“There’s smoke,” but Reed is off the hook in Texas

I will take the Ralph update for today, I guess.  We are all tired of it, but it’s news either way you look at it.

AJC.com front page storyNo probe in Reed lobbying efforts

Travis County Attorney David Escamilla, whose office prosecutes misdemeanors, said Reed’s activities raised “legitimate” concerns, but a two-year statute of limitations prevented him engaging in a formal investigation. Travis County includes the state capital of Austin.

“There’s smoke,” said Escamilla. “But all of the smoke relates to a period I can’t do anything about.”

I know we are going to hear the same arguments back and forth, but this is some significant news indeed.  On one hand, pro-Reed folks will use this to say Ralph is off the hook; while, anti-Reed people can say that he just got off on a technicality, and shows his guilt since there apparently are “legitimate concerns.”


  1. Bobby Kahn says:

    Maybe Ralph is getting away with this because he did a good job of concealing his illegal activity. If Ralph Reed really believes that he did nothing wrong, he should want an investigation to clear his name, so he should waive the statute of limitations to allow the prosecutor to proceed.

  2. larry smith says:

    This is the tip of a very large legal iceberg. In addition to the misdemeanor charges in TX, Ralph is facing a multi-agency federal criminal task force in DC and two separate U.S. Senate investigations (Grassley and McCain).

    That aside, do you really want to vote for a guy who clearly broke the law and only avoided prosecution based on a legal technicality?

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Well, of about a dozen or so ongoing investigations, Ralph get’s off because the statute of limitations has passed. That’s not exactly a resounding declaration of innocense.

    I just don’t understand why anyone in this great state would want to trust someone so ethically challenged, embroilled in the largest corruption of government investigation since Watergate, and Enron’s lobbyist to any position in Georgia. That just kind of blows my mind in a way…

  4. landman says:

    Bull,Ralph will never be Lt Gov,the question is will he lose in the Primary or General.My prediction is in the Primary.

    Unfortunately in the meanwhile he is a rallying cry for the Dems and is going to help raise alot of cash for them.

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    I think all of this Ralph Reed stuff appears mighty bad but I do not think it does any good to convict an American Citizen before the trial. I am especially disappointed with Bobby Kahn. Doesn’t your party screem this montra even when there is video footage and DNA and the perp saying his SSN on the video and a signed confesssion. I am in no way saying Ralph should be elected to anything. That will be up to the voters. I just laugh at the Hipocracy.

  6. Jack S says:

    Once again… Ralph Reed is a fraud and should withdraw for the good of the Republican Party.

    Legal technicalities. This guy becomes more like Clinton everyday.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    I am so glad that Casey Cagle is running in the Republican primary for Lt. Governor.

    We’ll be able to vote for the most qualified and experienced candidate who is committed to serving for Georgia.

  8. HowardDawg says:

    Erick, people aren’t tired of the LG race, they are tired of all the stories about Ralph Reed being a greedy, lying, hypocrite.

    Why the Govenor won’t just step in and tell Ralph to get out is beyond me. the governor has the most to lose becuase of this cad. You would think that self preservation instincts would kick in at some point.

  9. Demonbeck says:

    Tell you what, if I were a Democrat, I’d vote in the Republican primary just to get Ralph in the LT Gov race to drage down the Rep ticket in the General. This indecision in the Republican Party is going to get RR elected in the primary and give the Dems their best case scenario (which does not include a Majority in either House) and quite possibly a close race in the Governor’s race.

    It will also be very telling as to where the Republican Party of Georgia is headed.

  10. Beth says:

    At the end of the day, Raplp has his base. Casey’s challenge is to over come that. Casey can and will do that. Ralph will set back all of the gains that the Republican party has made in GA. I do believe that Ralph has helped make that change, that doesn’t mean that I believe he should hold a statewide office.

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