Sen. Vincent Fort killed a lot of good bills.

From Rep. David Casas (R-Lilburn):

However, in the final minutes Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) took the well of the Senate and filibustered a measure that would have revised certain provisions relating to the removal of new municipal corporations from county special districts for the provision of local government services. The filibuster went until midnight and prohibited the Senate from taking up any other measures.

The result was the death of many good bills. A bill to offer tax incentives to Delta died as did SB 288 which would have included honors courses in calculations for HOPE scholarships and would have protected teachers from being required, coerced, intimidated, or disciplined in any manner to change the grade of a student.

SB 596 which would have created the Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Bank for postnatal tissue and fluid faced an agonizing death as did SB 881, the dispensing opticians bill, and HB 1390, the bill that would have provided prescriptive authority to optometrists.

There are other bills that faced the ax of midnight sine die and those authors will have to wait until the next term of the General Assembly to reintroduce them.


  1. atlantaman says:

    The sad thing is his consituents could care less. It doesn’t matter that he held up a medical bill that would help save the lives of children, as long as the perception is out there that he’s sticking it to “the man” he’ll keep winning elections.

    The arrogance and selfishness is truly amazing. Although having Vincent Fort and Cynthia McKinney as power players in the GA Democrat Party will only ensure a bright future for Republicans in years to come. And if you don’t think Cynthia is a major power player, then let’s see if Taylor or Cox condem her actions with the police officer.

    Just remember for every rural, conservative Democrat legislator that jumps ship and retires or joins the Republicans their power in the Democrat party is dividing among the Vincent Fort’s and Alisha Thomases of the Party.

    Sonny Perdue, Max Burns, and Mac Collins just got the biggest gift ever. Punching police officers and then playing the race card goes over so well with those middle Georgia swing voters. Yes Georgians this is your Democrat Party. Vote for Barrow and Marshall and they’ll be working with Cynthia to set the course for a new America. Hello reparations! Forget about the minimum wage, let’s set a maximum wage!

    Let’s hope she’s still in the spotlight by November.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    When we were in a minority, we kept talking about how things would be different when we controlled things. Now we are the majority and things are still the same. Games played with the budget, House leadership holding Senate bills hostage, Senate leadership returning the favor with House bills, and the other petty things that we always said was wrong with the Dems’ leadership.

    Before Rep Casas goes on and on about Sen Fort killing off legislation, maybe he needs to have a discussion with his own leadership about what bills they killed off because of inner-party bickering.

  3. HJ Bailey says:

    Amen to you Rome. There are many Republican legislators who I question why they are there. Especially on the House side, half of the repulicans should be replaced to true conservative, level minded Republicans, instead of me who act like 2 yr olds.

    I guess you cant expect a lot of them when you look at their leader.

  4. one big D says:

    You want to get rid of Vincent Fort, then run someone against him. Do’t give the wuss response that a Republican can’t win in the City. If you want to hold him accountable and find if he constituents really do care about the medical bill, then challenge him. Make him explain his actions. Otherwise stop bitching and moaning.

    For the record, Vincent Fort is not power player in the Dems; that my dear is a figment of his imagination and something that he has all the Republicans believing.

  5. atlantaman says:

    I don’t want to get rid of Vincent Fort, he’s one of the best walking ads we have to vote Republican. If you don’t think Vincent is a power player you need to go back and look at your roster. The 1st string is getting a little weak. You’ve got most of the old guard retiring, switching parties, or running for higher office.

  6. spaceygracey says:

    ATL Man: I am a V. Fort constituent, I happen to give a ____ about what he did to stop the Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Bank bill, which I’ve commented about several time on this here blog.

    I also do a few things pretty darn well. The ones I can mention on this blog are: run my mouth, power lunch, blog, network and vote.

    So let’s not get too defeatist, ‘kay?

  7. spaceygracey says:

    And btw, anyone who says a Republican can’t win the city is showing their hicksville, country-a.

    They oughta come inside the perimeter and see what’s happening here. Old guard, old school is feeling the squeeze.

    It’s a very exciting, dynamic time to live, play, work and get politically involved with the new ATL.

    And I will personally give free tours to any Peach Pundit regular — pro-choice, raging moderate ones that is.

  8. atlantaman says:

    Hey I used to live in his district and don’t live far from it now. As far as my feelings on the umbilical bill go back and look at my first post. I think what he did was atrocious. Don’t want to be defeatest, but they’ll be other Senate districts in the City of Atlanta that go Republican before Vincent’s.

  9. spaceygracey says:

    Can you explain your disctrict reasoning a bit more, ATL? I need to know these things. You’re not saying that all ATL blacks just fall in to the party line when told to, are you?

    And let me clarify my position a bit, even though the umbilical cord bill was “The Man”-sponsored, I thought it was a good one. “The Man” isn’t always as oppressive as some folks make him out to be — just most of the time.

  10. I personally give more credit to the constituents of the 8th and 12th congressional districts. They are smart enough to know that it is more important to vote against the President they don’t like (who has all the power) than against someone who is marginally connected to Cynthia McKinney (who has none).

    If those bills were so important to Rep. Casas, maybe he should have tried passing them before the last hour on the 40th day. One of the things Republicans promised when they took over the legislature was more order when it came to the process.

    Well, if you have an important bill, 11:30 on day 40 is no time to pass it. Amendments will not be considered as they should be, none of the legislators are really paying attention…

    The Senate doesn’t really have a filibuster so to speak, the leadership pretty much has control, though to a bit less of an extent than in the House. If Johnson and Williams really wanted to get those bills passed, they could have. So Casas needs to stop whining at an out of power Democrat when his party has all the power and weilds it legislatively to an extent the Democrats never did.

  11. Bill Simon says:

    Every time I think of Vincent Fort, a little tune comes to my mind. It kinda goes like this:

    “I’m a little Teapot, Short and Stout
    Here is my handle, here is my Spout…”

    Maybe Spacey can fill-in the rest of the tune…?

  12. atlantaman says:

    Out of the 4 Atlanta Senators that come to my mind I’ll list in my opinion the order from best chance of going Republican to least (although I think Repub party resources would be best spent trying to take other Senate districts):

    1. Zamarippa
    2. Tate
    3. Fort
    4. Reed

    I’m not at all saying that ATL blacks fall in the Party line when told to do so. On the contrary, I’m trying to make the point that the Georgia Democrat party will continue to become increasingly controlled by the Atlanta / Dekalb liberal members. They will be the ones setting the agenda and the question is: are the few reamaining traditional conservative Democrats going to fall in the Party line when some extremely liberal ideas are put forth.

    I don’t think people realize that control of the Democrat party in Georgia is going through a seismic shift.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Apparently it wasn’t just Democrats that killed or watered down good legislation.

    What on earth were legislators thinking in not allowing those under inequitable child support arrangements not to be able to go back to court? If this is true, I do hope Sonny vetos it. For every man that is a deadbeat Dad, you have a woman that is a parasitic leach when it comes to child support.

    Child support bill gutted by gutless Republicans

    The gutting of the new child support bill, removing the right of current noncustodial parents to renegotiate their agreements, is just another in a long, long list of gutless actions by our Republican Legislature.

    If the new standards are more fair than the old ones, as they have said all along, then why shouldn’t those new standards be applied to existing agreements?

    We all know why. Because of the political pressure brought by mothers living off their children’s child support. This Republican Legislature has been a complete and total failure. It looks exactly like the Democratic one it replaced.

    And by the way, I am not a noncustodial parent, nor do I personally know anyone affected by this bill. I’m simply a Georgian who knows cowardice when I see it.


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