Stephens receives 100 endorsements.

I just received this from the Stephens campaign. Talk amongst yourselves.

100 Legislators Endorse Bill Stephens
Unprecedented percentage of General Assembly publicly support Stephens for Secretary of State

(ATLANTA) – State Senator and Republican Secretary of State candidate Bill Stephens announced today the endorsement of 100 state legislators. This remarkable number of elected officials represents the largest coalition of state legislator endorsements for any candidate in a primary race this election cycle.

These 100 state legislators join a rapidly growing and geographically diverse group of endorsers from around the state, including Republican Congressmen Nathan Deal and Charlie Norwood.

“The toughest audience in politics can sometimes be your colleagues in the General Assembly,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson. “You can’t fool these folks. Bill is a leader among leaders and his performance as a senator has convinced us all that he is the one proven conservative we support for Secretary of State. I am proud to stand by him anywhere, anytime.”

“I have worked with Bill Stephens as my Senate leadership counterpart, as an annual conferee in putting together our state budget, and on a hundred other issues,” House Majority Leader Jerry Keen said today. “He is a stalwart supporter of the conservative cause and I‘m not the least bit surprised that those who have worked with him overwhelmingly support him.”

Keen continued his praise for Stephens: “It will be a good thing for Georgia when Bill Stephens becomes the next Secretary of State this fall. I’m with him and know all of our colleagues will be fighting hard on his behalf, as well.”

“These strong Republican endorsements should send clear and resounding message to Georgia voters,” noted Stephens’ Campaign Manager Katie Grove. “Bill Stephens has the support of so many Republican members of the General Assembly because he is the only candidate in this race with a proven record of capable, conservative legislative experience. End of story.”

Please see the map of Georgia below illustrative of Sen. Stephens’ overwhelming support across the state. House and and/or Senate districts in which legislators have endorsed Sen. Stephens are highlighted in red, while traditionally-Democrat districts in which he has not yet garnered legislative endorsements are colored green. Sen. Stephens’ opponent’s support is highlighted in blue.

Following are the members of the General Assembly who have endorsed Bill Stephens so far:

Sen. Don Balfour (Gwinnett)
Sen. Bill Hamrick (Carroll, Douglas, Paulding)
Sen. Ross Tolleson (Bleckley, Dodge, Houston, Johnson, Laurens, Pulaski, Telfair, Wilcox)
Sen. Jim Whitehead (Columbia, Elbert, Glascock, Lincoln, McDuffie, Warren, Wilkes)
Sen. Johnny Grant (Baldwin, Butts, Greene, Hancock, Jasper, Jones, Morgan, Putnam, Taliaferro, Warren)
Sen. Tommie Williams (Appling, Jeff Davis, Liberty, Long, Montgomery, Tattnall, Toombs, Wayne, Wheeler)
Sen. Eric Johnson (Bryan, Chatham, Liberty)
Sen. John Bulloch (Colquitt, Decatur, Early, Grady, Miller, Mitchell, Seminole, Thomas)
Sen. Chip Rogers (Cherokee, Cobb)
Sen. Cecil Staton (Bibb, Crawford, Houston, Jones, Monroe)
Sen. John Douglas (Henry, Newton, Rockdale, Spalding, Walton)
Sen. Greg Goggans (Atkinson, Bacon, Berrien, Clinch, Coffee, Cook, Echols, Lanier, Pierce, Ware)
Sen. Preston Smith (Bartow, Floyd, Gordon)
Sen. Renee Unterman (Gwinnett)
Sen. Jack Hill (Bulloch, Candler, Effingham, Emanuel, Evans, Tattnall, Treutlen)
Sen. Judson Hill (Cobb, Fulton)
Sen. Seth Harp (Harris, Meriwether, Muscogee, Troup)
Sen. Joseph Carter (Ben Hill, Crisp, Irwin, Lee, Tift, Turner, Wilcox, Worth)
Sen. Mitch Seabaugh (Carroll, Coweta, Heard, Troup)
Sen. Chip Pearson (Dawson, Fannin, Forsyth, Gilmer, Lumpkin, Pickens, Union, White)
Sen. Jeff Mullis (Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade, Walker)
Sen. Ronnie Chance (Fayette, Lamar, Monroe, Pike, Spalding)
Sen. Nancy Schaefer (Banks, Franklin, Habersham, Hart, Rabun, Stephens, Towns, White)
Sen. Don Thomas (Catoosa, Gordon, Murray, Whitfield)
Sen. Dan Weber (Dekalb, Gwinnett)
Sen. John Wiles (Cobb)
Sen. Brian Kemp (Clarke, Madison, Oconee, Oglethorpe)
Sen. Ralph Hudgens (Barrow, Elbert, Jackson, Madison, Walton)
Sen. Jeff Chapman (Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Glynn. McIntosh)
Sen. Bill Heath (Bartow, Haralson, Paulding, Polk)
Rep. Ron Forster (Catoosa, Whitfield)
Rep. David Ralston (Dawson, Fannin, Gilmer)
Rep. Amos Amerson (Dawson, Forsyth, Lumpkin)
Rep. Ben Bridges (Habersham, White)
Rep. Barry Loudermilk (Bartow, Floyd)
Rep. Jeff Lewis (Bartow)
Rep. Charlice Byrd (Cherokee)
Rep. Calvin Hill (Cherokee)
Rep. Chuck Scheid (Cherokee)
Rep. Jack Murphy (Cherokee, Forsyth)
Rep. Tom Knox (Forsyth)
Rep. Stacey Reese (Hall, Lumpkin, White)
Rep. James Mills (Hall)
Rep. Jay Shaw (Berrien, Clinch, Lanier, Lowndes)
Rep. Ed Setzler (Cobb)
Rep. Earl Erhart (Cobb)
Rep. Jerry Keen (Glynn)
Rep. Mike Coan (Gwinnett)
Rep. John Lunsford (Butts, Henry, Newton)
Rep. Doug Holt (Morgan, Newton)
Rep. Bob Smith (Clarke, Morgan, Oconee, Oglethorpe)
Rep. Barry Fleming (Columbia, Lincoln, Wilkes)
Rep. Ben Harbin (Columbia)
Rep. David Knight (Butts, Lamar, Spalding)
Rep. Vance Smith (Harris, Muscogee, Troup)
Rep. Allen Freeman (Bibb, Jones, Twiggs, Wilkinson)
Rep. Larry O’Neal (Houston)
Rep. Buddy Carter (Chatham, Effingham)
Rep. Ron Stephens (Bryan, Chatham, Liberty)
Rep. John Meadows (Gordon, Murray)
Rep. Tim Bearden (Carroll, Douglas)
Rep. Don Parsons (Cobb)
Rep. Hinson Mosley (Brantley, Pierce, Wayne)
Rep. Jim Cole (Jasper, Jones, Lamar, Monroe)
Rep. Steve Davis (Henry)
Rep. Richard Smith (Muscogee)
Rep. Tommy Benton (Barrow, Hall, Jackson)
Rep. Brooks Coleman (Gwinnett)
Rep. Sue Burmeister (Columbia, Richmond)
Rep. Steve “Thunder” Tumlin (Cobb)
Rep. David Graves (Bibb)
Rep. Bill Hembree (Douglas)
Rep. Howard Maxwell (Haralson, Paulding)
Rep. Matt Dollar (Cobb)
Rep. Clay Cox (Gwinnett)
Rep. David Casas (Gwinnett)
Rep. Terry England (Barrow)
Rep. Bobby Reese (Gwinnett)
Rep. Tom Rice (Fulton, Gwinnett)
Rep. Willie Talton (Houston)
Rep. Mike Keown (Grady, Thomas)
Rep. Jeff May (Walton)
Rep. Terry Barnard (Evans, Liberty, Tattnall)
Rep. Tom McCall (Elbert, Jackson, Madison)
Rep. Roger Williams (Whitfield)
Rep. Martin Scott (Dade, Walker)
Rep. Carl Rogers (Hall)
Rep. Mark Hatfield (Charlton, Ware)
Rep. Jeff Brown (Carroll, Heard, Troup)
Rep. Cecily Hill (Camden, Glynn)
Rep. Len Walker (Gwinnett, Walton)
Rep. John Heard (Gwinnett)
Rep. Tom Dickson (Catoosa, Murray, Whitfield)
Rep. Roger Lane (Glynn, Long, McIntosh, Wayne)
Rep. Mark Butler (Carroll, Haralson)
Rep. Gene Maddox (Grady)
Rep. Penny Houston (Berrien, Colquitt, Cook)
Rep. Paul Jennings (Dekalb)
Rep. Mack Crawford (Lamar, Pike, Upson)

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  1. JRM2016 says:

    The only state legislator in a race for statewide office is endorsed by lots of other state legislators. I really don’t understand why people think that endorsements matter. I like my Republican state legislators, but don’t look to them or anyone else for that matter to determine who I am going to vote for in this election cycle or any other. Fundraising matters, your grassroots campaign matters and your advertising matters but endorsements from other politicians, I don’t think so. That said, good luck to all our great candidates in the July 18 Primary.

  2. jacewalden says:

    I for one am a big supporter of Bill. I realize he has a lot of critics…but I just can’t go against another mountain man. His mom is the mayor of my hometown for crying out loud. He used to represent my district (back in the day). If that doesn’t qualify you to be the SOS, I don’t know what does.

  3. Beth says:

    YAWN – not much new on this list. From what I hear about Stephens, he held these peoples feet to the fire to get something through the budget committee.

  4. Ben Raspail says:

    Beth, come on now. You’re actually trying to say that Bill Stephens, as a budget conferee, extorted ONE HUNDRED different legislators to make sure “something” they wanted got through the “budget committee?” Now that’s just silly. And ignorant. Didn’t I give you a civics lesson before on how a bill beomes a law? Is it time for a lesson on the budget process?

  5. Beth says:

    Ben, wake up and smell the roses. I’m sure there’s never a deal cut or back room conversations on any budget items.

  6. Beth says:

    One other thing. I just checked out Handel’s website. Looks like she’s been to at least 17 events all over the state in the last 30 days.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Now, Beth, don’t go beating-up poor wittle Bill Stephens. He’s trying his darndest to make sure he has enough money to pay for all the cars he’s leasing for his campaign. If he were to drive all over the state going places, he would use-up too much of his campaign funds.

  8. Bill Simon says:

    Yes, Ben, oh PLEASE, give me your “civics” lesson on how a bill becomes law.

    BUT, don’t leave out any details of the lobbyists wining, dining, and stuffing cash and other treats in the pockets of legislators as the “bill” winds its way through the deliberation process, and becomes the bartering unit by which deals out the yin-yang are made.

    As I recall, there were “300 pork projects” inserted in the final version. Seeing as how there were 100 endorsers of Bill Stephens (or, so HE claims), that means there was more than enough pork handed-out by Bill and his fellow budgeteers to all the good little boys and girls in the legislature.

    But, please, do proceed, Ben…enlighten us wide-eyed innocent just-fell-off-the-turnip-truck beings.

  9. Beth says:

    Bill — your right I shouldn’t be picking on Stephens. As you have pointed out — he is most fined elected offical for ethics violations in the history of the great state of Georgia. I should let his leadership record speak for itself.

    But then again we have the wonderful insights of Law, Jackets and Ben to counter.

  10. True Conservative says:

    Yall missed the best part of this Press Release–A map colored in Red and Blue. It showed how narrow Karens support really is… one county.

  11. Beth says:

    I agree with what Bob Barr had to say today on GA Gang. These endorsements don’t mean anything. The “map” was is based on the meaningless endorsements – once again YAWN.

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