Some Democrats Displeased with Majette

I’m not really sure how credible this article is, but it mentions Carlotta Harrell, who is also seeking the Democratic nomination for State School Superintendent.

I thought it was interesting and I figured I’d pass it along…

Denise Majette’s announcement yesterday that she is running for State School Superintendent has displeased many Democratic party leaders throughout Georgia, sources tell Atlanta Progressive News. Majette, a former Republican who has no education experience, will face Carlotta Harrell in the Democratic Primary.

Majette’s decision could disgust voters, causing problems for the entire Democratic ticket, some party leaders said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Party leaders see her announcement as politically calculated, say she has no positions on education, and say she has upset both Democrats and Republicans over the last few years, sources said.

However, the Democrats have another candidate for this position, Carlotta Harrell, who has been running for the position for over a year, campaigning at many small town venues.

Harrell, 45, with ten years’ experience in the public school system, has garnered support from many Democrats, and has been traveling the entire state to speak with other educators and parents.

The Associated Press (AP) did not even mention Harrell in an article on Majette’s announcement; failing to mention grassroots candidates is a continuing irresponsible and sometimes misleading practice of that wire service.

“I am not dropping out of the race. Since Denise’s announcement, I have been receiving phone calls and emails of support all across this state. The children of Georgia are my passion and I will always fight for them whether elected or not,” Harrell said about Majette’s announcement. Harrell is a teacher in Stockbridge, an activist, and a former police officer.


  1. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Seems like a lot of the content and attributed perception came from mining comments off of various blogs.

    While Ms. Majette may run as a “D” she hardly ever appears at any Democratic functions, her own county party events, fundraisers or contributes to related issue oriented groups. That is, until she’s running for something. So no, lot’s of Dems don’t claim her as their “own”.

  2. stephaniemills21 says:

    I have never been a fan of Majette, and have voted against her every time I had the chance, except against Isakson, but I have to agree with Mrs. K about where you get the displeasure, cause it sure isn’t comming from anyone with any real influence.
    I bet most of the dem leadership feel happy that she chose this race to jump into. Can’t hurt anyone and Carlotta Harrell sure as hell isn’t going to win. When she first announced I checked out her website and besides looking like something a third grader could have produced in a couple of hours, she had grammar and spelling errors. I would take Majette over her any day.

  3. billy says:

    Since an aide inquired of me today at the capitol, and I’m pretty sure his question came from this thread, I will vouch that Denise Majette has never been, to my knowledge, a Republican. She was appointed as a judge by Zell Miller and had a pretty standard “D” voting record in the house while she was there. In the few years I have known her I have never suspected her party affiliation to be anything less than principled and heartfelt.

    I’ve never had a problem with her and I’m glad she is in the race. Moreover, APN is irresponsible for “quoting party leaders” as such, since every party leader I know, and have spoken with about this, is either pleased or ambivilant towards the whole thing (some people only care about one thing).

    …and before you ask, no, I do not count Billy McKinney as a party leader.

  4. DTK says:

    The whole Republican thing is just a rehash of McKinney’s criticism in the 2002 campaign. It came out that Majette voted in the 2000 GOP Presidential primary. At the time, she said she just wanted to be able to say she voted for a black man for president. So she voted for Alan Keyes. McKinney tried to use this (along with DeKalb GOP voters planning to cross over) to scare voters into thinking Majette was a GOP plant.

    An AJC analysis in 2004 showed that Majette voted in 17 Democratic contests in 18 primary and runoff elections dating back to 1990. So, if she were a closet Republican, her voting record — other than 2000 — doesn’t show that.

  5. atlantaman says:

    When you post that she runs as a “D” it implies she could just as easily run in another party. Her voting record indicates she’s a very liberal Democrat. It’s not like she was the Zell Miller of the House.

    “The liberal Americans for Democratic Action gave Majette’s 2003 voting record the only 100 percent mark in the Georgia delegation. The American Conservative Union gave her 20 percent.”

    Just because she’s not sipping coffee with Bobby Kahn or Billy McKinney at the Dem club meetings doesn’t mean she’s a Republican, it just means she doesn’t have a lot of time to waste.

  6. HJ Bailey says:

    Thats right atlantaman. If she is a republican then I am a Green Party member. With that said, there is still a good chance she will beat K-12 Cox. The best thing that could happen to K-12 Cox is if Cathy in on the ballot with her.

  7. Maybe APN was quoting me as a so-called “party leader”, since I said (and I quote),

    “Alright, I’ll admit that I’m being sarcastic here, and I’m not really running for State School Superintendent, but the way I figure, if someone as unqualified as Denise Majette can run for that office, then so can I.”

    I’ll be honest here, Denise Majette running for State School Superintendent makes more sense than Carlotta Harrell running for that same office. At least Denise Majette can put together a decent, complete, coherent sentence. I can’t say that about Carlotta Harrell.

    Have you seen Harrell’s website?

    What I want to know is who would be stupid enough to donate over $50,000 to Carlotta Harrell’s campaign? And my second question is if you’ve got over $49,000 in cash on hand, then why can’t you pay someone fifty bucks to proofread your freakin’ website? Or at least pay someone a hundred bucks to design a better one.

    Honestly, I would much rather see a Democratic candidate with some educational experience running for State School Superintendent, but since I’m being given the choice of either Carlotta Harrell or Denise Majette, looks like I’ll be voting for Denise Majette in the Primary.

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