Insider Advantage poll of Governor’s race.

Democrats are sure to like these results, as indicated by poster emily.

From the Marietta Daily Journal:

An InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion poll completed last week shows Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue beating Secretary of State Cathy Cox by 48 percent to 40 percent, with 12 percent undecided. A separate prospective match up between Perdue and Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor shows Perdue leading 50 percent to 34 percent with 16 percent undecided.

Results for the poll, which was conducted by telephone March 14 to 17, were released Monday. The poll includes responses from 500 registered, likely Georgia voters, according to an InsiderAdvantage story published Monday. The data was weighed by age, race, gender and party affiliation with a sample error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.


  1. emily says:

    I love the standard quotes from the Taylor camp, too–God if Rick Dent or Mike Mikus says “HOPE scholarship” one more time I’m going to puke. Obviously Taylor’s internal polls (that he won’t release) say that the HOPE thing is all that flies. By the way, anybody remember when the lottery/HOPE passed? Anybody remember Taylor’s name being anywhere near it? That’s right, it’s not there. First mention of Taylor and HOPE is, conveniently enough, around his first lt. gov. run in 98.

  2. Cynthia says:

    word emily. HOPE is a wonderful program. No one is debating this but it was a Zell Miller program, not a Mark Taylor program. If Taylor really believed so strongly in this legislation, why wasn’t he a sponsor? Why didn’t he go around with Zell campaigning for its passage?? It’s sad commentary on his campaign that the best thing Taylor has going for him is something he didn’t actually do.

  3. Cynthia says:

    oh and bill, i forgot to add that the poll was paid for by IA itself so Towery and those guys footed the bill.

  4. ugadog says:

    Was Mark Taylor’s name anywhere near the HOPE Scholarship? Yeah, he AUTHORED it. He was Zell Miller’s floor leader in the Senate and he is the person credited with getting it passed in the Senate. It’s as much Taylor’s as it is Miller’s.

  5. ugadog says:

    Augusta Chronicle 10-01-2002:

    Mr. Taylor credited Mr. Miller with fathering the HOPE program as governor of Georgia in the 1990s. Mr. Miller, meanwhile, praised Mr. Taylor’s work as his floor leader in the state Senate.

    “There would be no HOPE scholarship today if you had not done that hard work right in the beginning,” Mr. Miller said.

    The senator credited Mr. Barnes with raising the program to a whole new level by expanding it.

    “Make no mistake about it,” Mr. Miller said, “the HOPE scholarship program is in very, very good hands under Gov. Roy Barnes and Mark Taylor.”

    P.S. Taylor was the lead sponsor of the HOPE Scholarship.

  6. emily says:

    Nice try, but no, he didn’t author it. The bill that passed was a house bill AUTHORED by Rep. Porter. Taylor wasn’t even the Senate sponsor. He voted for it, but that does not a leader make. The article you cite makes my point perfectly–it’s from 2002. My point is that the articles AT THE TIME make no reference to him, it wasn’t his legislation, and it’s only well after the fact in what is blatant political pandering that he tries to associate himself with it.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Tell me, just how redundant do you UGA grads have to be? If you’re “UGA”, then you’re a “dog/dawg.” Is there any other college team in this state that has “dog” attached to their teams???

  8. ugadog says:

    You asked why didn’t he sponsor the legislation. HE DID SPONSOR THE HOPE SCHOLARSHIP. There are dozens of sources saying so. Try for starters. If that’s not enough. You say that it was Zell Miller’s program, so it would make sense that you would take Zell Miller’s word for it when Zell Miller says that there would be no HOPE scholarship if it weren’t for Mark Taylor. Instead of attacking the person who was the sponsor of it why don’t you start attacking Sunny Perdue, he actually opposed it.

  9. emily says:

    First, it’s “Sonny, not Sunny.” If you meant it to be funny, then haha. Good one. Clearly, is a great source for all that is available on the legislature–after 1995. As I remember it, HOPE and the lottery passed before that, did it not? Of course, on Lt. Governor Taylor’s website, which is linked to, he claims ownership of HOPE. Umm..not so much. Just saying it over and over again doesn’t make it true. When Zell said anything about MT’s association with the scholarship, it was in an election year. Again. All major media outlets (without exception) at the time it was actually passed have no mention of your great leader. The “point person” mentioned was always Porter, not Taylor.

  10. ugadog says:

    Your original claim was the Mark Taylor did not have his name anywhere near the HOPE scholarship. The fact is that he sponsored the legislation. Do you or do you not believe that Mark Taylor sponsored the HOPE scholarship? If you don’t, YOU ARE WRONG. If you do, then the fact remains that he sponsored the HOPE scholarship and by all accounts I think that should count as having his name attached to it.

  11. ugadog says:

    Most likely you failed to realize that there are two houses (House of Representatives and a Senate). If that is a reference to DuBose Porter who is in the House, then it is entirely possible for him to have led the effort in the house and Taylor who was Zell Miller’s Senate floor leader, led the effort in the Senate. There are numberous websites that say that Taylor was the “lead sponsor” but at the very least, he did sponsor the legislation. So for those of you who say it’s a sad commentary on the Taylor campaign, check your facts; you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  12. emily says:

    Two houses, really? Geez, I guess I did forget that part. Please. It was Porter’s bill. End of story. I’m fully aware of Taylor’s “floor leader” status, but he didn’t SPONSOR the bill. Certainly didn’t AUTHOR it. And he wasn’t mentioned in any leadership role! You keep claiming the “numerous websites” that mention him as lead sponsor. Fine, ’cause everything on the web is true. It’s either a) flat wrong or b) regurgitation of Taylor’s historical revisionism. By the way, what are these websites again? I’m gonna stick with the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House, thanks. “Check your facts”–OK, done. Yep, still the same. This is getting boring. Come up with a better story.

  13. Cynthia says:

    UGA dude. stop making things up. it just makes you and the taylor campaign by extension look desperate. after a quick nexis search the first mention i could find of Taylor in connection with HOPE was in 1998. HOPE passed in the early 90s.

    Porter (along with Reps. Porter, Jameison, and Baker) originated the bills dealing with HOPE in the House. Sen. Dawkins then sponsored the bills in the Senate. This is true with both HR 7 in 1991 which creates a statewide referendum on the lottery and HB 1541 in 1992 which actually creates the HOPE program. In fact, Taylor even missed a vote on the amendment on HB 1741 making the lottery tax exempt. Not only did he not AUTHOR the legislation but he didn’t even care enough to vote on all parts of it.

    Next time before you pretend to be so authoritative get out the friggin’ journals and make sure you’re actually right. geeze.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed myself more on this site other than right now…observing two Dems go after another Dem. Too bad we can’t have a live Webcast of this fight! 😀

  15. Cynthia says:

    i’m glad you’re enjoying it bill. 🙂 it’s always good fun to clear up misconceptions and un-truths.

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