Brent Brown Becomes Competitive

In the Labor Commissioner race, Michael Thurmond is up against Brent Brown. Thurmond has raised $81,000.00 total and $3,000.00 in this period. He has $8,900.00 worth of expenditures, all from this period, and cash on hand of $72,000.00.

Brent Brown has apparently been vacuuming up money. He has raised $100,000.00, all of it in this period. He’s spent $9100.00, all of it this period. He has cash on hand of $91,000.00. That’s really well done.


  1. billy says:

    Thurmond has incredible name recognition and is a pretty seasoned grassroots politician. He has never raised that much money and get consistantly outraised by opponents, yet usually finds a way to win. In last years election, when it was super cool to vote Republican, he still got 52% of the vote. I’m fairly convinced Thurmond will be our labor commissioner after Novemeber.

    Aside from all that, yeah, those are some pretty impressive numbers from Brown. He’ll at least put up a good fight.

  2. HJ Bailey says:

    Have any of you heard Thurmond speak? He is damn good. I am pushing for Brent but Thurmond is going to be tough. He has a damn good story, mesage and delivery.

  3. atlantaman says:

    You guys need to come back to reality, who is going to be listening when Thurmond speaks? This is Labor Commissioner okay.

    If it was all based on name ID and presentation skills then Bubba McDonald would still be on the PSC.

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