Zamarripa quits.

Sen. Sam Zamarripa (D-Atlanta) will not seek reelection, per the AJC:

Zamarripa said that he has decided to bow out of politics for the time being to focus his energy on spurring economic development — particularly global business opportunities — in Atlanta.

“My feeling was that the greatest opportunity for me was to pursue things I am very good at related to economic development, and to do that out of the Senate,” Zamarripa said.


  1. atlantaman says:

    Thanks for the link to the website, I just bookmarked it. I’ve always liked the euphemism “undocumented workers” is that like calling a prisoner an “involuntary resident”.

  2. bird says:

    Sam was awesome as chair of the Metro Chamber of Commerce. We’re losing a leader in the Senate.

    But, I’m glad he is focusing on economic development in Georgia. We need it, and Glenn Richardson certainly isn’t doing the job.

  3. atlantaman says:

    I wonder what he means by “economic development”. His ties to the illegal immigrant community make me very suspicious. “Economic Development” to him probably means hold on to your wallets for working Georgian families.

  4. Decaturguy says:

    I cannot say that I’m shocked by the intolerance displayed by some of you.

    Congratulations, Nan Orrock is going to replace him in that seat! Happy?

  5. John Konop says:


    I was on a panel debating Sam. He told me privately, that he is big on promoting trade with China via Georgia. I disagree with Sam on trade and immigration as most of you know, but I am concerned about the threats on both sides. Chip Rogers now has police driving by his house due threats via him speaking up. I have only gotten hateful comments not threats. I am sure non of us condones threats and ,or violence on the debate about trade and immigration issue.

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