The Answer

Apparently, the State Ethics Commission is letting candidates, for this time only, email in their reports, hence the delay. Hey, email is electronic so it fits the law. Because of the new system, companies like Aristotle, Politically-E, etc. are going to have to make adjustments for the filing process.

The whole thing sounds screwed up. As Bobby Kahn points out, at least the Secretary of State had a working system — it’s amazing the Ethics Commission didn’t just take it over.

I said earlier and some how it got deleted (not by my doing) and now am getting attacked in emails about my statement that I think Teddy Lee should have been kept. He always struck me as very competent and I think ditching him in the middle of such an important transition was bad.


  1. atlantaman says:

    Hilarious picture. I wonder if Bill got a chance to ride on the bus and sing Fleetwood Mac songs.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Another off topic post.

    While attending a leadership class in Savannah this weekend, Casey was meeting with supporters at the same hotel. I stopped over to say hello to Russel and met a couple of other folks. Interestingly enough the conversation went to Peach Pundit. It was good putting faces to writers.

    I’m curious of how the dynamic of this race will shift once the media ads begin.

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