School Super

Carlotta Harrell has raised $82,000, with $28,000 raised in this period. She has cash on hand of $74,000.00.

Kathy with a “K


  1. Bill Simon says:

    (clearing throat) Kathy Cox won the first time because Cathy Cox was on the ballot. If Cathy Cox gets on the ballot this time at the Gubernatorial level, then it is highly likely that Kathy Cox will win again.

  2. HJ Bailey says:

    Bill, Kathy actually believes that Sonny will pull her to victory, that is why she always mentions him more in her speeches than she does herself? I don’t think she can win that way, so yall?

  3. Arbusto says:

    Just doing a little bit of reading on back post. We all know the financial mess that Governor Perdue took over in his first year of office and no one seems to remember the shambles that was the DOE when Kathy took over the helm.

    She has done a good job of restoring stability to the DOE and I am glad she has concentrated on her job instead of doing the money shakedown shuffle. (She is also not allowed to accept donations during the session.)

    Keep up the good work Kathy…Good Luck in 06.

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