Demonizing the Oppoent

The opponents of the voter ID bill will stop at nothing to have it overturned.

A Bush appointee from Georgia who played a role in upholding the state’s controversial photo voter ID requirement held an inappropriate — and secretive — bias in favor of the law, a voting rights group fighting the measure contends.
Further, the group says the U.S. Department of Justice should take steps to make sure the views of Hans von Spakovsky, a former lawyer for the department, do not influence pending consideration of a new voter ID requirement passed by the Georgia Legislature this year.

Of course, if Spakovsky really did write that article, it was a dumb move to use a pseudonym.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    I suspect he did write the article, and I suspect he was the one who overruled the other Justice Department lawyers.

    So, if he was responsible for both, does that still make him a “demon,” or does that make him a biased, prejudiced lawyer in the Justice Department?

  2. jacewalden says:


    You must satisfy the masses! Where is our daily CC vs. RR post. I’m so ready to rip on Reed today. If I don’t get an open thread soon….Well, I won’t do anything…but please, let me satisfy my insatiable lust for putting down Reed!

  3. hccitizen says:

    Demon or biased attorney – does not matter. Facts are facts and the requirement to provide a legitimate identification is soo little to ask.

    Look at all the votes being counted by the Un-American Socialists every time there is an Illegals Rally. Opposition to the Voter ID law is not about American Civil Rights. It is all about 40 acres and a mule.

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