Ag Race Forum at UGA

Thanks to a hit at the tip line, we found this article at the Red and Black about the GOP Agriculture commissioner forum held at UGA.

The most interesting thing I got out of it? I didn’t realize it was a four way race. I thought Greer and Strickland were running for something else.


  1. Pinetop says:

    It was a good imformative debate. Gary and Sen. Kemp did well. I do think Gary had most of the support in the room. A friend and I drove up from down south and were suprised to see how many students were sporting Gary Black Stickers. Gary’s campaign did a good job of getting their supporters there.

  2. ConservativeFire says:

    I have heard from several people that Kemp won the night last night. I do think we can all agree that Greer and Strickland are in over their heads.

  3. shep1975 says:

    I have had Black and Kemp at the Buckhead YRs and will have Greer before the primary. I think we can probably assume though that the runoff will be between Black and Kemp.

    Stickland lost me several years ago when she got up in front of the GOP State party convention and started playing with stuffed animals.

  4. HJ Bailey says:

    Yeah Shep I remember that about Strickland.

    I don’t think Greer has a shot.

    Kemp will win the primary, and I don’t think there will be a run off. It is just my estimation.

  5. Beth says:

    OK – Let me take that back — the mind was thinking one thing the fingers did something else 🙂

    Black and Kemp. Black has been all over the state.

  6. Cotton Boll says:

    Black did great, but that is what I suspected. He knows the issues. Kemp did alright. He seems to be a good guy, but he only spits out what others have told him.

    This is Gary Black’s time to shine and he is making the most of it. I am glad to see he will be meeting voters with Congressman Westmoreland this weekend. That says a lot about the trust Westmoreland has in Black.

  7. landman says:

    Kemp wil roll in the primary and go on to beat Irvin by double digits.


  8. aggie says:

    wake up world, black is IRVIN’s bubba boy—and a democrat , Kemp is looking for a job because he is losing the senate seat. tHE slime just rolled off of gary black in the press club debates. Kemp is slick like all politicians the good thing about Greer is he is a businessman–not a politician. This state does not need a hand out politician for Ag. Comm. We already have that.
    The people of GA love that Bob Greer is real.


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