If the Ralph Reed campaign were a movie, that would be the name. 

Yes, I’m starting (late albeit) the daily Reed vs. Cagle post…

The session’s over and while Ralph has been releasing negative press releases faster than he can email Jack Abramoff, Casey Cagle’s posted a record of results for Georgia… 

I sure am glad that there is an alternative in this race — someone that we can trust to serve with honor and dignity. 


  1. JulieSMI says:

    what’s really embarrassing is not ralph being a whore for money. it’s all the decent people who show up for our Party meetings who fall for his lies and BS. Ralph is a deceitful manipulative liar. But this whole thing really makes a lot of other people look like fools and it will hurt our party becuase of that.

  2. Beth says:

    Like I’ve said before. Ralph hasn’t lost his base. His challenge is that his base isn’t enough to win the primary. Which is good for Casey.

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