Tommy Irvin’s flip-flopping and tossing pies…

Ol’ Tommy Irvin’s just flip-flopping all over the place with fried pies and HB 1380…  Just after shutting down Ms. Willie Watts’ homemade fried pie business, ol’ Tommy has decided to support HB 1380 (he originally opposed the common sense legislation).    

I guess when you’ve been in office for almost 4 decades or so, you can get a little “out of touch


  1. BirdDog says:

    This is great. It shows how old and senial Tommy Irvin actually is. Anynody who has the guts to stand up to Irvin deserves to be the next Ag Commissioner!

  2. HJ Bailey says:

    It is about time to have common sense leader in GA standing up for what is right. This gives me another reason to support Brian Kemp.

  3. Groseclose says:


    How do you figure “he’s our best shot to win this office come November?” Such unsubstantiated hyperbole destroys much of the facial credibility that front-page contributors to PeachPundit might enjoy!

    First, whoever hopes to beat TI will have to win outside of Metro Atlanta. Gary Black, unlike Kemp, has team leaders in all of Georgia’s 159 counties. Black’s disclosures indicate statewide support in all corners of our state, whereas, Brian’s fundraising efforts are centered in the Athens area. Though it might not be true for the primary, the General will be won and lost in places like Waycross, Moultrie, Bainbridge, Swainsboro, Americus, Thomaston, and Rome. Brian Kemp’s campaign has shown no sign of life in these important areas of our state.

    Second, Gary had a substantial lead on cash-on-hand in January and one can only imagine that will only increase (admittedly as much from Gary’s hard work as from Brian’s inaction) come March disclosures.

    Bull, name one reason why Brian Kemp has an advantage over Gary Black in a match-up with Tommy Irvin (remember maliciously accusing someone of being a Democrat lobbyist will not effectively resonate with general voters). Of course, you will mention Kemp’s pie in the sky “plan

  4. Bill Simon says:

    In 2004, Mac Collins and Herman Cain both had “team leaders” in all 159 counties. Didn’t mean jack when it came to Johnny Isakson steamrolling both candidates with HIS team.

  5. landman says:

    Grose,without question Kemp is the guy that will finally take down Mr. Tommy.Brian is a proven candidate Gary has not won a single race.If you truly do not believe Kemp has support in the outlying areas of Ga. you are in for one hell of a shock on July 18.

    Remember this is a Republican Primary and whether you guys like it or not Gary”s a Johnny come lately and it will not fly.The best guy to beat a” Democrat Giant” is a Real Republican who has experience beating an entrenched incumbent Democrat.

  6. ConservativeFire says:

    Grose, I will be honest with you, you are full of it and very irrational with your analysis. Oh yes, Gary has support from across the state but from only one group of people and that group of people will not carry the PRIMARY election for him.

    Brian Kemp has the leadership and experience in both politics and policy which it will take to defeat Irvin.

    Has Gary ever been elected? Has he ever run for anything? How does he think he has what it takes to beat Tommy Irvin??

    Oh and just to let you know, Gary would be surprised that his “team leaders” aren’t all as fervently behind him as he may assume.

    Brian Kemp, the conservative republican leader who will beat Tommy Irvin.

    Gary Black, the old-time democrat who would be added to the book of political embarassments if he were to go against Tommy Irvin.

    Black should learn from what happened to Deanna and Bob Greer.

    Gift Baskets are probably more appropriate for Gary. Gary, it’s not too late to go back into the gift basket business.

  7. MountainThinker says:

    I can’t suppose to speak for the grassroots of all of Georgia, but I live, work, and operate in the North GA Mtns, where I am HIGHLY active in GOP politics. Up here, almost noone knows ofor has met Brian Kemp. Gary Black has come to my county or a neighboring county 8-10 times, Brian Kemp 0. No one up here is talking about Brian Kemp. I hear more about Brent Brown (Running for Labor Commissioner) then I do about Kemp. Gary on the other hand has been out and about in our communities and people everywhere in our part of the world have met him and like him. The farmers and agribusiness people here in the mountains are particularly impressed with Gary and they’re talking him up. That’s the facts on the ground up here. I can’t speak for the rest of the state…

  8. landman says:

    Mountain,give your state senator or state legilator a call it is a good chance that he has endorsed Kemp,most of them have.They will tell you the kind of leader Brian has been and will be as Ag Cpmmish,

  9. HowardDawg says:

    I’ll tell you why Brian Kemp can beat Tommy Irvin. Because he is willing to step up and say this old curmudgeon needs to go! Isn’t the first rule of politics explaining the differences with one’s opponent?

    The one forum I went to to see these guys speak – Kemp spelled out in clear terms why he’s running, what his plan is and why Irvin has to go. Greer and Deanna were incomprehensible. Gary has a lot of experience but he refuses to explain why Irvin has to go.

    I’m sorry Grose but it does go back to being a lobbyist. Lobbyists top priority is keeping key leaders happy with them. I don’t think Gary understands that he has to tell people Irvin is a loser or else they won’t vote for him. Kemp clearly understands this and has been doing it since the beginning. This release and the rest of his effort shows Kemp clearly has his act together and poses the biggest threat to Irvin. I’m supporting the guy who can win – and that’s Kemp

  10. BirdDog says:

    Mountain, I think you are fibbing a little bit. Go ask your Sen., Rep., Sheriff, Comm., etc. and more than likely they are on board with Brian Kemp. And I don’t buy this crap about having an organization set up in all 159 COunties, Gary might have a contact (but so does every other campaign across the state) so what makes Black’s campaign special??? It sure did not help Herman Cain as Bill stated. I think Gary is just blowing a lot of hot air!

  11. Capt. says:

    County Chairs and grassroots look good on paper, but it doesn’t win a campaign. I bet Deanna had a contact in every county too. What did that do for her in 02?

    Gary Black cannot beat Tommy Irvin!! He is a worse candidate than Greer and Strickland were. If he thinks his experience is going to carry him, he is wrong! Tommy Irvin will crush him with his experience.

    Gary Black= 25 year lobbyist for special agribusiness interests

    Tommy Irvin= 40 year advocate for Georgia’s consumers, families and farmers.

    Who would you vote for?

    I, even as a conservative Republican, would vote for Tommy Irvin in that race, just as I did in ’02 and ’98.

    Brian Kemp= Conservative State Senator and Leader


    Tommy Irvin

    The choice would be clear for me, Brian Kemp. Because he shows WHY we need a change. Gary would be the same as Irvin, a blunder.

  12. Groseclose says:

    To you Kemp supporters’ credit, ya’ll are masterful at attempting to reframe the debate so as to minimize his campaign weaknesses. I encouraged this thread to discuss whether Kemp or Black was better equipped for a match-up with Irvin. With a few exceptions, most of the posts focused on why Kemp will carry the day on July 18th. Rather than arrogantly discussing who is going to win the primary, Republicans should be debating who can beat Tommy Irvin.

    Bill and others attempted to discount Gary’s grassroots efforts by comparing them to Isakson/Collins/Cain’s PRIMARY race. This point fails to acknowledge Isakson too had a statewide grassroots effort, unlike Kemp. Bill’s apple to oranges comparison does nothing to negate Black’s superior strategic position (relative to Kemp) in our effort to unseat Irvin.

    Landman and others rely heavily on the sheriff and state assemblymen listed on Kemp’s endorsement list. These elected folks are too worried about getting reelected than to focus on working on Kemp’s down-the-ballot race. Admittedly, his list is impressive. But, people are not going to heed BirdDog and landman’s advice and call up there local representative to find out who they endorsed. Contrarily, a grassroots team like Gary has developed will proactively carry Gary’s important message. Note MountainThinker comments.

    Capt, noted Gary’s 25 years of service to agriculture. This experience and those relationships allow Gary to connect with the agriculture industry. In contrast, Kemp’s background of destroying agricultural land will no doubt be a general election issue, if he is nominee. Even for those who want change at the agriculture department, a Kemp candidacy will be met with apprehension by the public who might distrust those in this occupation.

  13. HJ Bailey says:

    Looking at this objectively, which I know is hard for many, the general public would trust a developer before they will trust a lobbyist in today’s world.

    Farmers make a choice to sell their farm land. It is not the developers fault. It is very immature to think that it is. If you were to read Kemp’s plan, he offers a way to fix property taxes and keep farmers on the farm and developers off.

    It is hard for the uninformed to debate.

    Capt. and many others showed why Kemp can and will win both the primary and the general election. You, Grose, just took many of the comments out of context to help prove your own irrational and false analysis.

    Capt. noted that Gary;s 25 yrs as a democrat special interest lobbyist will NOT lead to a victory against Irvin because he will crush Gary. Get it right.

  14. Bull Moose says:

    Why would anyone vote for a Democrat in a Republican primary? What’s next, John Kerry’s going to switch parties and we start the love fest?


  15. ConservativeFire says:

    Right on Bull Moose!

    Gary, you would welcomed with open arms in the Democrat Party, they are looking for more goobers.

  16. Bull Moose says:

    If you took out a 30 year mortgage when Tommy Irvin was first elected, you’d have paid it off 6 years ago… That’s frightening…

    That’s 432 months — 13, 140 days — heck, don’t we need a change in the Ag Commissioner’s office?

  17. Beth says:

    Help me understand why the majority of people posting on this blog believe, that just because you are a state senator, you are qualified for statewide offfice.

    There are numerous other positions that represent more people than state senators and have more responsibility.

    Off topic — I have made it clear that I support Handel. She represents about 900,000 people and has faced and resolved more adversity than any state senator or rep. There is no state district, senate or house that comes close to that. Name a leader that has led their district through the change and adversity Than Handel has.

    Lets focus on what the person brings to the office, not just the fact that they are a state senator……… IE – Stephens, who would be a good candidate for Lt. Gov, which would be a good fit for his background. He is not qualified for SoS.

    What’s Kemps real background for AG?

    BTW – I wish there was a spell checker on blogs 🙂

  18. Pinetop says:

    Hey landman, I took your advice and I called my state legislators and the reply I got was “I am on Brian’s List, but my district is supporting Gary”

  19. ConservativeFire says:

    That is easy for you to come on here and say Pinetop. My delegation is behind Brian and that means a lot to me and the voters I know.

  20. Pinetop says:

    That is also easy for you to come on here and say Fire! I just simply done what landman asked, I am sorry I did not get the answer you all were certian I would get. You also talk about how Gary’s 159 County Chairs are pointless, those county chairs will help Gary win the runoff. Because unless some people do not qualify, there will be a runoff.

  21. ConservativeFire says:

    I dont care what response you get Pineflop. The question I have is, how would anyone know who their whole district is for? My point about the county chairs is this: many of the county “chairs” Gary has are not fervently behind him, and hell, some are moving before the primary.

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