1. Jack S says:

    Solid and well done. But to be honest, that was a pretty tame response by Cagle. With all the dirt on Ralph he really could’ve laid into him.

    Ralph should get out.

  2. emily says:

    I think you got your caps wrong: Should read “trust AND honesty” for effect, right? Just literarily speaking…

  3. Hortence says:

    Perhaps we should keep in mind Ralph’s previous disaster, I mean work, for Mitch Skandalakis… (from Wikipedia)…

    Skandalakis campaign leader
    In late 1997, Reed joined the campaign of Fulton County Commission Chairman Mitch Skandalakis for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, becoming its General Consultant. In addition to plotting campaign strategy, Reed himself appeared in advertisements, identifying himself as the former head of the Christian Coalition and vouching for Skandalakis’s conservative credentials and personal integrity.

    Skandalakis was a moderate Republican who had openly courted gay voters in earlier campaigns. He was opposed in the Republican primary by the staunchly conservative State Senator Clint Day, a devout Christian whose parents had founded the Days Inn motel chain. Reed’s endorsement of Skandalakis played a crucial role in the contest, giving Skandalakis “conservative cover” and confusing Christian Coalition activists who were initially inclined to back Day.

    In the primary, Skandalakis placed first among the five Republican candidates, but did not receive a majority of the vote and was forced into a run-off with second place finisher Day. The other three candidates endorsed Day, but Reed masterfully orchestrated a series of negative attacks on Day that included charges that Day had “desecrated Indian graves” on a plot of land owned by a Day family foundation. He even staged a news conference at which tribal leaders, wearing headress and other ceremonial clothing, attacked Day as a “vandal” and “grave robber.” Haplessly relying on the belief that his family’s extensive Christian philanthropy would buffer him from the negative assault, Day chose not to respond in kind.

    Reed’s strategy initially met with success, as Skandalakis narrowly defeated Day in the Republican primary run-off. However, Skandalakis went on to lose the general election in a landslide and was widely blamed for the defeat that year of heavily favored Republican candidates for Governor and Attorney General. Skandalakis ran television advertisements calling the black Mayor of Atlanta a “buffoon” and promising to “kick Atlanta’s ass,” helping to stir an anti-Republican backlash among black and urban white voters. Another Skandalakis advertisement accused the Democratic candidate, Senator Mark Taylor, of drug abuse. Taylor sued for libel, and Skandalakis paid a $50,000 settlement after the election.

    Skandalakis subsequently pled guilty to a felony charge of lying to federal investigators in a public corruption investigation and was sentenced to a six month prison term. Reed distanced himself from Skandalakis after the campaign, saying that he had not been responsible for the television advertising and that all his activities had been “legal.”

  4. Hortence says:

    How about this famous Ralph Reed quote… Wiki has it and most people know it’s true except for a few “crazies” in Georgia…

    “Hey, now that I’m done with the electoral politics, I need to start humping in corporate accounts! I’m counting on you to help me with some contacts.” (email to Abramoff, 1998) [5]

  5. Hortence says:

    Gosh, even Jack Abramoff has questions about Ralph Reed’s integrity…

    “[Reed] is a bad version of us! No more money for him.

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