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This ones for Bill.  Whos stronger.  Some are tired of LG and AG debates, lets see a D. Gubernatorial  debate.  Who is better positioned to take on the Governor.  Who can win the primary?  Are they the same person?


  1. atlantaman says:

    I think Taylor would be stronger in the Primary, but Cox would be stronger against Sonny. Increasingly in the GA Dem Primary it’s going to come down to who can solidify the Dekalb / South Fulton vote.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    I think Cox is a stronger candidate, but I think Taylor will win the nomination. Some GOP women might be tempted to vote for Cox because she would be the first female Governor. They won’t look at the fact she is more liberal than Taylor and they won’t keep in mind that Hillary Clinton is a woman and look at the damage she can do. I think Taylor will received the lion’s share of the African American/Labor Union vote and those groups will dominate the Democratic Primary. Remember the Majette/Oxford race? You may have a different scenerio if the GOP did not have two very hotly constested races. (Lt. Governor and Secretary of State)

  3. Decaturguy says:

    Cox will win the nomination and would be a stronger candidate against Perdue.

    My prediction: Cathy Cox wins 50% of the African American vote.

  4. emily says:

    Where is everyone getting the “Taylor’s got the AA community wrapped up” bit? Because he has most of the AA senators? Well, Cathy has most of the AA House members. I’ve said it before–just because Taylor folk say it over and over again does not make it true.

    If Taylor’s got all the union support, why don’t they endorse him? I know, CWA–but that’s it. Where is this groundswell? As far as labor dominating the primary, let’s get real. How many votes do you think are out there? Georgia is not a hotbed of labor activity if no one’s noticed.

    My prediction: Cathy takes Taylor out with embarrassing ease in the primary. Tough general, but she’ll pull it out in the end.

  5. jacewalden says:

    Okay…Casey Cagle is going to beat Ralph Reed….

    Oh wait! Wrong thread.

    If Cathy Cox beats Mark Taylor…the Gubernatorial Race will be too close to predict right now.

    If Mark Taylor beats Cathy Cox…Sonny will beat Taylor by a landslide.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Jacewalden I disagree about Reed /Cagle but am in total agreement with your sentiments about the Governors race 🙂 But then again, Cox has baggage too that could be overcome in the General.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    If Cathy wins, the Governor’s race becomes too close to call… It will be the tightest race in the history of Georgia.

    What is interesting to note is how many Republicans across the state are supporting Cathy either in the primary or in the general election…

    I hear there is a very strong contingent of Republicans for Cox.

  8. Demonbeck says:

    In a perfect storm situation for the Democratic Party, Bobby Kahn will urge Dems to crossover and vote for Reed in the LG race to capitalize on the drag he brings to the Gov ticket. Cox wins the primary and beats Perdue in the General as a result. The House and Senate become more Republican.

    Flaggers rejoice until the second Tuesday of January.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, it is not very likely many Democrats will cross over and vote for Reed with a hotly contested Democratic primary. Your hatred of Reed is effecting your judgement. Reed will be a stronger opponent than Cagle would. Reed will bring out Christian Conservatives to vote in November and when they turn out the GOP wins.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Bull Moose, we do agree on something. I have been quite disturbed by the number of Republicans that have told me they would vote for Cox.

  11. Cynthia says:

    i think the cox will win the primary with taylor, but he will definitely fight dirty. i put nothing past that man as a campaigner. he even LOOKS like a insider, corrupt politician.

    the general will be tight… but i think cathy could well win. the state and the country as a whole seem to be looking for a change.

  12. Beth says:

    Bull Moose,
    Agree with you. Cox has not ever been in a tough race. It will be interesting to see how she responds to very difficult race.

  13. Rusty Paw says:

    Wait, I’m lost. Does AA stand for Alcoholics Anonymous? If yes, then obviously Taylor has the vote locked up. He also has the EFWMWSNA in the bag. (That stands for Enormous Fat White Men With Stupid Nicknames Anonymous)

    I think if we look at voters in North Georgia, Atlanta, West Georgia, South Georgia and Coastal Georgia (with the exception of Liberty County) the race is too close to call. Liberty County has their mind made up though. Lots of EFWMWSNAs in Liberty, it goes to Taylor.

  14. Michael C says:

    jacewalden summed it up for me.

    If Cathy Cox beats Mark Taylor…the Gubernatorial Race will be too close to predict right now.

    If Mark Taylor beats Cathy Cox…Sonny will beat Taylor by a landslide.

    Makes one consider crossover just to vote for Taylor.

  15. Skeptical says:

    Are y’all sure Diebold’s poster girl doesn’t have something worked out with them to make sure she takes Sonny down?

    Anyone who thinks Taylor can win this state needs to put the bong down.

  16. HJ Bailey says:

    Cathy Cox would beat Sonny Perdue if she wins the primary.

    I am not sure she can beat Taylor though, he is a powerful campaigner. I still think Taylor would give sonny a tough run.

    What I would like to see is a true conservative in the governor’s mansion instead of Sonny. I wish someone good and high profile was primarying Sonny.

  17. HJ Bailey says:

    Demon, has anyone ever told you (which I am sure they have) that you are simply a dumb ass.

    I say this in a light and joking manner so dont get too offended.

  18. ugadog says:

    Taylor will win for a number of reasons aside from the fact that he has a million more cash on hand. African-Americans will support him because of Andy Young, Cynthia McKinney, and the extremely large number of African American church leaders that are supporting Taylor. McKinney’s district represents 20% of the statewide Democratic Primary. More importantly, Taylor will win AA women, because black women will vote their race before they vote their gender. Additionally, Cox is going down down down her lead of 20 points. She’s now at 5% over Taylor in a heads up. Let’s remember that the only reason she is up is because of her government funded name recognition campaign. Her whole campaign is based on the idea that she can beat Sunny better than Mark can. Sure that’s what it looked like back when she had just produced her commercials, but now Perdue gets the exact same number against Taylor and Cox. The whole argument her campaign is based on is shot to hell. Read any poll done by anybody and you’ll find that Cox has kept been going down for the last five months. Read the Ramthusen report which says that Taylor’s gains are not just statistical noise. Taylor’s going to win this by 6-7 percent.

  19. donkeydonkey says:

    I just can’t wait to see how Cox having an affair with a married man is going to play out in rural Georgia.

  20. Cynthia says:


    taylor has a million more on hand because he gave himself a million dollar donation! i’d like to think that the governor’s manion cannot be bought so easily.

    also, you’re saying that taylor has the black vote tied up because of cynthia mckinney… please, in what universe is she an asset anymore? she’s going to have to fight to keep her own seat.

  21. emily says:

    Primary will be at most 50% Black, 50% White (note: there has never been a primary with a Black turnout that high – highest ever was 47% black and 53% white)

    Of that 50% Black voters, history says that over 65% will be women, and 35% will be men.

    There has never been a Democratic primary in the entire United States in which a white man prevailed against a white woman among African American women voters. Ask yourself – is Mark Taylor the guy to make history?

    Currently, Cathy Cox has a double digit lead among African-American Women.

  22. Cynthia says:

    Also, why would any black person vote for Mark “are you tired of paying for the sins of your father?” Taylor?

    i for one don’t imagine African-Americans running out to vote for someone that makes racist speaches on the floor of the Senate while urging the passage of a congressional map that basically decimated the black vote. someone who does that doesn’t really seem to have the best interest of black people at heart. i wonder how Cynthia would feel about Mark if she realized that he lead the fight to redistrict her, and other black Congressmen, out of office.

    *check out the AJC article “Senate would cut majority-black districts to 1” 8/31/1995

  23. elaine says:

    I know plenty of Republicans that don’t like Sonny that will be crossing over to vote for Cathy Cox. And as for Mark Taylor locking up the black vote… don’t count on it. Cathy Cox would be the first woman Gov. and that’s appealing to Black women. Also, 2/3 of black voters are women. Also, for the theory that black women vote their race before their gender… there’s no black person to support in this race. I know you’re referring to the black leader endorsements, but you might be surprised with the black women who want to support the a woman for Governor. That logic may even prove more appealing to some of the Republican women, too, even with Karen Handel in the race. If Karen keeps looking as good as she does, more women may cross over thinking Karen will be safe in the primary.

  24. Bull Moose says:

    I know a lot of Republicans that aren’t going to vote for Perdue in the General election and it has everything to do from his personal attitude toward people, how his staff treats people, and how some of his local leadership acts.

    Whether it’s fair or not, it’s going to be a tight election and these little things may be the difference in him having a second term or not.

    Polling now is rather useless in the Governor’s race.

    If Cathy comes out of the primary looking okay, and strong, she is going to be tough to defeat. There is a lot of goodwill toward her in the electorate…

    Now, for arguements sake, add Reed to the state ballot for the General Election and I think it becomes Cathy Cox’s race to lose.

  25. debbie0040 says:

    Bull Moose, I hate to admit it but I have heard the same things you have and it is scary. May be that is why rumors keep being resurrected about Bill Byrne running against Sonny in the GOP Primary. I don’t believe it will happen and I think Sonny would win by a landside if it did. The rumor will go away then come back. I disagree very strongly about Reed being on the ballot, I truly believe he will be an asset to turn out Christian Conservatives to vote.
    I believe the Democratic Primary in 2004 had a majority African American vote for the first time. The conservatives and moderates will vote in the hotly contested GOP Primary and the liberals will vote in the Democratic Primary. I think Taylor will receive the bulk of the African American vote and Taylor is part of the “good ole boy” network of the Georgia Democratic Party.

  26. Harry says:

    Some of you Cox partisans need to remember that there’s an awful lot to Georgia besides Atlanta white women. I predict Taylor wins the primary and then loses to Sonny. Reason: the female vote (white or black) will not break hard for Cathy. Also, Cagle will take the LG spot which helps Sonny. A lot of Christians are going to vote for Cagle simply because we like him, and don’t want Cox to beat Sonny.

  27. debbie0040 says:

    Harry, the overwhelming majority of Christians will vote for Ralph.
    You are dreaming if you think otherwise. Ralph will get out the Christian conservative vote far better than Cagle can. July 18th will determine who is right. The Reed campaign has not even got underway good yet. Just wait and see when the ads start running. I do agree Taylor will win the primary.

  28. debbie0040 says:

    You in the Cagle camp try to use scare tactics about Reed on the ticket and it just will not work. It was said in both 1976 and 1980 that Reagan would hurt the ticket and he did not .

  29. falco says:

    Cynthia, nice name, your repeated Taylor posts remind me of a shill for the Cox campaign, but everyone on this board knows that. You know little about democratic primary politics if you really think that trashing cynthia mckinney is a good idea. Take her or leave her, she ain’t shy of a fight. Beware. There are some fallacies in your argument: Cynthia has pledged support for Taylor. That is a fact. We will only know if that is a good thing or a bad thing on election day. What we do know is that at least 2 current members of congress and one UN ambassado/former atlanta mayor who have seen fit to sign on and be a part of Taylor’s team. Where is all the congressional support for your beloved do-no-harm Ms. Cox?

    As for the house vs. the senate, anyone who knows anything about GA politics knows there has always been rivalry. You saw it with the republicans themselves very clearly this year. Do Taylor’s supporters lock up any particular vote? No. I happen to be more objective than that. They do, however, show how strong he is. He has been under the radar for a while. Maybe that is for a reason. If you have seen anything from him in the past, you’d know that he is a force to be reckoned with.

    As you cheer for someone who is touting poll numbers that are older than dirt in political terms (FYI: recent public numbers show cox dropping and taylor gaining – the race is starting and they are just leaving the gates), I’ll ask you to refute something, anything. Give me one thing that she stands for and don’t even utter the word insider or lobbyist. She is married to one. Refute this, I beg of you and make sure you do it from starbucks and not the cox campaign office. Cathy Cox is nothing but a façade. She stands for nothing. She has done nothing (please don’t even do on the voting machine success story). And she can’t back up her empty shmempty promising rhetoric with any gumption or backbone that shows she is even qualified to do the job required to be governor in Georgia. You can piss all over Taylor all you want but you’d better be ready to talk about the alternative. If you are a real democrat or an independent who cares so deeply about the primary, why are you not trying to affiliate gov. perdue with earl earhart who wants to raise taxes and redistrict his own child out of a predominantly african american school district? So many examples…

  30. Philly says:

    Cox will be a tougher opponent for Gov. Perdue, but I believe he still would win. I believe Taylor will win the Democratic Primary.
    I believe that the Governor would win with either candidate. There is some dissatisfaction with some GOP activists with Sonny, but not with the majority of voters.

  31. Rusty says:

    Suburbanites know the score with Reed. There’s a massive contingency of Christian Republicans who think Reed is a snake oil salesman the same way heathens like me think so. I know, because I deal with them on a regular basis. I’d warn the Cagle supporters, though, that many of them are so disgusted with all politicians that there’s a danger of them sitting the primary (and possibly the general) out rather than showing up to vote against Reed. All of that is anecdotal, but I’ve seen it enough of it that I think it’s worth paying attention to.

  32. debbie0040 says:

    Rusty, there is still a majority that like Reed and the ads have not started running. You have been in politics enough to know that makes a difference. This far out from the primary, voters are not realy focused on the election. We activists are, but not the average voter. Sometimes negative things can leak out too early and by the time the primary rolls around it is old news so it is ignored by the average voter. I do agree with your observation that the Christians and conservatives are disgusted by politicians (Most are Republicans) that they will sit out the General election. I think Reed would be an asset in getting the vote out. He has always known what buttons to push to accomplish that.
    As an example about people being disgusted: I work in Duluth and was in the breakroom when the so called breakthrough press conference was held by Frist and others to announce a break through in the immigration package. Most that were in the lunchroom were either Republican leaning or independent. I overhead many express their disgust and some actually stated that the Libertarian Party looks better and better. Politicans mistakenly believe that once elected they can compromise their principles and ignore their base and still count on the base to turn out and vote. Their logic is ,”What are they going to do,vote Democrat”. They don’t seem to understand they may not vote Democrat, but they just won’t vote at all when they are disgusted. IE:1996 election. There was this disgust in the 2004 election cycle but the politicians were smart enough to come up with a incentive to get conservative Christians to the polling booths. They had gay marriage ammendments on the ballot in numerous states. It was the smart political thing to do. I am not sure if they can come with the same incentive this year.

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