Majette to Run for School Chief Position

Denise Majette, one time congresswoman who failed to beat Johnny Issacson for the Senate, has announced her candidacy for State School Superintendent against Kathy with a “K


  1. HJ Bailey says:

    I am definitely not a fan of Majette, but she is going to a tough opponent for Kathy with a “K” Cox. I could be wrong.

  2. Skeptical says:

    Hell, I went to public schools here in GA too – I guess that means I’m qualified to run.

    Wonder if she’s gonna bring out the paper plates???????

  3. I said it over at Blog for Democracy, and I’ll say it again here…

    Denise Majette knows as much about being State School Superintendent as I know about performing triple bypass open heart surgery.

    I sincerely hope that the Lord didn’t tell her to run this time, and if he did, then Denise Majette better stop listening to Him on matters of politics because the Lord is making her look like a fool.

  4. GAWire says:

    FYI, CQ Politics had a piece about this today … said pretty much the same ole’ stuff – Majette is crazy. She got killed by Isakson. Blah blah blah …

  5. atlantaman says:

    I agree that the best scenario for the Republican slate is Mark Taylor Democrat nominee for Gov and Casey Cagle Republican nominee for Lt. Gov. Cathy Cox and Ralph Reed is one bad storm for the tepidly Republican soccer mom.

  6. larry smith says:


    DISCLAIMER: I’ll probably vote for Handel.

    QUESTION: Do you really think having a female on the ballot downticket will pull women away from Cox? Maybe so, but I just don’t buy that theory, and I’ll bet you can’t find a case of it ever working on a downticket race.

  7. Beth says:


    Where Handel will help is in the Metro area. In 2002 she took more votes than any republican except Mike Kenn in Fulton County. If I were Sonny I would be pushing Handel anyway that I could, then campaign with her at my side after July.

  8. atlantaman says:

    Let me say that I’ll probably vote for Handel as well. But do wonder about Larry’s comment. The fact that she “softens” the ticket doesn’t hurt.

    With Cathy Cox acting as a magnet for women and Ralph Reed repelling the soccer moms, is Karen Handel gonna be like another American soldier at the Alamo?

  9. The race for Superintendent just got interesting. Majette facinates me for some reason. Her religiosity and mainstream views make her a stronger statewide pol than others blacks would be. Her defeat of McKinney is like the gift that keeps on giving. It forever stamps her with a moderate label that white voters can feel genuinely enthusiastic about. Her statwide and national fundraising lists make her the favorite for this seat. Her lack of foundation in education policy means nothing. She has huge name recognition and favorable press. She can win.

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