Cagle joins Perdue in signing into law child care tax credit

Governor Sonny Perdue invited Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Casey Cagle to join him as he signed the Georgia Child Care Tax Credit into law.   The event was held at the Barrett Parkway Kindercare.

Cagle, chairs the Senate Finance Committee, sponsored the legislation and led the Senate debate on passage of the bill, which was part of Governor Perdue’s legislation.  The tax credit will return $50 million dollars to taxpayers. 

Perdue praised Cagle’s work on the bill, saying “I want to thank Senator Casey Cagle and Representative Rich Golick for so ably shepherding this legislation through in their respective chambers.”

Cagle has a consistent record of winning tax relief and has never voted for a tax increase in over a decade of public service in the Senate.


  1. Right-Wing Democrat says:

    This is all the more reason why Cagle should be the choice of the Republicans.

  2. TigerLily says:

    Although this is good news for CC, it is custom for the Gov to invite the members who carried his legislation for him to a bill signing ceremony. FYI.

  3. Yeah I have taken pictures of multiple bill signings with David Adelman and Sonny Perdue, as a favor to Adelman. We usually ham it up with Perdue, and then if David had a viable Republican opponent I’m sure Perdue would be out campaigning against him. Signing your bill with the governor and getting “invited” means nothing.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    TigerLily is correct, it is custom. The Perdue campaign whiz kids are WAY too smart to have the Governor get openly involved in the race. They know that Gov. Perdue has a few groups upset with him and they don’t need to have the Reed supporters ticked off with him, too. There has already been speculation by the news media that the Christian Conservatives will sit this election out because of discontent with Bush and illegal immigration. I am leary of anything they report but we do not need to add fuel to the fire.
    I strongly support Reed but I don’t feel personally attacked when someone in the party or elected official says something negative about Reed . That is not true of everyone. I have had some say that they will not have their vote taken for granted like the Dems take the African American vote for granted and they feel personally attacked when Reed is. I think the Perdue people understand this sentiment is out there.

  5. Sara says:

    If Maurice wasn’t on Cagles side, his comment would be the best sarcastic response possible! Unfortunately the Cagle campaign has NO news to share with Peach Pundit, the media, or average Georgians other than their dislike/hate for Ralph Reed. That they consider this big shows how little substance they have.

    Should we also make the connection that whenever Cagle is not, or was not, present at a signing ceremony, the Governor and the Senator both acknowledge that Cagle had no impact on the bill being signed? That in reality he was nothing more than a warm body in a chair who may or may not have voted depending upon who was pulling his strings?

  6. Demonbeck says:

    You should make the connection that Senator Cagle has been working hard for the people of Georgia for a long time now and has a proven track record of doing so. Ralph Reed, on the other hand, is only out for what’s best for Ralph Reed.

    That being said, Ralph was continuing a great Georgia tradition of screwing Native Americans when he bilked the Choctaws out of their $4 million.

  7. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Yeah,,, I suppose it was a meaningless bill that became law. Returning $50 million to taxpayers is pretty petty.

    Soundbyte over Substance.

  8. True Conservative says:

    Newsflash Sara.

    YOu have to be elected to be that “warm body” or to have that prestige to carry a bill.

    Other people should be so lucky before they try to seek statewide office.

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