Cynthia Punches Capitol Police Officer


Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) punched a U.S. Capitol Police officer today after he mistakenly pursued her for failing to pass through a metal detector.

Members are not required to pass through metal detectors and the officer, manning a position at Longworth House Office Building, apparently did not recognize McKinney and didn’t see her Member pin.

The officer called out “Ma’am, Ma’am,


  1. emily says:

    Yet another prominent Taylor endorser making him proud. Between Andy Young holding hands with Wal-Mart, Senator Miles loving on Jane Fonda and now Cynthia “the Champ” McKinney going after “the Man,” what next? You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

  2. Cynthia says:

    or his campaign staffer setting fire to the building.

    i see a “felons for taylor” bumper sticker in the making…

  3. GAWire says:

    This story is great for so many reasons, none of which I care to go into detail, b/c I am just laughing too hard!

    You can’t pay for humor like that!

  4. GAWire says:

    Maybe she and Tupac can do a song about the treatment from Capitol Police officers!

    Then, Shirley can make it an official theme song!

  5. Mike says:

    Tough luck for her district and it makes Ga. look bad, but it’s kinda fun having her up there. Not to mention the fact that all the news stories about her antics have a (D) beside her name.

  6. atlantaman says:

    When Cynthia starts to catch a little heat on this one, I’m sure it will get turned into a racial thing. She doesn’t have the class to apologize to the police officer just trying to keep the Capitol safe.

  7. spaceygracey says:

    At least he didn’t try to stop her on her way to secure one of those “Look At That Hairdo! Is She Five Years Old Or What?” aisle/TV camera seats before a State of The Union. Dude’d be dead by now.

  8. HJ Bailey says:

    They should arrested that crazy woman. It would have been funnier if the officer would have punched her back. Haha.

  9. larry smith says:

    Want a chuckle? Picture this …

    …. Cythia McKinney and Ralph Reed in a no-holds barred toughman contest.

    I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m taking Cynthia hands down.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    If you check today’s AJC, front page, below the fold, you will see that Cynthia changed her hairstyle and looks more like Oprah than Cynthia.

    Perhaps the Capitol Police need to issue an alert to all area hairstylists that “Before and After” pictures are required for all Capitol reps and senators and these photos need to be forwarded to the police after every new style change.

  11. spaceygracey says:

    Bill hon, I rarely, if ever, sully my delicate white Southern belle hands with a print product these days. Clicking works so much better, especially when one is wearing an iPod and gloves. And there are so many places to stash one’s electronics in a hoop skirt.

    Can you just send a link to something? Please, of course!
    [email protected]

    And Lordy Lordy… look what BellSouth has gone and done now:

    See what associating with Yankees and riff-raff will do to a once fine company? I’m calling my broker as we speak to sell it all…

    “Ashley, Oh Ashley? Are you hiding from me again? Ashley? You come here you fine piece of honor you!”

  12. atlantaman says:

    With all the Muslim support Cynthia has received over the years, I think she should be required to always walk through the metal detectors.

  13. atlantaman says:

    She mentioned she was late for a committee meeting, which is amusing since Cynthia is perhaps the most irrelevant member of the entire House or Senate.

    I’d love to know what committee she was late for – the Capitol Beautification Committee or the Domestic Pet Healthcare Committee?

  14. atlantaman says:

    Not only do they STILL plan on voting for her, they eat this stuff up. Anytime Cynthia can start talking about how the white man is out to get her it’s like throwing red meat to the lions.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if she staged the whole thing just to eliminate any serious competition back home. Nothing like getting the voters riled up with a good white man conspiracy. The only thing that would play better back in her district is if she kicked the President in the groin the next time she sees him.

    Sometimes I find myself being envious, it would be so easy to win as a Democrat in a Democrat district.

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