Money Time

With the session over, it is now time for incumbent candidates to raise money and challengers to prove how good they are at raising money during the session.

For those of you who want to send us your numbers for the January to March period, hit the tip line and we’ll get them up.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    According to a release from the Cathy Cox campaign on Friday, she raised $25,000 in the span of 8 hours. I suspect there is much more pent-up desire to give her money and that she will be able to continue to tap that well.

  2. Three Jack says:

    Maybe Cathy Cox needs to work harder, see press release from Casey Cagle:


    Atlanta, GA – The Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor campaign announced today that it raised over $100,000 on Friday, March 31st despite having only a single day to raise funds. The $100,000 Cagle raised came solely in response to phone calls and emails during the day on Friday.

    Friday was the last day of the upcoming reporting period, and the only day in that period where Cagle was allowed to raise money following the conclusion of the legislative session. By contrast, Cagle’s opponent – Ralph Reed — is a lobbyist who is not elected to any office and has therefore been allowed to raise funds without any legal restrictions for the entire year.

    “With just eight hours to raise funds, the response from our supporters during the last day of the reporting period on Friday was truly overwhelming. The level of excitement about our campaign builds across Georgia every day, and these outstanding results are yet another indication of how momentum continues to move our way,” said Cagle.

    “We know that we cannot match three months of fundraising by our opponent in a single day, and we do not intend to. However, there is no doubt we will have the resources we need to compete. Our job now is to continue building on the financial successes of last week with a sustained effort that secures a strong victory on July 18th,” Cagle continued.

    In the most recently concluded fundraising reporting period (which ended on December 31 of last year), Cagle outraised Reed by a wide margin. Additionally, 99% of Cagle’s donors resided in Georgia, while roughly half of Reed’s contributions came from out of state.

    Cagle also leads the race in endorsements from Republican elected officials and is the only candidate current polling shows would beat the Democrat nominee in November.


    Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor
    “The Conservative Leader Georgians Trust.”
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