Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Casey Cagle announced today that NASCAR legend Bill Elliott has joined the Cagle Race Team.

Elliott will headline a campagin kickoff BBQ for Cagle’s Lt. Governor campaign at the old Thunder Road facility at 415 Highway 53 in Dawsonville, GA on Saturday, April 29th. Additionally, Bill Elliott’s brothers – Ernie and Dan – will also attend and show their support for Cagle.

“Bill Elliott literally helped build the sport of NASCAR racing, and remains a living legend on the track today. I am thrilled to have him on our team, and look forward to an exciting day of fun and fellowship with the Elliotts and race fans and Republican activists from across Georgia,” said Cagle.

The BBQ will begin at 12noon and last until 2:00pm, and will be preceded by a VIP reception and photo opportunity with the Elliotts at 11:00am. Tickets for the noon BBQ are just $50 and allow an entire family to attend. Anyone interested in obtaining tickets or serving as a host should contact Julie Reagan at [email protected] or 770-536-9998.

Racing legend Bill Elliott has built one of the most distinguished records in NASCAR Winston Cup history. Throughout his career he has radiated a modest and friendly personality that has endeared him to race fans of all ages. From cutting up car bodies in the early days to winning NASCAR’s first million dollar bonus, Bill Elliott has seen and done it all. Though quiet and unpretentious, this NASCAR Cup champion has been dazzling fans with his racing ability for an amazing three decades. Elliott is a two-time Daytona 500 winner, and his 44 career wins rank him second in trips to victory lane among active drivers.

Raised by a single mom, Casey Cagle seized the American Dream to become a successful, self-made business leader and one of the most experienced Republican leaders in the State Senate. A devout believer, a devoted husband, and a proud father, Casey Cagle has been the champion for Georgia’s families at our State Capitol for over a decade. As our next Lt. Governor, Casey Cagle will continue to passionately advocate our values and lead with a vision of opportunity for all of Georgia.



  1. Jack S says:

    Come on all you Reed kool aide drinkers! Let’s hear it! I can’t wait! Give me your ridiculous excuses for how this event means nothing.

    last time I checked NASCAR fans outnumber people who care about newt or haley by a factor of about 50,000 times.

    Let’s hear how Reed is going to pull it out becuase of all the celebrities!

    I love this Cagle campaign. The nascar theme was clear from the start and they have played this beautifully.

  2. larry smith says:

    You won’t see any Reed supporters chiming in on this one, Jack.

    I mean, what can they say about it? That their candidate has become completely outclassed in the span of six short months?

    I’d be too embarassed to say anything myself.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Wait, doesn’t Ralphie have that big time ex-UGA football player as his campaign chairman…Eric Zeier?

    There are more UGA fans in this state than NASCAR fans…or, are they actually members of the same category? 😉

  4. spaceygracey says:

    I just hope that one day my daughter, raised by a single mom too, will grow up and seize the American Dream to become a successful, self-made business leader and one of the most experienced leaders in Georgia politics. A devout believer, a devoted wife and a proud mother… all that kinda stuff.

    And if she goes anywhere near anything NASCAR, she’s grounded for life. Bunch of illiterate bootleggers going nowhere fast, complete with manufactured faith and fake family values they can trade for corporate cash. Kinda like Ralph Reed, ‘cept he can read and write I reckon.

    Yep, I’m back. Ya’ll missed me? You’ll find a special little surprise waitin’ for ya Tues. morning over at Georgia Political Digest. Enjoy!

  5. larry smith says:

    This is cracking me up … we’re getting the silent treatment from the two or three Reed supporters on this site on this one.

    Say what you want about NASCAR fans, the political impact of having the open support of the driver who built the sport is incalculable.


    you’ve got to give it the Cagle team they seem to always be one lap (pund intended) ahead…..

  7. tobin smith says:

    How is Cagle going to beat Reed with the pathetic little purse he has accumulated? Take out the money that is restricted for the general election and he barely has a week of TV. Can he afford to attack Reed when he needs to raise his own name id?

    Does anyone really think a NASCAR endorsement means jacksh**?

    Cagle should have been talking about issues and his views rather than just being the “anti-Reed” candidate.

    I think Reed wins, but if Cagle pulls off an upset, I’ll vote for him. I like him, just not some of his supporters on this blog.

  8. True Conservative says:

    The question Tobin, is how much of Ralphs is restricted. How much is from Georgia. I know it all spends the same. But still. If you minus Ralphs biggest donors et. company, wife, he loses 25000 a pop. of which he can use 6 of that in the primary.


    tobin, you need to do the math or simply open your eyes Reed’s money is coming from outside of this great state basically and it will dwindle away when word gets out how well Cagle is doing.In Georgia you have to be able to do look you in the eye business and so far Reed has not exemplified that ability and it’s going to cost him alot more than the lt. race. man, that koolaid must be intoxicating….. and if nascar does’nt resonate across politcal and socioeconomic lines……you guys are so out of touch it’s really sad

  10. True Conservative says:

    Beth, are you sure, I think it is 2K/election plus 1k for a run-off if one happens. I might be wrong. But that seems to be my memory.

  11. jackson says:

    I dont think the issue is how much Cagle raised – he only had one day. Reed had 3 months and could only muster 260 or whatever, and alot of that outside GA, from what I heard. It is obvious Ralph Reed is slowing and Casey Cagle is gaining big time. I garauntee that Casey Cagle, in the next 3 months will out raise Ralph Reed. No question.

    Tobin, understand your point, but it is much more powerful of an endorsement than Haley Barbour. Whoever came up with that NASCAR theme for Cagle is brilliant.


    jackson,good point. another is the amounts, it’s one thing to have $100 donations vs $5000 “homemaker” donations Cagle has a real grassroots attack underway and it is growing steam everyday….

  13. Maurice Atkinson says:

    There is absolutely no denying Cagles momentum. There is an effective network all over the state. Reed will not underestimate Casey and will pull out the stops to be critical of him.

    I am wondering just how far he will go. Ralph cannot afford to do another Skandalakus campaign or an anti McCain campaign, it will blow up on him. My thinking is that Ralph will throw the rocks as he has been hoping that his own baggage will appear as “old news” as his apologists are portraying.

    Problem is, to most Georgians Ralph’s old news will be new news for them. Most print media has stayed away from what the metro folks have been priviledged to see. Closer to the election, or IF Ralph happens to win the AJC stuff will be small potatos.

    As a Party we better hope for a Cagle victory. I’m confident that it will be achieved.

  14. shep1975 says:

    Nice event for a fundraiser, but I still say celebrity endorsements don’t matter.

    And Bill, Eric Zeier never led us to an SEC victory. If Ralph had David Green or DJ Shockley, then he’d have someone!

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