Reed’s Side of the Story

Ralph Reed is not taking Casey Cagle’s accusations lying down this time. He has sent out a rebuttal and accuses Casey having supported a guest worker program. You can read it all below the fold.

Duluth: The latest desperate personal attack on Ralph Reed by Casey Cagle is a lie. Casey Cagle’s first press release as a candidate for Lt. Governor in April, 2005 attacked Ralph and other respected Republican leaders. Last summer he set up a website exclusively devoted to attacking Ralph. Now his latest attack is false and inaccurate.
Reed Has Always Opposed Amnesty. Ralph opposed amnesty in 2004 and said so publicly. In an interview on MSNBC, Reed said he favored “a much more conservative policy


  1. Rusty says:

    Words and phrases that have the same number of letters as “Ralph Reed”:

    Moral void
    Lacks soul
    Is godless
    Is corrupt
    Is sellout

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Well, bow down because they hypocrite cries foul… Ralph has no credibility. He should return the Indian and Enron money and then maybe he can start to regain his credibility.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Oh and folks, careful, the Reed people are apparently VERY THIN SKINNED and can’t take the heat…

  4. MountainThinker says:

    Just to bring this debate to a a higher level…Here is a list of anagrams for “Ralph Reed” (words/phrases made by usingthe same letters).

    Lap Herder – ?
    Pal Herder – as in “Christian Coalition” Pals?
    Help Darer – Is he in THAT much trouble?
    Help Ad Err – As though gov’t needs more help “ad”-ing Errs…
    Raper Held – Ok…please no comments
    Hard Leper – Talk about well-liked by voters…
    Hard Repel – Really?! That’s what the Favorability polls say too!
    Paler Herd – We know the GOP needs more minorities, but c’mon!
    Herr Plead – *Prophecy* Gets indicted and has to learn German in
    his new country! “Mister Plead”

    Funny Huh?

    It Gets Better! “Casey Cagle” gives us very few,but it does give us this…

    Legacy Aces – Guess experience really does matter…
    Legacy Case – Might there be more in store for Mighty Casey?

    Even in the Bible, Names Meant Something!!!

  5. Jack S says:

    So Casey, along with Saxby and Johnny and the President and most reasonable non racists support a reasonable program where foreigners can come to our country legally, pay taxes, and work. Wow. I’m shocked.

    Ralph on the other hand clearly flip flops on amnesty for people in our country who are clearly breaking the law. He supports a bad policy and he lies about it.

    Thanks for pointing that out Erick. How much is Reed paying you?

  6. Jack S says:

    Let’s see if the Reed stargazers who run this site have the balls to print Cagle’s reponse to this drivel from Ralph. The Fact Check I just got from Cagle’s team nails it on the head.


  7. Rusty says:

    LOL Mountain Thinker. I was going to do anagrams too, but ran out of time. Raper Held is the obvious winner, though Hard Leper is evocative and a case could be made for it.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    Jack S , typical bs that I hav e come to expect from the Cagle people. Reed was Southeast Chairman of the Bush Re-election team. It was during the Presidential campaign and he was speaking in his capacity as Chairman. What do you think would have happened if he had given his opinion instead of W’s? Duh! Reed is against amnesty. I asked him that question over a year ago.
    Keep on grasping at straws. Reed will win hands down.
    As far as Guest Worker Program, I strongly oppose that for illegal aliens and others and I am not racist. It drives down American wages. You sounded like a Democrat with that remark in trying to label people as racist because they are against the program.
    The President is WRONG on his immigration policy in wanting to allow illegals amnesty. I have never been so proud of someone I voted for as I am of Johnny Isakson. He is standing his ground and one of the Senators leading the charge against illegal immigration. Cagle bends with the wind. You ask the average activist what they think of Cagle and they will tell you that he is someone that does not like to make waves. He is someone that tries to avoid controversy. I don’t want someone like that representing me and I consider that a sign of weakness.

  9. larry smith says:


    Let’s assume you’re correct in saying that Ralph has always opposed amnesty. I doubt that’s true, but let’s buy the assumption for a moment.

    How, then, can you sit there and defend a guy who went on national TV and told millions of Americans he believed amnesty was a “responsible policy?” Why would he say that if he believed the opposite? Do you want an LG who will say whatever he’s paid to say instead of what he thinks on an issue that important?

    Don’t you ever get tired of watching Ralph Reed lie? Does it bother you that he lies to you?

  10. landman says:

    Erick,why dont you run Cagles response?I also find it a joke that you took Bull off the front page posters because he post facts about your boy Ralph.

    I cant wait until July 19 and see the crawfishing that will take place from you guys.Its sad that you guys cant just be upfront and choose to play games.

  11. Rusty says:

    It really strikes at the credibility of this site and shows just how insecure Reed supporters are for Cagle’s response not to be posted. At least someone like Sean Hannity has the common sense to pretend like he cares about what the opposition says, even if it’s all phony pretense.

  12. larry smith says:


    Why are you trying to shut down discussion on the race that accounts for the majority of activity on your site?

    Let’s face it, without LG and SOS, your traffic would drop by what, 80%?

    Maybe you just don’t care if you run off your audience, but you’re on track to become a club of one. It’s a shame, really, because I love this site.

  13. landman says:

    Erick,you guys need to come out and tell us what other candidates you intend to shield for in this cycle other than Reed, so we can post accordingly.

    Facts are facts and if you guys are going to monitor according to your preference of candidates you are going to lose any legimate credibility you may have garnered.

    You have done your site a disservice I hope Ralph makes it worth your while.But I wouldnt bet on it if I were you.

  14. jackson says:

    What’s even more hilarious is that guys like Bobby Kahn get to post regular anti-republican trash with no repercussions.

  15. thebreeze says:

    Ralph better get ready to take it! this thing is only going to snowball on him, you can fool some of the people some of the but you can’t…….what a twisted individual.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    There has been primarily been Ralph bashing on this site. Not very much Cagle bashing except from me. If you disagree, then I suggest you go back and look at the other threads and posts. Erick oculd be trying to balance it out. As far as trying to limit debate on the Lt. Governor’s race, I can see where Erick is coming from. Maybe he is trying to protect whomever the Republican nominee is. You expect Dems to bash Repubs but some feel squimish about the Republicans bashing other Republicans. I have been guilty of this. I started because I got sick of seeing all the Ralph bashing . I will stop bashing Cagle if you stop bashing Ralph. Maybe Erick wants us all to remember Reagan’s eleventh commandment.

  17. debbie0040 says:

    Landman, Reed will win the primary. Look at the at the latest disclosures. The momentum has shifted back to Reed. I know of several GOP activists that were straddling the fence in the Lt. Governor’s race. They went to the Reed camp this week.
    From AJC Political Insider:
    Ralph Reed, the former head of the national Christian Coalition and state GOP chairman, raised $269,461 over the three-month period, maintaining a significant lead in financing.

    But Casey Cagle, a businessman and state senator from Gainesville, made the most of March 31, the only day left to him in the reporting period. According to his disclosure, Cagle received $103,510 in 24 hours, for a total of $132,937 during the period.

    In the all-important category of money in the bank, Reed has $1.4 million, while Cagle reports $881,227.

  18. jackson says:

    Wasn’t that great news for Casey Cagle in the AJC Insider today? Ralph Reed raised only 269,000 while Casey Cagle raised almost half that. The difference – Reed had 3 months and Cagle had 1 day. If that doesnt say, ” Cagle has the momentum” I dont know what does.

  19. Jack S says:

    This site wasn’t created to bash anyone. Early on this site was mainly littered with a bunch of folks arguing how Ralph would run away with this race. The Cagle supporters were few.

    What Debbie and the few remaining kool aide drinkers simply refuse to understand is that the reason why everyone on this site hammers Reed is becuase he is a liar and a hypocrite and because of those two things he will destroy the GOP ticket.

    Rational people on this site awakened to Ralph’s lies and hypocrisy and called him out for the fraud that he is.

    That has nothing to do with Erick or anybody else who started this site and everything to do with Ralph Reed’s choices and actions.

  20. Jack S says:

    And why in the world, Erick and his pals aren’t making that argument and telling the Reed whiners to shove it is beyond me. Refusing to post very relevant releases and responses from the LG race makes you look weak and hurts your credibility which is exactly what Reed wants.

  21. landman says:

    Debbie, you are kidding …right? Cagle will win this race by a larger margin than I once thought and have money leftover for the General.Ask RR what he thinks about raising only 269k while having a huge advantage in time and opportunity to seize a greater lead.He will need alot more money than Cagle to combat his unprecedented negatives among his own party.

    Erick has the right to do anything he wants on this blog,because its his.With that said,its been very obvious that he is and has been a Reed supporter and his constant attempts to shield and run interference for him speaks volumes on how he intends to manage the site,I think its a poor strategy if your desire is to be a open channel for debate as it relates to Georgia politics.Facts are facts and once one decides to run for public office, you must run on who you are not what you were,bottom line. So if this statement gets me off this blog ,oh well.Cagle will WIN and then the site can follow RR doing whatever he plans to do with his life after July 18.

  22. debbie0040 says:

    Nice attempt at spin guys. Did any of you work in the Clinton Whitehouse? I don’t believe that Erick is a Reed supporter. He is impartial. You guys just don’t want that. Give me a break on the aomunt of time that is really funny. Cagle informed his donors to send in the money on 3-31. I will admit that Cagle did not have a fundraiser, then again he doesn’t have any supporters that are a big draw to attract many to a fundraiser.

    I have a question, according to the AJC Cagle received $103,510 in 24 hours, for a total of $132,937 during the period. I t hought he just had a 24 hour window to raise money. does tha mean the money that was not raised during the 24 hour period is illegal?

    You guys are dreaming about Cagle winning. Ralph will win by 10 – 15%.

    Jack S. more Cagle people post on this site than Reed people. I guess July 18th will tell who is in the majority with the voters, the Reed people or the Cagle side. I have not drank any kool-aid and have not been fooled by anyone. You have a great deal of anger against Ralph that has effected your rational judgement. Maybe you should seek therapy.
    You Cagle supporters point out what you perceive are others lies an hypocrisy but give your candidate a pass on the same scrutiny. Cagle is guilt of lies and hypocrisy .

  23. Rusty says:

    I don’t believe that Erick is a Reed supporter. He is impartial.


    Golly, if someone (Reed) pretends to be a Christian choir boy, people will believe anything. So, Deb, let’s get this straight: someone who writes the lede “Ralph Reed is not taking Casey Cagle’s accusations lying down this time” is “impartial.” Pass some of that Febreeze you’re huffing.

  24. Demonbeck says:

    We wouldn’t have to bash Reed on his ethics if he would ever speak about issues that pertain to the job he is running for. I saw both he and Cagle speak this weekend. Cagle talked about the immigration reform bill (S529) and the Eminent Domain bills (HB1313 and HR 1306) passed this session. Reed talked about federal issues.

    It’s clear that Reed either does not know what the LG position entails or that he only views this race as a stepping stone to a federal position.

    Call me selfish, but I think our state deserves better than that.

    Debbie, why don’t you bring up Reed’s stance on statewide issues? I’d be happy to debate them.

    Oh, and FREE BULL MOOSE!!!!

  25. debbie0040 says:
  26. debbie0040 says:

    I guess we will see July 18th if I am correct or not. Bill, I will buy you a steak dinner if Reed does not win by at least 10%.
    State Issues and Reed are found at the “In The News Section” at Reed’s web site. He does address state issues

  27. Demonbeck says:

    Bring them up here, all I have seen from him are federal issues – with the exception of Eminent domain, in which he opposed the Governor’s stance.

  28. debbie0040 says:

    Reed Praises Proposed House Budget Study Committee

    Proposed Study Committee Would Examine Budget Start Date; Could Make the State Mid-Year Supplemental Budget Unnecessary

    Ralph Reed, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, today praised the introduction of House Resolution 1667 sponsored by Majority Leader Jerry Keen this week proposing the creation a study committee to examine ways to make the state budget more efficient and fiscally responsible by moving the fiscal year start date to October 1, rather than the current July 1.

    “This study committee proposal provides a vital opportunity to determine whether we can make our state budget more consistent with the receipt of federal funds by state agencies by moving our fiscal year start date, making the budget more efficient and responsive to saving taxpayer dollars,

  29. Demonbeck says:

    First of all, our state has one of the top two credit ratings in the nation – meaning that our budgeting process is pretty fiscally sound. Does that mean there is no room for improvement? No, but it does mean we are in a good position. Frankly, what we ought to do is move the dates the General Assembly meets closer to the beginning/end of the fiscal year whenever that may be. Excess dollars in the coffers would be more likely to end up in a rainy day reserve fund then than going towards unneccessary projects. If the General Assembly took more time putting the budget together, it would eat into days of the next fiscal year, cutting down the time available to spend it. (If the fiscal year-end dates remain as is, a potential government shut down would then not affect schooling.)

    As for Medicaid, we have a terrible problem in this state. One which every candidate for any office talks about. You’ll find that Casey Cagle has voted for and worked towards improving these problems – not merely talked about it. Frankly, I would like to see the state move towards a privatization of Medicaid – thereby taking a lot of the costs (and revenue decisions) out of the General Assembly’s hands.

    Frankly, though, both issues are fairly typical. Ralph Reed is not really saying anything unique in either release. Of course, the budget release continued to back up my claims about his federal leanings.

  30. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph is not in a position to vote for any legislation. If you check out Reed’s web site you will many more state issues. you will find out Reed released the Medicare Audit position in August of 2005. Long before it was done. It seems like Reed releases positions on things and then Cagle follows a few months later. I am in agreement about the privatization of Medicaid. The budget process does need improvement.

  31. debbie0040 says:

    Great article from the news media and Bill Shipp:

    Shipp: Reed represents conundrum for voters
    | | Story updated at 8:37 PM on Sunday, April 9, 2006


    more Shipp columns

    “On the campaign trail in South Georgia, Ralph Reed, the Republican strategist who created the Christian Coalition, wears shiny black cowboy boots – full quill ostrich leather – to help give him the swagger of a man still on the make. He is running for lieutenant governor in the Peach State, his first campaign for public office, but he wants everyone to know that he is not just another local boy trying to break into state politics. As we mingle at a private reception at Sea Palms Resort, he tells me, ‘This isn’t my first rodeo.’ ”

    – Michael Scherer writing in online magazine

    Why in heaven’s name would any rational Georgian vote for Ralph Reed for lieutenant governor? Read the big papers. Watch the networks. Reed is a caricature of the national wheeler-dealer – a slick guy draped with so much smarmy baggage you wouldn’t let your kids or your wife get close to him.

    Look at a couple of Reed’s old pals – black-hat lobbyist Jack Abramoff and scandal-ridden Congressman Tom “the Hammer” DeLay. Abramoff is waiting to go to prison. DeLay is quitting Congress as corruption charges against him pile up.

    Even as Reed solicits votes across Georgia, he waits for the other shoe to drop. Abramoff might sell him (and others) out to federal prosecutors in exchange for a reduced prison sentence. Or members of DeLay’s inner circle could rat on Reed to save themselves.

    Several ranking Republicans have called on Reed to drop out of the lieutenant governor’s race. They say his presence is tarnishing the Republican Party’s splendid reputation. Reed’s GOP opponent, state Sen. Casey Cagle of Gainesville, has caught fire. He raised $100,000 in a single day recently, an unheard-of haul in such a short time for a down-ballot contest. He is a nice guy and a straight shooter, the kind of fellow just about anybody would be happy to support. He might be a tad naive and not as quick as some might hope, but what the hey? He’s running to succeed Mark Taylor, not Bill Gates.

    Two Democratic candidates, Jim Martin and Greg Hecht, both with solid public-service backgrounds, wait patiently in hope of taking on Reed – if he survives the GOP primary.

    So back to the original question: Why would anybody support Reed?

    The short answer: Reed is easily the best-qualified candidate ever to seek the lieutenant governor’s office.

    In fact, Georgia has never had a statewide candidate with such compelling credentials. When he says the Georgia campaign is not his “first rodeo,” he’s not kidding. Sure, Reed has made serious mistakes, multimillion-dollar errors in judgment. But criminal conduct? Probably not. Who has not had friends who went wrong and tried to lead others astray? So Reed hung around with Abramoff and DeLay. They are bad guys, all right. Yet I worry more about Reed’s association with a couple of crazy TV preachers.

    In the main, Reed has been a super-success at nearly everything he has tried. His organizational skills as leader of the national Christian Coalition helped change the nation’s political direction. As Georgia Republican chairman, Reed reorganized get-out-the-vote efforts to allow the GOP to finally sweep the statehouse. To be sure, the Republican takeover had been in the cards for years. Reed’s strategy made it happen earlier.

    He directed President Bush’s overwhelmingly victorious campaigns in the South. He helped U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., win. As a public relations guru, he represented some of the nation’s most famous (Verizon) and infamous (Enron) companies. In short, Reed is used to working in the circles of power. He knows how to leverage influence and make things happen. He also possesses the right look; he exudes confidence.

    Then there’s his ambition. Sen. Casey Cagle is dead on when he asserts that Reed sees the lieutenant governor’s office as a steppingstone to loftier posts. For that reason, Reed could turn out to be the best lieutenant governor in Georgia’s history. He would knock himself out trying to please voters and help the state. He wants to be popular, and he wants to move up.

    If he escapes damage from the Abramoff-DeLay blowup, you can bet Reed would be as clean as any official we’ve ever elected. He has been scared straight.

    An afterthought: Reed has admitted some mistakes and said he’s sorry. Forgiving sinners is part of our tradition, isn’t it? We’ll soon see. The primary is July 18.

    • Reach Bill Shipp at P.O. Box 440755, Kennesaw, GA 30160, or e-mail [email protected].

  32. Demonbeck says:

    Let me sum up what the article states, “Aside from the law-breaking and questionable ethics, this guy is a snake oil salesman with good connections.”

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