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If you haven’t read it, you should read this article on Jack Kingston. He’s really leading a lot of House members in taking advantage of new technologies like blogging and podcasting to get out messages.

Jack has an impressive team and this is another example of him being a solid leader for the House Majority.


  1. Cynthia says:

    hey, i dont know if everyone else has been following the controversy but one of Erick’s co-founders of the redstate blog, Ben Domenech, was just busted for plaigarism on several pieces he wrote for his college newpaper. he was (until today) also a blogger on but was fired after the plaigarism allegations surfaced.

    any responses erick?

    ps – does this remind anyone else of ralph reed? what’s with conservatives and plaigarism in college papers??

  2. buzzbrockway says:

    Very funny Cynthia. How about Jason Blair, Dan Rather’s forged documents, the NY Times just this week pushing a women who claimed she was a Katrina victim and was being harmed by the Bush administration (she was arrested the next day as a fraud), and on and on and on the cases of plagiarism and outright lies in the Big Media? One might ask: “what is it with the Big Media and their get Bush at all cost mentality?”

    I don’t know Ben and I have no idea if the allegations against him are true, but I suspect the Washington Post was about to fold under the pressure anyway. These allegations just provided the justification. God forbid the Washington Post present a different perspective on their website.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Buzz, he clearly plagairized. even Michelle Malkin thought it was best to give him the boot.

    yeah, i wasn;t trying to imply that plagarism split along partylines. i’m sure there are all sorts of liberal plagarists or just plain liars out there like jason blair which you named. i just thought that the parallel to reed was too similar to resist pointing out.

    do erick or clayton have a comment on this?

  4. larry smith says:

    I’m a conservative, and I’m tired of this “we’re all victims of the liberal media” handwringing load of crap.

    As much as we pick on Democrats for having a collective “I’m a persecuted victim of forces beyond my control” mentality, we sure are quick to adopt it ourselves when it comes to the media.

    How about Fox News, talk radio, conservative mags and the Internet? Are they victimizing liberals?

    Further, does anyone really think the Washington Post is out to persecute conservative bloggers? Please. We aren’t even on their radar screen.

  5. buzzbrockway says:

    Cynthia: there are plenty of comments by Erick and Clayton about this over at Red State. There is also an attempt by Domenech to explain himself.

    larry smith: I never said the Washington Post was “out to persecute conservative bloggers.” I did say they were about to fold under the pressure brought by the left wing bloggers who accused Domenech of unspeakable acts such as sleeping with his mother, being homophobic and homosexual (at the same time?), being a racists (aren’t all conservatives?) and horror of horrors, being home schooled.

  6. spaceygracey says:

    You rock, Rep. Jack. And is that Stephen Colbert just adorable or what?! Sharp as they come too. For a Charlestonian, he’s pretty darn cool.

    Also, he went through an unthinkable personal nightmare as a teen: his father and 2 brothers died in an infamous Charlotte to Charleston plane crash that took the lives of many fine people.

    Colbert’s (serious) life story is here in a 4-part podcast:

  7. Cynthia says:

    this from the National Review online…


    As the previous links on the matter mention, at least one of the pieces Ben Domenech is accused of having plagiarized was a movie review for National Review Online. A side-by-side comparison to another review of the same film speaks for itself. There is no excuse for plagiarism and we apologize to our readers and to Steve Murray of the Cox News Service from whose piece the language was lifted. With some evidence of possible problems with other pieces, we’re also looking into other articles he wrote for NRO.

    Also, from RedState…

    “Ben did not resign from RedState – and even if he tried to do so, we would have refused to accept it… We are disappointed in the turn of events, yes. We are also disappointed in some of our allies in their rush to judgement. ”

    If you’re way to the right of the National Review, where are you?? Thats like Robertson/Falwell territory.

  8. larry smith says:

    OK, here’s an actual mea culpa from the guy. Now that NRO’s lawyers have made him admit the truth, does anyone still think he’s the victim of a vast left wing conspiracy (or deserves anything other than being shown the door)?

    “I want to apologize to National Review Online, my friends and colleagues here at RedState, and to any others that have been affected over the past few days. I also want to apologize to my previous editors and writers whose work I used inappropriately and without attribution. There is no excuse for this – nor is there an excuse for any obfuscation in my earlier statement.

    I hope that nothing I’ve done as a teenager or in my professional life will reflect badly on the movement and principles I believe in.

    I’m deeply grateful for the love and encouragment (sic) of all those around me. And although I may not deserve such support, it makes it that much more humbling at a time like this. I’m a young man, and I hope that in time that I can earn a measure of the respect that you have given me.


  9. Cynthia says:

    yeah, i want him to apologize to his editors at his college paper that he said inserted plaigarized text into his stories.

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