Rob Ray has announced he will not be running again.

Can the GOP pick up another seat in Middle Georgia?  With Robert Ray announcing his retirement, I am sure this will be a heavily sought after seat.  If I recall, it was a close race last cycle.


  1. Taylor, Cox and Thurmond all did well in 2002 in this district, Cox actually got 58%. At the same time, Democratic legislative candidates did well both for the House and Senate in this district, and even Democratic Congressional candidates got 44% in this district in 2004, despite the fact that 17% of the district’s voters didn’t even have a Democrat to vote for (which means the D candidate got 0 and the R candidate got 100% for the total tally).

    Sure this is not the best Democratic district anymore, but it will definitely be competitive, especially in 2006.

  2. atlantaman says:

    I’m interested to see how a more recent election held up in that district. I wonder how Isakson or Bobby Baker did?

    One less rural Democrat to stand up to the Stephanie Stuckeys, the Karla Drenners, and the Vincent Forts during the caucus meetings.

  3. True Conservative says:

    Rob Ray had been there a long time. I think this District could def go R now. It has a more conservative leaning than Allan Freemans district.

  4. one big D says:

    Atlantaman, I think you are an undercover “D”. You rant and rave and scream about the intown Dem legislators. As you pointed out on another post – you used to live in Fort’s District. So what gives with the spewing? Did the intown Dems not listen to your advice on what would make Georgia better. Or did they not send you a thank you card for your volunteer efforts?

    Well, some intowns Dems are starting a new initiative – “Hug a former loved one”. The targeted loved ones are those the Dems forgot to tell “thank you” and “you’re a special volunteer”. If we give you a hug, will it make everything better? We can give you bunches of hugs and make you a fine t-shirt that says you’re “Number 1”.

  5. one big D says:

    p.s. I only point out the need for a hug because you never stay on the topic and always revert back to the evil intown Dem legislators.

  6. DoubleDawg3 says:

    This isn’t about Robert Ray (sad to see he’s leaving though, same with Sen. Starr and Rep. Cummings) – but I just read that Tom Delay is going to announce tomorrow that he will NOT run again — which I guess is a little better for the GOP then if he had the nerve to run again despite everything that he has brought upon himself and the GOP.

  7. atlantaman says:

    One Big D-

    I think you misunderstand me. Don’t think Stuckey or Drenner are evil. I do believe it’s on topic since we’ve got another rural GA Democrat retiring. It’s a snowball effect. For every rural Dem that leaves your party it makes it that much more difficult for the other sensible Dems to stay on board.

    You’ll see, there is a storm a brewing on the horizon. The Dem caucus meetings are going to be a combination of Haight & Ashbury and the Socialist Workers Party.

  8. SouthernConservative says:

    The crying shame about this seat is that unless Freeman, Cole, Chance, Staton, Tolleson, and O’Neal can find someone else, the main contender for the seat will be Margaret (Meg) Nichols, who was beaten by Cecil Staton in the primary race for the 18th Senate District last cycle.

    She was reportedly at the Houston County GOP meeting this past weekend, expressing her excitement at Ray’s retirement, and confidence of a win by making to more than one person the statement, “I’m so excited I could p** in my pants…”

    The Middle Georgia delegation and the House Republican Caucus don’t need that. The caucus has quite enough to deal with considering several of the more colorful personalities they possess.

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