1. atlantaman says:

    A parodoy of Brokeback Mountain – what a hilarious idea. I’ve never seen any parodies of Brokeback Mountain, loved the “I wish I knew how to quite you line.”

    The Dems should stick with the whole Brokeback theme – it plays really well to those middle Georgia swing counties. Can’t wait to see the Brokeback Sonny and Brokeback Casey or Ralph parody.

    This Guy must be a real innovator.

  2. shep1975 says:

    okay, okay. Since people are going to talk about me whether I’m on here or not, I might as well be on here (so Shafer and Laurens, you both can stop bugging me).

    Guy must be pretty desprite to be going so negative so early. I do see a hint here of what they are going to hit us with though for November: “Republicans in Georgia are just as corrupt and incompetent as Tom Delay and Jack Abramhoff.”

    The feeling is, if they can tie all Republicans to scandal, then maybe, just maybe, they can nationalize the election like we did in 1994 (which carried Oxendine to victory).

    The “Greenback Mountain” ad (and it’s more South Park than Jib Jab) and the “No, No, No” ad are just to start a buzz (and it does not seem to be creating a big one given there’s only 5 previous posts).

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