Sexy Shyam

Some good press for Democratic SoS Candidate Shyam Reddy: Bibi Magazine named him one of the “Sexiest South Asian-American Men of the Year” for 2006, and more importantly, he has $408,000 on hand. All this according to the Political Insider.

Perhaps some of our Democratic readers can answers this, but is Reedy the SoS frontrunner for the Dems?


  1. billy says:

    I would say he is, if for no other reason than the money. But he has also gotten a lot of good press throughout the duration of his campaign. He’s picked up a lot of ‘backroom’ support from some ‘powers that be’ as well. He is also picking up Chamber support – since he is the only candidate, Democrat or Republican, who is qualified in all aspects of the Secretary of State’s job.

    Angela Moore could give him a run with her campaign in the black community. Walter Ray could get the old school “good ol boys” behind him and take away that support. However, we’ll know what the world looks like after today. If you don’t have to money to get to your own constiuencies then you can’t expect to win them. Shaym is the only (D)candidate that seems to have the money to win at this point.

  2. Beth says:

    So why is being named the sexiest Asian American man by some little known magazine, a qualification for any political office?

    His numbers are good. But if you look at Handel’s first disclosure vs. his first disclosure she out raised him.

    Will be interested to see what her disclosure is. Guess we’ll find out soon.

  3. billy says:

    You mean a Republican outraised a Democrat? SHOCK!!

    The fact that Shaym is keeping pace with the GOP candidates is pretty impressive. My understanding is that CoH numbers could actually favor Shaym after this disclosure. But we’ll see.

    And no, being named one of the sexiest Asian Americans does not qualify you for Secretary of state. But, having a Masters Degree in Public Health (licensure), a legal background in Elections and campaign finance law (elections), and being a securities lawyer for one of the largest corperate law firms in town (coperations, business and securites) makes him the most qualified candidate in the race. All he needs is a master’s in library science (archives) and there would be nothing the SOS did that he wouldn’t have a background in.

  4. Beth says:

    Why shock, look at what Barnes had vs. Sonny.

    I agree it will be difficult for Handel to catch up to him in COH or total money raised, he did get in the race earlier. I just was doing an apples to apples comparison of how they both started, and will continue to look at it that way. BTW – she also beat Stephens in the same type of comparison.

    I don’t think any other Democrat can catch him in fundraising. His big challenge is that there are 6 people in his primary. Odds are that it goes to a run-off. He’s going to have to start spending to get his name out.

  5. atlantaman says:

    I don’t know why it’s a given for a Republican to outraise a Democrat in the SOS race. Don’t forget there is currently a Democrat in the office.

    Talk about a defeatest attitude, one would think the Party that currently holds the office would have an advantage the Republicans would have to overcome.

  6. billy says:

    Are you stupid or are you just posturing?

    The Democrats control nothing. The Statewide offices that they hold cannot compare the the power held in the Legislature and Governor’s Mansion. Top that with Lobbyists being told by the Republican leadership to not give to Democrats “or else” and you have a very bad fundraising situation for Democrats. Even the Trial Lawyers are evening up the contributions with Republicans. Labor Unions in Georgia have very little money to give out. Without any leverage on PAC money and no substantial fundraising from lawyers and Unions, Democrats in the state are doing well to keep their heads above water.

    The Democratic party has always been at a disadvantage in fundraising – our base is not business and wealthy people. Our bsae is the working people of Georgia, people without large checkbooks. Without any real power on the state level there is no PAC money. Without strong Labor Unions there is no labor money. GOP control has even wrestled away GTLA money. This year fundraising is being driven by the individuals themselves. If a Democrat is raising money on pace with the GOP it is a great credit to them. The money raised by Taylor, Cox, and Reddy is a symbol that those individuals are extremely strong candidates – and the GOP should be worried.

  7. dorris says:

    Let’s be adults here. While the “Sexy Shyam” thing may not have been the best idea from the Reddy Campaign, the facts still stand. Shyam Reddy is the MOST qualified candidate for the position of Secretary of State. He has clearly worked his butt off. I mean come on! He’s an Indian running in the South (no matter how progressive we are-that’s still a big deal) and he’s emerged as the frontrunner! The Secretary of State’s Race is usually such a yawn that I think the introduction of Reddy has brought so much excitement and energy into the race. I’m tired of talking about the “Sexy” controversy. Shyam Reddy is a candidate who is down to earth, educated, real and seemingly honest. While Holcolmb posesses some of the qualities, I’m going to state the obvious here, he is so friggin’ boring! Go Shyam (sexy or not)!

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