We’re Not Gonna Take It

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We’re tired of covering the Reed v. Cagle fight. We’re (I’m) tired of trying to be objective in writing about that race and having my email flooded by Cagle partisans when I dare say something nice about Reed and vice versa from the Reed guys when I say something nice about Cagle.

We’re tired of wasting front page space — our time is better spent elsewhere. There are Democrat races not being covered here that should be covered. Too much energy is being consumed by this one race, which I frankly think is draining the whole of the GOP right now.

So, I will start putting up a daily CC v. RR post. Beat the hell out of each other for all you like (though I’ll be watching for profanity, abuse, and non-germane thread hijacks, etc.). But, PP needs to move on. There are plenty of other races to cover and we intend to cover them — from left to right.

And now, here’s your CC v. RR thought of the day? Should the Cagle folks have waited a bit longer to go so aggressively after Reed? Because we’re not to April and I’ve tuned it all out already. Could the attacks peak too soon and provide an opening for Reed?


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Okay, now my head is spinning 360 degrees, Erick.

    First you say “We’re tired of the Cagle vs. Reed” fights and “We’ve covered them enough on PP, and we’ve got to cover other races…”

    THEN, you state you’re going to put-up a Cagle v. Reed post every day just to provoke the masses.

    Borrowing a phrase from Emily, schizophrenic much?

  2. Beth says:

    I believe the only people who are paying any attention to any race, including this one are the political junkies. The average voter and I would guess a large majority of the primary voters are not engaged yet.

    That’s a long way of saying — I don’t think it matters that Casey turned negative this early, cause most people aren’t watching, and don’t care yet.

  3. HJ Bailey says:

    Erick, maybe a weekly post for this week would be good. I am interested in the race but I am about sick of hearing about it and seeing the same old comments on here again and again.

    Just my suggestion, but weekly would be better.

  4. Erick says:

    Bill, we’ll put up an open thread so people who want to talk about it can, but we aren’t going to waste much front page space.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Does that mean that Bull Moose is banned from pasting any article excerpts about Ralphie and/or his supporters who use publicly-funded resources for political races?

  6. Bull Moose says:

    Erick, I would think you’d be excited that your site attracts so much attention and excitement.

    Ralph’s lack of honesty and his abuse of the public taxpayers is directly relevant to the job he’ll do in office.

    This is the banner race on the Republican side this year. This is a war for the future of the party.

  7. landman says:

    To answer your question no ,it was not a mistake to go after RR this early,because we all know his mode of operation in past races.There will be no gimmes for Reed in this race and there should not be,the hypocracy is unbelievable.

    Erick you are right it is draining the entire GOP and that is why level headed,and logical thinking members of the party think RR should withdraw from this race.

    The outcome of this race will determine the future of the GA GOP,and whether or not we can build on our momentum of the last few cycles.

  8. atlantaman says:

    I think Casey had to come after Reed early or he wouldn’t have been viewed the credible candidate he is today. Whether the RR crap is peaking with the voters or not can be up for debate, but Casey had to go out there and raise money.

    Big money contributors don’t like to give to a campaign they think is a loser. You got to remember we wouldn’t even be having this conversation about Casey had he not exposed Reed’s weaknesses early on, becuase the campaign would be floundering with no money.

  9. Fuzzyslippers says:

    “I believe the only people who are paying any attention to any race, including this one are the political junkies. The average voter and I would guess a large majority of the primary voters are not engaged yet.”

    It’s hard not to pay attention when there are slam articles in the paper every third day…. and they are slamming everyone. Not just these two.

    The sole reason I am on this blog and others is to learn more about my government. What I have learned over the past 6-8 months makes me sick. Where are the leaders? And please don’t give me either of RR’s or CC’s names. They are not. They are panderers. They just pander to different people.

    Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible for a candidate to receive the backing needed to be taken seriously in an election without selling his soul out to some special interest group, business lobbyists/pacs, or just plain playing the demographics game.

    Someone please give a leader. Not a candidate. Please?

  10. landman says:

    I strongly disagree with the premise that noone is paying attention to this race,but the” political junkies” .I would direct you to the financial disclosures as my point of reference.

    It may be just a hobby for “political junkies”,but when someone writes a thousand dollar or higher number to a candidate they are engaged at that point and do pay attention and share their opinion to their circles of influence.

    Fuzzy-if you have to go to this web-site to learn about our govt,you have lost before you start,bottom line.

    I think the Utopia that you speak of is just south of nowhere.Our form of government isnt ideal,but I wouldnt trade it for any other one out there!!

  11. Beth says:

    OK, I stand corrected – this is very very strange

    March 23, 2006

    Ric Mayfield
    Reed for Lt. Governor

    Dear Ric,

    My name is Tucker. I don’t like it when you make up stories about Casey Cagle. Casey is my owner. He feeds me, and walks me, and scratches that spot I can’t reach behind my ears. Casey and his family are my best friends.

    When you say Casey is dishonest, I know that you know it isn’t true and you’re just carrying Ralph’s water for him. But I still don’t appreciate it. It’s wrong to say bad things that aren’t true about good people, and you know it. C’mon, Ric, I’m just a dog and I know that.

    I have never bitten anyone, but I’ve got to say … if you and Ralph and his buddy Jack ever came to visit, I just might have to try it out. You have been a bad human, Ric. Go to your kennel!


    Tucker Cagle

    P.S. I don’t want to go to Ralph Reed’s house. Everyone who goes near him gets subpoenaed, and I don’t have enough doggie biscuits to pay for a lawyer (and I sure don’t want to go to the pound, even if it is a minimum security country club pound!).

  12. Fuzzyslippers says:


    Blogs have a way of getting info out that is not normally disseminated by the mainstream media. Please do not think that I visit them to learn how a government works, but rather how OUR government works.

    I guess I should just settle for the same politicians that are bought and paid for. Is that what you’re saying? Or I should buy my own?

    What’s a Fuzzyslipper to do?

  13. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, reminder folks, Casey didn’t go after Ralph as much as the U.S. Senate released evidence that completely contradicts Ralph public statements about his relationship with Jack Abramoff and the lobbying work he did on behalf of his and Jack’s mutual clients.

    Ralph’s lack of honesty in regards to his lobbying work is directly indicative to how he’ll perform in office. It’s just that simple.

    I support Casey because he has the experience and desire to serve FOR Georgia. It’s important that we have selfless public servants in the mold of Sam Nunn, Paul Coverdell, and Zell Miller – not egomaniacs who are only serving for their personal satisfaction.

    It is very hard to stomach people who make excuses for Ralph’s lack of candor, but then again, they are bought in lock, stock, and barrel to the status quo, so they have no option other than to stomach the lies and do the dance…

    Come on over, it’s so much better when your candidate is running and wants to serve for you!

  14. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Yall really need to relax. Everything is coming along nicely. I think the Cagle team is doing a fantastic job, a lot more than I can say about the Perdue team.

  15. HJ Bailey says:

    haha you are right about that Brian. They have had an effort that has been embarassing in comparison to some of the other statewide races.

  16. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Miss a week in this race and you really get out of the loop fast.

    Erick, the drama with Cagle/Reed is quite entertaining and keeps people coming back to the blog.

    To ignore the massive amount of stuff in this race and Ralph’s consistent 3 paragraph denial only perpetuates the drama.

    I’ll take the liberty to add my 2 cents. Last weekend we had our monthly breakfast meeting. Our local Commission Chairman and a County Commissioner were our featured speakers.

    It’s not often that we get an opportunity to listen to what our leadership is directing our County in, without a media filter. So this was a welcomed event. Someone had invited Ralph to stop in and say hello (no problem, anyone is invited). While the expectation was that he would say hello, vote for me and invite interested people to come to his event,,, well the expectation was not met. Ralph delivered a 20 minute stump speech. The following speakers limited their remarks.

    I am amazed at the arrogance. And I am equally amazed that people are so willing to excuse and make excuses for his behavior. If Reed were a Democrat, there wouldn’t be forgiveness.

  17. Bull Moose says:

    Well Casey Cagle’s taken the lead on private property rights…



    Atlanta, GA — Senator and Lt. Governor Candidate Casey Cagle took to the Senate floor today to continue leading the fight for passage of “The Landowner’s Bill of Rights and Private Property Protection Act.” Cagle also succeeded in winning support from the Senate to pass additional provisions he introduced strengthening the bill.

    This legislation — a top priority of the Republican Senate majority — represents one of the strongest statutes restricting the use of eminent domain and protecting the rights of private property owners in the entire nation. The Senate also authorized a Constitutional Amendment which would further limit the use of eminent domain if approved by the voters.

    Among other things, the new law would:

    Ban the use of eminent domain for economic development purposes.
    Prevent local governments from seizing private property without an open vote by the top governing authority.
    Limit government seizure of blighted property to only those cases where an immediate threat to public safety is posed.
    Give citizens much greater opportunity to be made aware of and voice their opinions on exercise of eminent domain.
    Improve the ability of owners to get a fair price for their property.

    “The U.S. Supreme Court may have fired the first shot in this battle with its disastrous decision in the Kelo case, but today’s vote by our Republican Senate majority ensures it won’t be the last. This legislation puts Georgia at the forefront of the entire country in protecting the rights of property owners. Strong private property rights are the core bedrock of our economic system, and we cannot do too much to protect them,” said Cagle.

    Cagle also pledged to continue fighting to protect property rights, saying “As long as government has the power to exercise eminent domain, we need to continue working to ensure that power remains limited and property owners have a fair voice in the process. This is yet another step in what has been a long battle. We must remain vigilant in the future, and ratifying the Constitutional Amendment we also passed today is absolutely essential to that goal.”

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