1. debbie0040 says:

    The fact that the latest polls show 59 % undecided is good for Reed. With all the negative publicity, voters still have not gravitated to the Cagle camp. Voters want a strong leader, not someone that caves in under pressure like Cagle has been known to do. Voters want someone they know will stand their ground no matter which side is in power. They want someone that will stand up to the Roy Barnes of this world. Imagine campaign ads for Reed that feature Sean Hannity, Zell Miller, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guiliani asking voters to vote for Reed. Most voters don’t know who their state senators are, but they do know who Miller, Hannity, Gingrich and Guiliani are. I am quite sure some of the state senators in the Cagle camp will be busy with primary opposition and won’t have a lot of time to campaign for Cagle. I have relatives in the Chicamauga area and they are angry over their state senator’s attempts to keep Reed off the ballot by asking him to drop out of the race. My aunt said she would vote for the devil before she would vote for her current state senator. I am sure there are people like my aunt all over the state. The state senators will have their hands full.
    Reed will win the GOP Primary hands down. Get over it.

  2. atlantaman says:

    “Voters want a strong leader, not someone that caves in under pressure like Cagle has been known to do. Voters want someone they know will stand their ground no matter which side is in power.”

    Don’t know if Cagle has caved or not, but without ever having held elective office before how would we KNOW that Reed would stand his ground?

    The only record I have to go by with Reed is all the emails I’ve read between him and Abramoff. Some of them indicate a willingness to give up ground if a buck is involved.

  3. GAWire says:

    Uh, Deb – just a few weeks/months ago, the U collumn in R vs C polls was in the 20’s and RR had at least a 10-20 pt lead (depending on the poll and time).

    Now, this poll … well, you can see for yourself what this poll says, the main thing being 59% Und.

    That, my friend, is not a good trend, and that, dear Deb, is not a good thing for Ralph!

  4. Don\'t Make Me Ralph says:

    Nice cut-and-paste Debbie. I read your identical got-hammered-on-the-ralph Kool Aid post on the AJC blog.

    You go on and on about Newt (you can have Newt and his Georgia Dome-sized ego, as far as I’m concerned), and “a strong leader,” and “stand up to Roy Barnes.” But the fact is Ralph is not an honest man. Even the most blindly loyal Ralph voter must struggle with the nuanced spin uttered by Ralph and his sex-columnist surrogate over the last two years.

    He’s just not an honest man.

    By the way, I’m putting a bounty on a specic photo. If anyone can produce a photo of Ralph wearing cowboy boots prior to 2005, they will receive my autographed copy of Ralph Reed’s “Active Faith.”

  5. debbie0040 says:

    Under the Barnes regime, Barnes kept a report card of legislators. Cagle was among the lowest in the Senate with a 64.4 but compare that to House member Bobby Franklin who had 41.1.

    Barnes keeping political files on Georgia legislators

    BYLINE: Alan Judd; Staff DATE: March 6, 2000 PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution EDITION: Home; The Atlanta Constitution SECTION: News PAGE: A1

    There was a town hall meeting held in Hall County during the Barnes regime to discuss the Barnes Educational package. Teachers attended hoping Cagle would speak out against the package.(Cagle did end up voting against it in the end) Barnes send one of his minions to the meeting and when Cagle saw him, he wussed out and refused to speak out against it. He let Barnes intimidate him. There is no doubt in my mind that Reed would have spoken out and not been intimidated by Barnes.

    The bill below is another case of where Cagle caved in to Barnes. Cagle was one of only 3 Republicans joining 27 of 27 Democrats who voted in voting “no.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    I am not A Newt fan, but there are sure a lot of GOP voters that for some reason like Newt. You post on both sites so why shouldn’t anyone else be free to do that? The bottom line on the Lt. Governor’s race is that the primary voters will decide who is best to be the nominee of the party. Once they speak, the matter will be settled. I did not get hammered on any post. You did not like my answers. I think you got hammered on the posts.

  7. Don\'t Make Me Ralph says:

    C’mon people. An autographed copy of “Active Faith” for anyone who can produce a photo of Ralph wearing cowboy boots prior to 2005. It’s great satire.

    OK, I’ll up the ante. I’ll throw in a Mitch Skandalakis yard sign and a golf tee from St. Andrews if you can provide a photo of Ralph riding in a pick-up truck (Lincoln Navigator does not count) prior to 2005.

  8. Bill Simon says:

    You have a Mitch Skandalakis yard sign???

    Ohhhh..that must mean you were a deeply embedded supporter of Mitch. Much more than me.

    Who are you? Oh, lemme guess…initials “JK”? 🙂

  9. Danny says:

    I would think that the high amount of undecideds are favorable to Cagle. What was it in the early March poll, 23%? Those who are going to vote in the Republican primary already know Ralph Reed. They don’t know Cagle. If he can get more name recognition I can’t imagine him losing, especially if he’s raising $100k in one day.

    Early March, Reed was only up 5 points. Now I know you can’t believe everything you read about polls but IF it’s an accurate representation, I can’t see Reed going anywhere but down. Especially with the press covering Abramoff going to jail.

  10. True Conservative says:

    It must be nice to actually have a voting record that critics can strutinize. It will really accenuate all the good points. Let Ralph dig all he wants, he might find a missed vote here or there. In the end, Senator Cagle has been in the Legislature for 12 years. There are bound to be missed votes. And Georgians will understand that.

    BTW, Debbie is no other than Vice Chair of the Cobb GOP and a Anthony Scott Hobbs worshipper- Debbie Ellis.

  11. bird says:

    Whoever has the Skandalakis yard sign, his initials certainly aren’t G.M.

    I’ve seen Reed in cowboy boots since at least 2000. Just because he’s been wearing them that long though doesn’t make it any less goofy.

  12. larry smith says:

    I did not know that Prada made a line of cowboy boots until I saw Ralph wearing them.

    Those are some mighty pretty boots!

  13. shep1975 says:

    Realisticly, at this point, polls mean next to nothing. Neither Ralph nor Casey have the name ID for people to make a real choice. I also doubt that endorsements mean much these days, whether it’s the local Senator or Sean Hannity. However, local endorsements have a slight edge in influencing votes. People know their local Sheriff, their local Representaitve, their local mayor is looking out for their local concern. However, it is obvious that most of the Senators are going to support one of their own.

    Celebrity endorsements didn’t help Bob Barr against John Linder.

    My concern is they will bloody each other up so much in the primary, that both of them will be unelectable in November. Remember, it was Al Gore who first brought up Willy Horton in the Primary. G.H.W. Bush make it a key component to his election victory.

    Anyone who can logically assert from my post who I’m supporting gets a free Newt Gingrich yard sign!

  14. Bull Moose says:

    Oh dear, I’ve seen this Debbie woman posting at the AJC blog and she certainly is getting a little punch drunk on the Ralph Reed kool-aid. It’s gone to her head. She can’t think straight anymore.

    Ralph Reed has a record and it’s relavent to how he’ll perform in office.

    He was one of Enron’s last lobbyists. While retiree’s lost everything, Ralph Reed pocketed nearly $20,000 a month or more as a special interest lobbyist.

    Ralph Reed begged his friend Jack Abramoff, the convicted felon, for help “humping in business”, which would be fine, except the business ended up being unscrupulous in nature. I’m not sure how you count participating in a conspiracy to launder money, but in my book, that’s a pretty serious offense.

    And finally, Ralph Reed was quick to take the bait from another convicted felon, Tony Rudy, through convicted felon Jack Abramoff, and actually launch grassroots campaigns AGAINST good conservative Republicans like Congressman Robert Aderholt of Alabama. He wanted to prevent them from voting to prohibit online gaming.

    Gosh, that’s some record to run on… Debbie, I want you to tote that record all over Georgia. How about it — Ralph will work as hard for Georgia as he did for Enron? That’s quite the campaign slogan Georgians will remember and embrace.

  15. Bull Moose says:

    Another thing Debbie — Ralph’s numbers have consistently gone down in this race… Watch the trend…

    He’s an 8 to 10 point drag NOW on the Republican ballot — that number will only grow between now and later…

    He may have helped us get to the majority, but don’t let him be the reason we go back to the majority…

    I’m serving water for all the kool-aid drinkers…

  16. landman says:

    Tom Delay has announced he is not seeking re-election,after realizing what lies ahead of him in the General and what it could do to the Party.

    Ralph should do the same but he wont,because he has no options or no viable exit strategies.At this point RR has got to win or he becomes yet another footnote in Poly Sci 101.So he stays and goes negative early and often,thats to be expected.

    The sad thing is these people who are “enablers” and very hypocritical in their actions.The ones who need to see an indictment or guilty verdict to be able make a call on ones qualities to lead,You people need to take the blinders off and do whats right for this party and more importantly this Great State,If RR was a Dem and had done what he has done this very same group would be calling for a public lynching.RR will not be the next Lt.Gov and has the potential to wreck our party top to bottom,its time some people wake up and realize we are judged for who we are not who we were,this is not hard guys!!!!

  17. debbie0040 says:

    People want a true leader not someone that caves in to the Democrats under pressure like Cagle does. If what all you guys say is true then Cagle should be out front and he is not. The latest poll I saw show 59 % undecided and that has not changed much from earlier polls. It shows Ralph with around a 15 – 23 % lead. You guys can attack me all you want to , but I will continue to post and will not stop.

    I would much rather have Reed’s record than Cagle’s. You in the Cagle camp can stop your scare tactics. It didn’t work in the 2004 Presidential election and it won’t work now.
    I can think straight and I will match wits with you any day of the week Bullmoose. You are the one that can not think straight. You are so full of hate for Ralph that you don’t see the obvious, Ralph will win. Why do you think Bobby Kahn already has started attacking Ralph? Why do you think the State Senators in the Cagle Camp tried to circumvent the voters and handpick the nominee by asking Reed to step down as a candidate? That enraged many, many voters. It is one thing to endorse someone but another thing to ask them to step down. The State Senators from Cobb will have a pretty easy time, but those in close races will have a harder time.
    True Conservative, Cagle’s voting record is not that good.

    Senators miss votes but imminent domain was a well publicized vote and that issue is on the voter’s mind. I believe Cagle missed it because some of his backers wanted a competing bill.
    Most GOP primary voters don’t even know who their state senator is. They do know who Hannity and others are. You are right Shep1975, they do know who their County Commission Chairman and some of their local officials are. They also know who their pastor is and their fellow church members are.

    Guys, we will soon see who is correct about the Lt. Governor’s race. I would like to know if you Cagle supporters will support the nominee of the party when it is Ralph?

    When Christian Conservatives turn out to vote, the GOP wins. Ralph can turn out that vote. Cagle can not.

    Bull Moose, you admit Ralph help us get the majority but you don’t want him on the ticket. You would not support Reed if it were not for this Abramhoff scandal. You would have an excuse that he is too controversial. People with sentiments like that disgust me. You think certain people should remain in the background. That will backfire .

  18. Maurice Atkinson says:

    dittos landman. What is sad to me is that there are some wonderful followers of Ralph, that are my friends. They commited to him early and don’t want to acknowledge the fact that Ralph is not what he presented himself to be.

    In 2004 I commited to a Senatorial candidate, lived, breathed and slept politics. My brother asked me what I would do if the man did not actually live up to my expectations. Fortunately, I didn’t have to answer that question because he far exceeded them and has proven, after his loss, to be a pro-active genuine thinker. But I often wonder what I would have done.

    I would hate to be an apologist for an unapologetic person.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    Bull Moose, a poll released taken the weekend before the General Election of 2002 showed Barnes with a sizable lead over Perdue. Reed has not even started running campaign ads yet.

    GOP voters want a fighter. Reed has taken shots and is still standing. Most GOP voters will see that Reed has a tremendous amount of support from local leaders and from national leaders. They will assume that those leaders would not still be standing by Ralph if he had done anything wrong. If any of you have evidence that Reed did something illegal, let’s see it now. Either put up or shut up.

  20. thebreeze says:

    Deb, little touchy this morning, take a deep breath … the kool aid is very intoxicating….

  21. landman says:

    Debbie-RR’s support is the same stargazers thats been with him since the beginning.The party has grown so far past this group that it isnt even debattable(sp).

    Politics as in Business there need not be a litmus test based on the legality of ones actions, but rather the simple smell test normally suffices.If any of you Reed supporters actually believe Ralph didnt know where 4 million dollars of fees actually came from you are either unbelievably niave or absolute dumbass’s.If you believe Abramoff sought Ralph instead of Ralph seeking him for help in building his book of business the same applies.There is no hate here but the fact is Ralph is applying for the second ranking position of leadership in our state,its a matter of principle and character assessment and Ralph fails the smell test on both counts.

    Cagle has served for twelve years and there is a room full of legislation for you guys to pilfer through,looking for some smoking gun that Ralph can put his negative spin on,but its not there.Public service requires one to live in a Glass house and Cagle has, so search away,but Ralph gets to lay back and rely on statute of limitation expirations and self denial,but the truth normally comes out when ones cohort is looking at alot time in a place with a Federal address.

    We will soon see just what the Republican voter thinks of Ralphs character traits.

  22. larry smith says:

    Hey, Debbie, do you have an actual copy of that poll that shows Ralph with a “15 – 23 %” or did you just hear about it from the voices in your head?

    Betcha can’t produce it, because it doesn’t exist.

  23. larry smith says:

    Yeah, I got that poll. But, Debbie (brain surgeon that she is) wrote that Ralph had a double digit lead, which hasn’t been the case in a single poll yet.

    You’re supporting Ralph, Jason?

  24. Bull Moose says:

    Gosh, someone’s been hitting the Kool-Aid early this morning…

    I agree with Landman, DeLay did right by the party by stepping aside and Reed should do likewise. It is kind of audacious for him to even ask for Georgia’s votes given his ethical problems.

    The reason that so many State Senators called for Reed to drop out of the race is cause they know that Ralph is a significant drag on the GOP with all of his ethical problems.

    The Democrats are attacking Reed because it raises them money Debbie. BIG MONEY. National Money.

    And I’m very proud to support Casey Cagle. He has a record of accomplishments that will do Georgia well. He has integrity, he is honest, and he has the desire to serve for GEORGIA.

  25. debbie0040 says:

    The one I was referencing to was in 02-06. That poll still shows Reed with a 7 % lead with all the negative publicity and no campaign ads. Not a good sign for Cagle. Reed will win the Primary. And he will win it by the margin in the poll I mentioned.
    As far as the voice in my head crack, that is probably Brian Laurens posting under another name. He has issues and needs to grow up.

  26. debbie0040 says:

    I have been a Ralph supporter since last year at this time and not before. I want someone I can count on to stand strong and not waiver. And don’t try painting me as a extremist. I supported Ford over Reagan in 1976, Bush over Reagan in 1980 and I supported Bush 41 in 1988. I became a Reagan convert. When Reagan ran for the Presidency, it was said in both 1976 and 1980 that Reagan would end up hurting the Republican Party. It was even said of Bush 41 that he needed to distance himself from Reagan in order to win. All of this was not true and people saying Ralph will hurt the party is not true either.

  27. debbie0040 says:

    I want a leader that would not have gutted the child support law like I understand the legislature might have done. I want someone that will stand their ground and not compromise.
    I think most GOP voters are sick and tired of Republicans being elected and then they lose their intestinal fortitude. They want a strong leader. Ralph Reed can do more to help Georgia with his connections and experience. I have seen nothing coming from the Cagle Camp other than negative attacks. I have seen Reed produce policy papers.

    Who do you think W will more willing to come to Georgia and campaign for, Reed or Cagle?

  28. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie, the endorsement ain’t coming. Y’all said it was coming each time the President has visited this state. It never happened and never will.

  29. shep1975 says:

    Like I said, a free Newt sign to whoever can successfully guess who I am for and why they think that (some of you are disqualified from guessing and you know who you are).

    Bush will support Ralph, if he wins the nomination, but if President’s Day was any indication, he’s staying out of the battle.

    In the AJC article, a Reed “spokesman” hit the nail on the head by saying that polls this early mean nothing.

    Personally, I firmly believe it is extremely important for party chairmen to be 100% neutral in primaries (I don’t believe the same for down ticket party offices). I have a responsibility to hold my organization together, which includes Cagle and Reed supporters. If my Young Republican Club looked like we were solidly behind one candidate or another, I run the risk of alienating members and not being able to provide an united front after the primary.

    My officers, however, are supporting both sides which I encourage. If I attend a Casey event, I wear a Casey sticker. If I attend a Ralph event, I wear a Ralph sticker. I recruit volunteers for both and announce events for both. They have booth been invited to speak to my YR Club. Casey accepted (April 10), Ralph could not work it into his schedule, but personally apologized to me for not being able to make it.

  30. shep1975 says:

    Oh, and I know Debbie very well and would say that the only thing she is extreme about is her commitment to helping Republican candidates. We don’t always support the same people, but there have been times where I have been to the right of her.

  31. debbie0040 says:

    Thanks Jason. If I were Chairman I would not endorse either. When Cagle people come to Cobb GOP events, I go out of my way to see that they are treated fairly . I disagree with what Galloway said about Reed and Stephens campaigns in today’s blog/column. I am supporting Handel and am a Reed supporter.

    Maurice, I LOVED your letter to the editor in today’s AJC about the Child Support Bill. I have sent an email to several legislators to find out the details. If true, we need to encourage the Governor to veto the bill.

    See guys, when you set aside the Lt. Governor’s race we agree on most issues and in the end we will still be part of the GOP family and fight the Dems.

  32. larry smith says:


    I see where you’re coming from, but it is difficult for me to respect someone who plays both sides in a race. IMHO, that speaks more to a lack of courage and an obsequious temperment than a desire to build the party. Nothing personal, though, and best of luck.

  33. larry smith says:


    See, that’s what I’m talking about. No one with any marbles left rolling around in their head thinks the President will come anywhere near Ralph Reed.

    I mean, do you seriously believe what you’re writing?

  34. debbie0040 says:

    Never mind Maurice. I put my reading glasses on and saw it was a different person . Blonde moment… I did agree with the sentiments about the child support bill. How can you not allow current non custodial parents paying inequitable amounts of child support not to be allowed to go back to court ?

    If true the GOP caved in and that is why electing Reed is so important. He will stand his ground and fight, fight, fight. That is what attracts me to the Reed camp.

    The General Election will be very nasty and we need a fighter on our ticket for Lt. Governor.

    After the primary is over and Reed or Cagle wins, I hope what I said about all of us being part of the same team is true. Our job then will be to fight Democrats not each other. There are more issues that we agree on than issues we don’t agree on.

    I hope each of you will pledge to support the GOP nominee. I will pledge that if Cagle is the nominee, I will work my tail off for him.

  35. debbie0040 says:

    Larry, Jason is doing the right thing. He is YR Chairman and needs to show support for both. Jason will support the nominee and knows that the hard feelings out there now between both camps will vanish after a nominee is chosen.

    Larry, I will buy you a steak dinner if W does not campaign for Reed when Reed wins the primary.

  36. larry smith says:

    Ok, this will be a shocker to you, Debbie, so get ready …

    Presidents typically don’t campaign for guys who are the targets of federal criminal investigations.

    Stunning, I know, but true.

  37. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph will not be indicted and I have not seen proof that he is a target of a federal criminal investigation. I know the Feds are investigating anyone connected with Abramhoff and that would include numerous elected officials including W.

    I repeat my offer. I will buy you a steak dinner if W does not come to Georgia and campaigns for Ralph. If that happens, you will have to wear a “I Love Ralph Reed” lapel pin for one week.

    W even mentioned the Lt. Governor’s race and said both men were good candidates at the President’s Day Dinner. He is trying to officially stay neutral but if he wanted to steer clear of Ralph he did not have to mention the race at all. Do you seriously think W does not quitely support his 2004 Regional Campaign Chairman? How do you think Ralph is able to get all the nationally known Republicans to raise money for him? Come on, don’t be naive.

  38. Demonbeck says:

    Debbie – One correction for you and another for you to mull over…

    First – Two years after this coming election, W will no longer be in the White House. By the way things currently look, it is likely that John McCain could be the next occupant. What will Ralphie boy be able to do for GA then as our LG? You think he’s gonna volunteer to babysit McCain’s “Black baby”?

    Second – You’ll find that Casey Cagle voted in support of HB 1313 – Governor Perdue’s Eminent Domain bill. Your Reed talking points must be old.

  39. larry smith says:


    Did you know that Ralph has hired Bill Clinton’s former counsel who is now one of the top white collar criminal defense lawyers in the United States to represent him?

    Are you aware that Ralph has been subpoenaed by a federal criminal probe?

    Are you aware that Ralph is also a target of investigations by two Republican-led U.S. Senate committees?

    Did you know that Ralph’s own campaign is paying his legal bills with funds contributed by donors?

    Now, let me ask you, are these the actions of an innocent man?

  40. Jack S says:

    Debbie – you’re proving the old adage that one should remain silent and have people think you’re a moron rather than opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

    Larry just summed up why Ralph will take down the ticket if somehow he wins.

  41. shep1975 says:

    I said I appear neutral in the race. I never said I was neutral. It takes more fortitude and self discipline to hold back for the good of the organization, regardless of your personal leanings. The hardest thing for a political animal, like most of us are, is to sit on the sidelines and keep your mouth shut.

    I haven’t always. I supported Linder against Barr and Sonny against Bill Byrne (not a popular thing to do in Cobb County).

    You can say silence is cowardly, but you try having to walk down the middle of the road sometime. You soon realize that’s where you’re most likely to get hit by a passing car…whether it’s Reed’s pick up or Cagle’s race team.

  42. debbie0040 says:

    Larry, let’s see the proof that Ralph is the target of an investigation of a Senate Committee. Abramhoff was/is the target. When was Ralph subpoenaed ? Let’s see proof of youraccusations. You and Jack S provide proof of wrong doing by Reed. Put up or shut up. No rhetoric just proof.

    Jack you really should learn to put your brain in gear before you put your mouth in motion. You take the typical John Kerry/Casey Cagle campaign strategy. You just insult and attack. Knock your self out. I have a news flash for you, if you think for one minute I am easliy intimidated, then bubba you are dealing with the wrong woman!

    As far as taking down the ticket, what do you think would happen to the ticket if Reed supporters sat at home in November. What would happen if they got digusted by the way the backroom GOP elitists were treating Ralph? I repeat, the same thing was said about Reagan.

    When you are a conservative that refuses to compromise and you stand your ground, you will take a constant barrage of attacks. Some GOP elected officials are frightened of that and back down. Ralph has proven that he WILL NOT back down.

    Demonbeck: I don’t think McCain will be the nominee. I hope and think it will be George Allen.

    Cagle missed the Senate vote for a number of reasons and then there are these bills:

    BYLINE: CHRIS GOLDSTON, CANDACE KING DATE: March 21, 2005 PUBLICATION: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA) EDITION: Home; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution SECTION: Horizon PAGE: E3

    Cagle wrongheaded with Senate Bill 26

    As a staunch conservative, I read with interest your article about state Sen. Casey Cagle’s Senate Bill 26 [“A whiff of protection,

  43. Demonbeck says:

    “Cagle missed the Senate vote for a number of reasons ”

    I thought he missed the vote because he supports developers over private property owners – isn’t that what your talking points tell you to say?

    But wait – he voted in support of HB 1313 – a bill pushed by Governor Perdue – that ensures the rights of private property owners over developers. So now he missed the vote for a variety of reasons?

    Is this attack by the Reed folks an actual support of SB 86 over Governor Perdue’s HB 1313? Is Reed’s campaign actually saying that the Governor is wrong in his stance on Eminent domain? Does Reed support HB 1313 or SB 86?

  44. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, I was making a point that Cagle gave a variety of reaons in missing the vote, he could not get his story straight. I believe it was because there was a bill that developers favored more.

  45. Demonbeck says:

    So are you saying that the Governor supports developers over the rights of the private citizen too? Casey Cagle voted with the Governor, so I know who he stands with. Ralph Reed is supporting a bill that the Governor opposed – what should I gain from that?

  46. thebreeze says:

    Debbie, you sound like one of RR’s lawyers…. oh but he’s got them on another project does’nt he…..

  47. landman says:

    Whats a Landman to do? first I have REED attacking my profession now Bobby,man I just dont know what to do…… thats right ,consider the source!!!! Then mobilize those in my industry and crush both of them and we will,first Reed and then the Dems.

    BTW the last time I checked it wasnt a crime to be a Realtor,Builder,or Developer,and they are a pretty reliable voting block ask Johnny Isakson if this is the case.Im pretty sure it is so keep on slamming us,oh and I almost forgot some us have the ability to put our money where our mouths are as well.

  48. Hortence says:

    Good night, what a horse race in the blog world we have here…

    I almost can’t believe that Debbie is a real person. How can one person be so blind to the facts?

    I mean, if she thinks that Ralph Reed is going to stand and fight, she must not know his business record. That man will change his tune for the highest bidder any day of the week. Free Trade for China anyone? Yeah Debbie, that’s the kind of Republican that we need… Someone who will sell out at the drop of a dime…

    And as for connections, three of Ralph’s connections are heading to jail… Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, and now Tony Rudy – they are all convicted felons with ties to Ralph Reed. Heck, Jack Abramoff even said that Ralph Reed was a “worse” version of him and Scanlon. How’s that for a vote of confidence? They have all been convicted in regards to things Ralph Reed was involved with. Those are some connections. DeLay resigned because he sees the writing on the wall, and we have Reed out here loading up the state GOP ready to take it straight to minority party status…

    Well, lots of us didn’t work so hard to just let it go to the drain overnight. Those of you who think that Ralph is the only reason that we’re in the majority need to rethink your own contributions. We’re in the majority because so many of us put blood sweat and tears into this party. Don’t let one person steal all the credit for our hard work.

    And Debbie, wake up to reality sister — Ralph is as inside of an insider as you can get in the GOP. It’s the PEOPLE that are revolting, not the establishment. You are the establishment.

    Oh and GOOD POINT Demonbeck — Cagle stands in line with the Governor on eminent domain and voted for the Governor’s bill. I guess Ralph must be with Bobby Kahn on this issue?

  49. debbie0040 says:

    Hortense, What crime has Ralph been charged with? I have repeatedly ask for proof of yours and others allegations and none have been provided. Larry Smith made allegations that are completely untrue and out right lies. I am wide awake, sister/brother whatever you are.

    For Ralph’s stance on imminent domain:


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