McKinney on Fox & Friends

I will offer no comment other than to say that I saw Cynthia McKinney being interviewed by Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends. Whoa! You guys need to see the video.


  1. Erick says:

    Bill, you are not allowed to talk about the McKinneys because, you know, you are a J-E-W. 😉 Of course I’m just a white Republicans so I suppose I should shut the hell up too.

  2. Demonbeck says:

    Cynthia raises more money for Georgia Republicans than the entire Bush administration combined.

  3. Fiddes says:

    All this plays into the hands of her opponent in the primary, defense attorney and DeKalb County District 5 Commissioner Hank Johnson. He needs to subtlety get the message to North DeKalb Republicans that he is the second-coming of Denise Majette. He also had better be burning up the lines to the six-pack of mega-churches in South DeKalb. If Johnson can leverage this incident into additional support from the latter group, then he’ll have the whole deal sealed in his favor.

    When McKinney was out of office during the Majette years, I had her in a jury pool for a case I was prosecuting. When asked what her employment was at that time, she replied, “I’m in promotions…self promotions.

  4. topazpilot says:

    If the 4th had any sense they’d kick cynthia mclooney to the curb once more. Maybe Hank Johnson won’t receive a sign from God.

  5. has the dailyshow clip in their motherload section…she really does look like a crack addict. What’s worse, her response to this incident or the fact that it will help her get reelected?

  6. jacewalden says:

    McKinney was on “American Morning” with Soledad O’Brien this morning. I have never seen anyone on CNN “Bring it” like Soledad brought it to McKinney. There were a few times I thought McKinney was gonna cry and walk off the set. If you’re an ultra-liberal, it’s pretty bad when CNN busts you out. That would be like Tom Delay being busted out by Sean Hannity. It’s just something you can’t recover from.

    Bottom Line: No matter what “good” she may have done, she is an embarrasment to Georgia, and she is using “civil rights” to justify her haughty elitist positon.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    You know, when they first showed her on TV, I didn’t recognize her either. She looks different without those braids…

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