Lobbyists shower legislator with party…Aren’t republicans in enough trouble with lobbyist types now?

First the Reed-Abramoff Scandal.

Now State Representatives.

Is the Republican Majority in danger?  Are the lobbyists really Trojan Horses waiting to happen?  What will be the reprecussions in the 2006 mid year elections?  Could we lose seats? The House?  The State House?


  1. atlantaman says:

    Since all of the folks who threw the party for him were his “friends”, it makes you wonder if a lobbyist had a wedding shower how many legislators would come bearing gifts.

    Another point that hasn’t been made is what about the “manliness” of having a Groom Shower before the wedding? Did everyone sit around in a circle and giggle as Stacey opened his wedding presents. I know many would consider me a neanderthal for thinking this way, but it gives me the heebee jeebies. I guess I need to watch some more Dr. Phil and Oxygen Network to catch up with modern times.

  2. Nate says:

    If Republicans want to know how to lose their majority power, keep electing careerist, elitist imbeciles like this guy. Constituents don’t send their Reps down to Atlanta to make friends with lobbyists. Hall County better wake up before they are sold a bag of goods.

  3. HowardDawg says:

    Clearly bad judgment. that editorial in the AJC yesterday was just foolish. Cmon, Republicans, we can do better than this. Where’s the leadership?

  4. Tommy_a2b says:

    Being that Stacey Reece is trying to replace Casey Cagle in the Senate.

    I think this is especially bad.

    The big picture is Hall County has too much at stake right now to have its own Lobbyists scandal.

    Casey Cagle is a fine and honest man, fighting this very issue in his race for Lt. Governor.

    Casey is out everyday saying, bribery is wrong in the Legislative process.

    Hall County can’t afford to allow Casey’s image to be tarnished by another local elected official.

    We cannot have the person who is replacing him in the Senate going into the job with this type of baggage.

    I think Stacey should do the honorable thing and step out of the Senate race.

    Do what’s best for Hall Co, the citizens of GA, and the Republican Party step aside.

  5. Skeptical says:

    “I accept Rep. Reece at his word” said House Majority Leader Jerry Keen.

    Mistake No. 1 right there. Really, I knew if we gave you guys a rope long enough, you’d hang yourselves. I just had no idea you’d do it so quickly.

    Most of you on this board seem to be pretty honest, decent true conservatives. What the hell happened to your elected officials? Two years in charge and they’re worse than kids in the proverbial candy store. Drunk with power? Or just as corrupt as the national party or most politicians in general, regardless of party affiliation and not as good as some at not getting caught? This is a serious question, not an attempt to paint all Republicans as lying liars and crooks out to line their own pockets (but if the shoe fits for some…).

    Hasn’t the current incarnation of the GOP taken a radical turn from what its core values were?

  6. Bill Simon says:


    When acts like this started becoming known, I was inclined to defend my GOP leaders as just following the Dems for so many years.

    Now, it’s gone beyond the ridiculous and I cannot, and will not, defend any of their actions.

  7. Skeptical says:


    As I stated, I feel that you are one of the decent, honest true conservatives. What happened to the GOP? I can be highly partisan when need be, but I also am curious as to what happened regarding the conservative core values of the GOP – smaller government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility. Please don’t think that I’m implying that the Democrats have now become that party. Far from it. The lack of leadership, both on a national and state level, for the Democrats is at best embarrassing and at worst a disaster for this party. Be that as it may, the steady erosion of any sort of personal responsibility from the Republican party, here in GA and on a national level, is alarming. In your opinion, what is going on? I’m only interested in an open dialog, nothing more so please don’t flame me everyone.

  8. Bill Simon says:


    The only answer I have to explain their behavior and abandonment of conservative-based principles is unchecked arrogance.

    Unchecked arrogance along with STEALTH agendas in the form of religion shoved down the throat of the citizens by ignorant neocons has spelled disaster for the entire Republican movement, both in this state and federally.

    It is unfortunate, however, that as the GOP has been exposed as being more susceptible to corruption (be it moral or intellectual corruption), the Dems’s response is to offer no clear alternative. They still promote their FAR left agenda as the one America should follow.

    Libertarians may think they will make some inroads this year as people become disgusted with both major parties, but, alas, they won’t. I’ve yet to meet one Libertarian candidate who can articulate a position well enough to get people to accept him/her as a viable candidate.

    So, I just grit my teeth and seek/hope to have a part in replacing as many bad apples in the GOP with good apples in the GOP in order to change the direction.

  9. Nate says:

    “So, I just grit my teeth and seek/hope to have a part in replacing as many bad apples in the GOP with good apples in the GOP in order to change the direction.”
    I agree!! The GOP base needs to take on the responsibility of identifyinig and taking out these bad apples early, before they sell their souls, make lots of lobbyist “friends” who help them over load their campaign bank accounts and rise in power and position. Hall County, Georgia and the GOP needs better than Stacey Reece. I would like to see someone in the GOP leadership be a real leader and call this for what it is and hold Reece accountable.

  10. Tommy_a2b says:


    I agree with Bill on this issue of unchecked arrogance. Some of our once good Republican taste power and loose focus. Where once it was about improving government and helping the citizens now has become staying elected and climbing the ladder. I think that is what has happened to Stacey. Everyone should read this letter to the Editor in the Gainesville Times (Stacey’s local paper.) I wish I would have writen it but I did not.


  11. jacewalden says:

    It’s like that old quote states, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” When the dems were in charge it was no different (locally or nationally). One party controlling all three branches of government is borderline insanity. It enables the far-right/far-left members of whatever party is in charge to have a nearly unchecked venue through which to promote their radical views simply because no one is going to challenge someone from his/her own party.
    What we need is moderation and centrism–unfortunatley, neither party will nominate its moderates for office (Take the Bush Kerry Election…I know that is national politics, but still a good example). And until our representatives wake up and realize that not every republican is a Pat Robertson Conservative and not every democrat is a Ted Kennedy Liberal, then we’re in for a lot more years of corruption and divisive policy.

  12. skipper says:

    I think one of the most telling parts of this story is the fact that invitations were sent to every single legislator and yet none of them showed up. Is there any word on any opposition to Reece for the Senate seat? Anyone announced or looking at running?

  13. Bill Simon says:

    I heard that Reece isn’t well liked in the House and the way he got his “Hawk” designation was by contributing $40,000 to the GOP House Caucus.

  14. atlantaman says:

    I want to know since which lobbyist drew the short straw and had to buy the lingerie for Stacey. Did they have to buy him a man-thong?

  15. Tommy_a2b says:

    I heard Trip Martin had to buy and no man-thong was neccessary, regular thong held everything just fine. At least that is what I heard. Someone may want to check with Freddi Hagin who helped organize this function.

  16. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, no double standards — this was wrong and he should be reprimanded accordingly. We can have no tolerance for this kind of stuff in our state and government.

  17. Bill Simon says:

    So, Trip Martin should be kicked-out of the Capitol for paying for this party, I think. It’s kinda like the Hooker and the John. Both are guilty in the act of prostitution. Same thing should apply between the Lobbyist and the Elected Representative.

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