From the Tip Line

On Tuesday night, I attended Shyam Reddy’s SOS campaign launch party at Compound, which was very well attended by the business community, many supporters, and a good bit of elected officials. I would say there were over 200 people coming in and out on a Tuesday night.
I consider myself a moderate supporting people from both parties and this guy is one of the smartest politicians I’ve ever met. He always impresses me with his detailed platform and appreciation of those who have supported him from the beginning, his wife, his family, his law firm, members of the Democratic community and most of all, GA voters across the state from both parties. I even met people from South GA that drove up. Shyamâ s skills and professional background are the most impressive I’ve seen in this race from both parties as well as his energy and passion. This young guy is working his tail off and with that, gaining numerous support across the board.

This is a crowded field, but by Saturday morning, after the disclosures are filed it will be obvious who will have the “momentum


  1. spaceygracey says:

    I live right around the corner from Compound and I’m just now finding out there was a party with booze and everything for a “smart” Dem and I wasn’t there?

    So much for the information age.

    I’m so mad I’m going to go… ride around Dekalb County in a car with the F word on it!


  2. HJ Bailey says:

    I think he is a strong candidate. Bill Stephens will be the next secretary of state though.

  3. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    This is suspiciously like the post made over at BfD, much of the exact same wording used by “Juliana”

    Shyam is a great candidate, public speaker and has an impressive background, it will go to a runoff with Daryl Hicks.

    Note: who every “tipped” this, please tell them, they did not have 200 people.

  4. Chief says:

    Secretary of State candidate Walter Ray said he would attack the mounting cost of travel by delivering more state services to taxpayers where they live.

    He proposes to send representatives of the secretary of state’s office to areas where a survey of past cases indicates there is a need.

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