Rally against SB529 planned.

A group called “La Alianza 17 de Marzo de Georgia” is organizing a rally on Buford Highway for Monday the 10th, to show their opposition to Georgia’s SB529 as well as HR4437 which passed the U.S. House and was sent to the Senate. The rally is called the “March for the Dignity of the Immigrant” and the flyer states:

We’ve arrived in this country with the dignity granted by the heritage of our respective nations. We’ve arrived seeking honest work, disregarding how hard or arduous the requirements. We’ve arrived with the goal of providing our families with a more dignified quality of life. We’ve provided Georgia a strong source of labor and economic contribution that has added to its tremendous growth. For our dignity and to prove that our presence in this state DOES COUNT, we invite you to participate in our:

March for the Dignity of the Immigrant….

Here’s the flyer for your viewing pleasure.

There’s no doubt that illegal immigration will be a huge issue in this fall’s election, but I wonder what impact rallies like this will have on the public’s view of SD529 and the Constitutional Amendment we’ll be voting on in November.

Website of the group sponsoring the event.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


  1. jacewalden says:

    The last time all of the illegal aliens boycotted and protested, I was able to make it to work a half an hour sooner in the middle of rush hour Atlanta traffic. So, if they want to not be a burden on the hard-working citizens of Georgia once more, that’s great.

    As far a tremendous growth and economic impact…if they’re referring to depressed wages and a massive deficit, they’re right!

    Illegal aliens protesting laws is kind of funny. Didn’t they have to break the laws in the first place to get in this country?

    If they’re all going to be in one place, this might be a good chance for INS to round up a few. Remember, there’s only one way to deport 11 million illegal aliens:


  2. atlantaman says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that INS should go to the rally, and if they don’t then what is the point of having INS? If a bunch of illegal aliens are stupid enough to announce to the media they’re going to be at a rally then their stupidity should be rewarded.

    If some escaped convicted prisoners went to the media to state they would be attending a rally for better rights do you think the police would show up to arrest them?

    Seriously, if they are going to go on TV and essentially give our laws the finger and INS doesn’t plan to go anything about it, then we should quit wasting our money and disband INS.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    My wife is an (legal) immigrant from Mexico and she gets so pissed off about this. She’s more conservative than I am on this issue, because when she tells someone that she is Mexican, they assume she came here illegally. Even immigrants oppose amnesty.

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