JUST IN — Senator Chip Pearson to Ralph Reed

Dear Ralph, 

When you were State Party Chairman I aggressively pushed you to promote private property rights as a key campaign issue.  I invested thousands of dollars into research on this vital issue and promoted it years before the Kelo decision.  But you rejected this, because, in your words, it wasn’t good politics in 2002.  Now I find you sending out all sorts of emails falsely attacking a proven defender of property rights – Casey Cagle – because the issue apparently polls well.  The hypocrisy is stunning.  But it gets worse.     

I just read an email from you attacking Casey for accepting campaign contributions from those of us in the real estate industry.  I am in the real estate industry and you had no objections to taking money from me for your Chairman’s campaign.  And it made me wonder if you had received any campaign contributions for your Lt. Governor race from people in real estate.  So I reviewed your campaign disclosures and I found that you have received $408,131 in contributions from individuals and businesses in the real estate, construction, materials and related industries.  THE SAME AMOUNT YOU CRITICIZE CASEY FOR ACCEPTING! 

Apparently, you believe it is OK to accept campaign contributions from Jack Abramoff and $10,000 from the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians when you were Party Chairman, but not from honest, hardworking Georgia Republicans who work in the real estate business.   

Those of us in the real estate industries are building the infrastructure and communities that Georgians desire, like Sugarloaf Country Club – the gated community where you live.  On behalf of them, I want my money back, Ralph.  Either give back my $6,000 or give it to a charity like Katrina relief efforts (but not to rebuild casinos!).  I will be returning your $1,000 check to my campaign since I have no assurance it is not tainted or derived from illegal lobbying activities.   

Regardless, stop your ridiculous and desperate attacks on those of us who work for a living in an honorable profession.   

Senator Chip Pearson
Hardworking, Honest Georgia Republican in the Real Estate Industry 


  1. Jack S says:

    Go Chip Go! It was one of the early signs of trouble for Reed to see Chip come out for Cagle. He’s been a stalwart of our Party for years and a former backer of Reed for the Chair race.

    A real heavyweight who just put little Ralph in his place.

  2. larry smith says:

    Ralph hit Casey for taking developer contributions and then took more than he did? The man is really amazing sometimes. I really think Ralph lies as much from habit as intent.

  3. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Hahahaha, I just got back from a meeting in Ellijay, everyone there was stanchly for Casey. Not one Ralph person in this room full of republicans. Where is Ralphs grassroots?

  4. Bull Moose says:

    He has a handful of support in Savannah, Macon, and Atlanta, oh and one guy down in Vidalia that will pretty much support anyone if you pay him enough.

    All said, Ralph has about 50 or so supporters who will show up and do things for him – STATEWIDE…

  5. spaceygracey says:

    Would someone just drive Righteous Ralphie, not in a taxpayer-funded trooper car though, back to Duluth, lock him in one of those beloved gated communities so favored by those who think they’ve risen above the frey, change the freakin’ passcode and leave him there to pray for his sins for a good long while? Jeez.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Don’t go getting too over-confident here. I still think there is a significant support base for Ralph. Even though they do not turnout for grassroots meetings, etc., all Ralph has to do is start sending them focused direct mail, and the Christian Coalition lemmings that are not connected to the inside-baseball stuff will turn into Stepford Voters at the voting booth.

  7. larry smith says:

    I agree with you about overconfidence, Bill. But I disagree with the social conservative bashing.

    The fact of the matter is that I believe in God, go to church, and am supporting Casey Cagle. Further, I am disgusted that he has sold out Christian conservatives again and again.

    There are many other people who feel the same way and are supporting Cagle.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    Work like you’re going to lose — even throughout the night — you never know what might happen!

    Team Cagle is working around the clock – day and night – to win this election and they are doing it because Georgia needs a leader like Casey Cagle in office…

  9. landman says:

    This race is going to be hard fought to the end,light of heart and thin of skin need not participate.The team that Cagle has put together is a sharp bunch and I would hate to be on the other side!!!!!!!


  10. Curious says:

    I have often come to this site to seek some insider information about Georgia politics, but I have never posted a comment. I know this is a heated debate, and has been over time, but how about the ties to Ag Commish and LG? Both sides will promote their particular candidate with viable loyalty. But when instances like this happen, you praise Sen. Pearson for this letter, but yet you fail to remember that he endorsed Black for Ag Commish. I just find your, for lack of a better phrase, flip-flop hillarious.

  11. Eddie T says:

    Landman, I’ve tried as hard as I can to ignore the lack of parallel language in your slogan, but everytime I look at it, it burns my eyes.

    Can you either change it to one of the suitable replacements below, or explain why you currently are advocating multiple “leaders” over a single “lobbyist”?


    or the awkward but at least parallel


  12. Bill Simon says:

    Larry, don’t presume that the Christian Coalition is the only set of people who are “social conservatives.” Because, the CC isn’t the “gold standard” of people who are “social conservatives.”

    I said “Christian Coalition” because I meant THAT group of dues-paying-holier-than-thou,-anti-Republican-principled-pro-theocracy people who mask themselves as “social conservatives” but whose agenda is really something else entirely now.

    Don’t put words into my mouth OR into other people’s minds. Got it?

  13. Beth says:

    Ralph’s base has not been hurt by any of this. Where it does hurt him is the undecided vote, which at least according to the polls is true. Ralph’s base will not leave him.

  14. Curious says:

    I have often looked at this site for inside information to Georgia politics, but I have not made a comment because I did not feel the need. I know that this a touchy issue for those that are emotionally bound to their candidate, but how about that connection to the Ag Commish and LG races? You can talk about the McElhannon-Rials, Senator-Lobbyist parrallels, but thats like beating a dead horse. What about this new connection? You can praise Sen. Pearson for this letter to Reed, yet you fail to recognize that he has endorsed Black. Whoever gets the nomination in July…here’s to the GA GOP Domination- Round 2 in ’06.

  15. landman says:

    Eddie,I think you need to take some time off from work you seem to be stressed! Relax or I will throw a double negative at you …..PLEASE.

  16. Bull Moose says:

    I guess Ralph’s base will show up and give him a whopping 40-45% of the vote come primary time, if that much?

    I hate to say it, but those that would support a candidate with eye ball high connections to a convicted felon at the center of one of the biggest corruption of government scandals in our nations history and a former Enron lobbyist really need to get a grip on reality.

    The majority of common sense mainstream conservative voters will respond to Casey Cagle’s message of experience, character, honor, and integrity come July 18.

  17. HJ Bailey says:


    I believe there will be another GA GOP domination this year, but I think this will only happen if we choose the right candidates to win. If we choose the wrong candidates, we will lose.

    That’s why it is importnat to chose the leaders and not the lobbyists, despite who endorses them.

  18. Fuzzyslippers says:

    Yes, lets vote Cagle in so that we can get more people off of the tax rolls. At least he’s pandering to certain voters and not the lobbyists, right?

    I won’t vote for either of them.

  19. Bill Simon says:

    I sometimes wonder what’s going on in people’s heads when they dream-up screennames. So, Fuzzy, where were you and what were you doing when you created your screen name? 🙂

  20. Fuzzyslippers says:

    I was sitting at my desk and reading this Casey Cagle lovefest.

    It gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling.

    or not.

  21. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Curious, people support different candidates. Apparently the Senator likes what he has heard from the person he supported. He’s thinking for himself.

    As far as this race is concerned, if the election were held today, I don’t think Ralph would get his 40%. His loyalist would stick with him but the rank and file Christian conservative would either stay home or vote Cagle. As a Christian conservative, I’m voting Cagle.

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