On Cynthia

On Friday night I had a miserable flight home. Two Delta cancellations and bump found me on a 9pm from Reagan to Atlanta. The benefit of having the flight plan from hell was that Cynthia McKinney and her entourage sat right behind me.

Let me say this — I’ve seen a lot of pictures of her and her new hairstyle in the past few days. I know what Cynthia looks like. But the pictures make her look very overweight. I had to look twice when I saw her heading toward the jetway. She really does not look that way in person. She was casually dressed in loose fitting clothes, but she did not look as large as the AP’s pictures.

It was humorous to hear her assistant calling ahead when we landed to have baggage claim scoped out for reporters. They were chuckling to themselves for a good ways on the flight about all the reporters crawling around the Capitol trying to do guerilla interviews with staff and encounter the congresswoman.

Other than that, I have no inside scoop. They did not dwell on the incident, just on the behavior of some reporters it seemed.


  1. GAWire says:

    No, not fat. Just a moron, along with EVERY single person that voted/votes for her!

    I’m surprised she hasn’t blamed the White House for controlling AP and making her look fat. They also photoshopped that wig on her head.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Erick! Ya missed a great opportunity to get her autograph! AND, too bad you didn’t have a little calling card with PeachPundit.com on it to invite her to visit.

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