Will Georgia Dems Distance from Cynthia?

Alec Poitevint wants Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox to withdraw support from Cynthia McKinney. This is, after all, Cynthia’s fifth run in with Capitol Hill police and she is now attacking the police officer for stopping her.

According to a GOP Press release, beyond these five incidents, there are other reasons to seek distance between Georgia Democrats and Cynthia. From the release:

Outside of these five incidents, McKinney’s other displays of outlandish behavior have been an embarrassment to the vast majority of Georgians. Other examples of McKinney’s embarrassing behavior include:

  • Accusing President Bush of having prior knowledge of the 9-11 attacks and doing nothing to stop them.
  • Joining only three other members of Congress to vote in favor of immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq (HR 571).
  • Co-sponsoring HR 635 seeking the impeachment of President Bush.
  • Supporting the Communist regime in Castro’s Cuba.

The Cathy Cox household has given thousands of dollars in support of Cynthia McKinney.

And Cathy Cox, as chair of the Georgia Election Board, let McKinney off with a slap on the wrist after it was found that she seriously violated election laws at a DeKalb County polling precinct on Election Day in 2000.

Mark Taylor has proudly touted his endorsement from Cynthia McKinney in his pandering for Primary votes.

My question is actually simpler. At what point does Cynthia become more of a liability than an asset for Georgia Democrats?


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    If John Linder were accused of slugging a cop, would not the entire GOP be called upon to comdemn his actions? Would not most Republicans demand it?

  2. ugadog says:

    I think a more accurate analogy would be if a black cop were to grab a white woman by the arm and she hit/slapped him, would he file charges. My father was a police officer for over 20 years and I can just see him laughing at any cop who would file charges over being slapped. Sure she shouldn’t of slapped him, but he shouldn’t have grabbed her. The whole thing is political.

  3. GAWire says:

    Buzz, if John Linder were to slug a cop, it would be a conspiracy of the Bush White House and the GOP to take over our police officers for a private CIA war in lower Uzbekistan. Furthermore, this would mean that Sonny Perdue was in on it as well; however, his motivation would be to subject black people to poverty, ultimately making a life a crime the only alternative for young black dropouts, which would improve the state’s education numbers, b/c the data for thos dropouts wouldn’t be tracked under “education”. Jewish people would also be in on it the scheme somewhere too.

    … or so Rep McKinney and State Rep McKinney would say.

  4. GAWire says:

    >>”””he shouldn’t have grabbed her”””

    So, with that logic, I guess oru Cap Police officers shouldn’t attempt to stop someone entering that they don’t recognize, and for all they know, could have a weapon?

    And, as far as the whole thing being political … well, everything’s political, so that’s like saying white rice is white. The thing here is that Cynthia is on the wrong side of the political battle in this one. I mean, you saw how well her rally went on Friday. She’s real credible.

    Let’s face it, the crazy-haired-Congresswoman is just “tired of answering to white people”. But, it’s not her fault … she envokes memory lapse.

  5. GAWire says:

    Boy, and I thought bashing Shirley was easy …

    Has the phrase “fish in a barrel” ever been more applicable?

  6. buzzbrockway says:


    Shouldn’t a person stop if an officer says to stop? McKinney didn’t stop so the officer restrained her. It’s seems entirely appropriate to me.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Life shouldn’t always be about politics. It should also be about right and wrong. Cynthia should be locked-up for breaking the law and assaulting a police officer. To hell with Danny Glover.

  8. one big D says:

    Wanna trade? McKinney for Reed. We’ll take Reed at least he brings money to your Party. OK so it might be shady money taken from politically dumb people, but when you guys need some yard signs ol’ Ralphie boy has the yard signs.

    Ol’ Cynthia brings nada to the Dems party. She only brings the dramaaaa.

    Sidenote: Before anyone gets bent out of shape – I’m part Native American. The Native American fake leaders who gave Ralph a boatload of money were politically dumb. Why would you trust a White man to get you a seat at the table with the biggest White man? Did they not remember that they owned NYC at one point until that dumb beads and bridge deal.

  9. …speaking of Graves, I know Richardson and some others condemned him for using the immunity defense, but I don’t recall them ever really offering a judgement on the DUI.

    How many innocent people generally are put at risk when you drive drunk again?

  10. atlantaman says:

    I’d rather have Cynthia over Ralph. Although it would be fun to try, it will be hard to tie Cynthia to other GA Dems. She is what she is, a kook from a gerrymandered Dem district.

    Reed is running for statwide office in a small step towards world domination. Unlike Cynthia, people have to take him seriously. Although unfair, it would be easier to tie Ralph to other GA Republicans.

  11. SouthernConservative says:

    Unfortunately, unlike Republicans, Democrats do not shoot their own. They leave that habit to us, a practice we are pretty consistent with.

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