than the AJC or the liberal left. I believe you are afraid of what might happen if conservative Republicans actually took over and did what they said they believed.”

    Hello Kettle, hope you have a Happy Easter, oh, and you’re black

    “With Cagle, we’ll never have to worry about that.”

    It’s so easy to lob bombs when you have no credibility to lose. Why don’t you give me some examples of how Casey Cagle is not conservative.

  57. debbie0040 says:

    Karla, this blog is mainly moderates and Reed haters. In fact, many are obsessed with hating Reed because of his success. Reed is well liked in Georgia by GOP voters. He is hated by liberals. Don’t take what you see written on this blog as the feeling for the whole state.

    Demonbeck, must I go back to Cagle’s votes under the Barnes regime again? Cagle is the moderate’s and liberals choice in candidate. You can not deny that.

    Many see the Lt. Governor’s race as a battle for the heart and soul of the Georgia GOP.

    The choice is clear, you can elect a strong conservative in Ralph Reed that will not bend or cave in or you can have Casey Cagle.

  58. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Karla, you ask “You have to ask yourself, why such strong emotions against Reed? ”

    As conservative Republicans we’re tired of the the rhetoric, the fabrications (lies) and the manipulation.

    We have a choice between a proven leader who has a track record of achievement in making Georgia a better place or a person who has manipulated lied and abused the political process.

    Cagle supporters are not wackos. Y’all wouldn’t be so concerned if we were.

    The choice is clear, you can elect a strong conservative (when it’s convenient) in Ralph Reed that will not bend or cave (unless theres $4 million involved or $20,000 a month) or you can have Senator Casey Cagle, who has a 12 year successful record of passing legislation that enhances the quality of life of all Georgians.

    Casey is a good man and an effective leader. He is considerate, personable and genuinely cares about people and this state.

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