An open letter to McKinney

An open letter to Rep. Cynthia McKinney from State Senator John Douglas.

Dear Congresswoman McKinney:

The 2005 redrawing of Georgia’s congressional districts put all of Rockdale County into the new 4th district, except the Lorraine and Barksdale precincts. As we all know, you have represented the 4th district off and on for many years and seem to have every intention of running again and very likely winning.

Unfortunately, your recent encounter with a US Capitol Police officer has dominated the news both here and in Washington. It seems that as you were not wearing your identification badge and had dramatically changed your hair style, he simply did not recognize you. In this age of brutal terrorism, he tried to do his job by stopping you from entering the capitol building, at which point something ugly happened.

This is not the first time you have had these sort of difficulties or other problems that reflect badly on yourself and your district. While the people of DeKalb County may have given you a pass on your activities, the people of Rockdale do not have the same lax standards.

As one of two state Senators representing Rockdale, I call on you to withdraw from the 2006 race and spare us all the embarrassment of your disgraceful behavior. The Capitol Police as well as the Georgia State Patrol, Rockdale Sheriff’s Department and Conyers Police Department are professionals in every sense. They deserve the respect that they have earned, not the haughty contempt you seem to have for them. Should you break the law here, you can expect to be stopped just as you were in Washington. Its their job, responsibility and duty to do no less. And we expect someone in your position to have the common decency to work with them and do the right thing if that does occur in this county.

Congresswoman McKinney, please consider saving yourself and the hard working people of Rockdale County more embarrassment by gracefully bow out of this election.

John Douglas
Georgia State Senate
District 17
(404) 375-1234


  1. LoveGwinnett says:

    That woman is a discrace to her race. Everytime she opens her mouth it’s two steps backwords for racial equality. She is a racist in every since of the word, represents this state poorly, and needs to go.

  2. troy says:

    As a Democrat I commend Sen. Douglas. I’m just thankful that Pelosi and Hoyer seem to be running away from her now, as referenced in today’s AJC article “House Proposes to Commend Cops”. Maybe now they’ll find a qualified candidate who’s willing to put in the work to beat her.

  3. Here’s a noble idea for Senator Douglas — don’t vote for a reapportionment plan that puts your county into the district of someone who often behaves in a manner “that reflect badly on yourself and your district”.

    Actually I think Douglas should give Cynthia a second chance. After his Jane Fonda over-reaction and now this letter to the editor, he might find that he and another publicity seeker from one county north have more in common than they thought.

  4. JaseLP says:

    After his Jane Fonda over-reaction…
    Douglas did the right thing there. As the son of a Vietnam Vet, I commend him for what he did.

  5. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Chris, get a grip.

    A) The “Jane Fonda over reaction” was nothing of the sort. 38 other Senators agreed with Douglas on the final vote on the resolution, 1 agrees with you.

    B) The letter hits home on Cynthia being a total embarassment to everyone, most of all herself. It is Cynthia and the Civil Rights Whores who cant see how stupid and foolish they look right now.

    Your Friend,


  6. jacewalden says:

    I think I know where UGA is going with “civil rights whores”. He’s probably referring to anyone who automatically plays the “race card” anytime they’re accused of something. Just like Cynthia McKinney. McKinney was on “American Morning” with Soledad this morning…all she did was claim “racism”. I guess after 5 altercations with the police, it would be too simple to blame it on her own arrogance. But people like McKinney, and those who call anti-illegal immigration proponets “racist” are Civil Rights Whores. They’re using a valiant movement to justify selfish, haughty, and illegal political goals. “Whoring” it out, if you will.

  7. UGA Wins 2005 says:


    The “Civil Rights Whores” comes from the Neal Boortz show and refers to anyone who screams race for any misfortune or mishap, regardless of the circumstances……like Cynthia McKinney.


  8. Skeptical says:

    Ah, the “Civil Rights Whores”. More pearls of wisdom from the man who gave us the term “ghetto slut.” I simply for the life of me cannot fathom why anyone gives that man the time of day. Oh yeah, ’cause he validates all your basest, ignorant little phobias. Those nasty, evil black people are out to get you. No wait, it’s the Hispanics and Latinos. You people need to get over yourselves pretty quick.

    Now, onto the topic at hand. As someone who actually lives in Mr. Douglas’s district, my question to him is this: Who the hell does he think he is trying to tell someone else what to do? I’d take “batshit crazy” McKinney any day over the jerk who supposedly “represents” me that I have now and if they’d wake up out that way, they’d realize that there are a lot of people feeling that way now.

  9. I see no one responded to the merit of my comment — if Rockdale county is upset that Cynthia McKinney is now their representative then they have one person to blame – John Douglas.

    And John Douglas should ask why the Republican plan made McKinney’s district more secure for her by removing North DeKalb’s Democratic anti-Cynthia precincts into District 6 and putting Rockdale (where not many anti-Cynthia Democrats live) into her district.

    The ability to have a Majette like candidate take out Cynthia in a primary was greatly reduced by this plan. So what is it Senator Douglas/Republicans, do you want her around (to kick) or don’t you?

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