Judge throws out Stockbridge condemnation

Henry County Superior Court Judge Arch McGarity has dismissed the condemnation of the property owned by Mark and Regina Meeks. Meeks said, “This is a courageous decision by Judge McGarity. We consider this to be a victory for private property rights for Georgians and we want to thank everybody that’s supported us.”

The City of Stockbridge will decide at their next city council meeting on April 10th whether to appeal the ruling.

“The City of Stockbridge has just been slapped down.” – Neal Boortz


  1. Groseclose says:

    Did the superior court judge issue a written opinion and if so, does anyone have electronic access to it? I am excited for the Meeks, but I am interested to learn how the Superior Court Judge distinguished his legal conclusions from those set-out in Kelo. In other words, is his understanding of “public purpose” consistent with the Supreme Court jurisprudence and thus defendable through the appellate process.

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