What Cynthia wanted to say.

I’m sorry for posting another story about the Honorable Ms. McKinney, but this is too good to pass up. WSBTV has obtained what Congresswoman McKinney wanted to put on her website in response to the allegation she struck a Capital Police Officer. Here is an excerpt:

Throughout my tenure in Congress, I seem to evoke memory loss, especially from certain police officers who claim not to be able to recognize my face while I go to work everyday, representing the people of Georgia’s 4th Congressional District.

Washington, DC and local newspapers, as well as authors of books, have carried my “working while black” stories of such encounters on Capitol Hill. In fact, the movie American Blackout candidly captures just such an encounter in one of its more humorous moments when after a two-year hiatus from Congress, a black police officer recognizes me and welcomes me back to Washington, and then just across the street, a few yards away, a white police officer approaches me to ask me what office I am with. In the film I remark, “Some things never change. That’s what Tupac said.”

and this:

It is, however, a shame that while I conduct the country’s business, I have to stop and call the police to tell them that I’ve changed my hairstyle so that I’m not harassed at work.

— To change our lives, we must first change our minds. -from Open Your Mind, Open Your Life: A Little Book of Eastern Wisdom by Taro Gold

Read the entire statement here.


  1. GAWire says:

    Now I know she is on the RNC payroll. This is just TOO good!

    American Blackout was great! The only thing more effective for the GOP were the Swift Boat Vets, but not by much.

    Dems must be so proud.

  2. Fuzzyslippers says:

    No one seems to have addressed the fact that she has ….ummm…. put on a little weight recently as well.

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