Commuter Rail

Gwinnett wants one.

A group of movers and shakers are throwing their weight behind a commuter rail project that would link Athens to Atlanta with several stops in Gwinnett County.

Composed of 20 community leaders, the Northeast Rail Group wants to build public support for the state proposal that would use existing train tracks to create passenger service.

%u201COur goal is to build public support for this rail line,%u201D said Gwinnett developer Emory Morsberger, who is chairing the panel. %u201CWe are going to basically work to line up the funds needed to build it and run it.%u201D


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    More and more it seems like this (commuter rail in Gwinnett) will happen – when Emory Morsberger gets behind something it normally does – but how this will help Gwinnett’s traffic problems I don’t know. I just don’t see Atlantans, or Gwinnettians giving up their cars for a train.

    I hope the Northeast Rail Group is talking about using private money to get this done. Let them take the risk rather than the taxpayers.

  2. NewnanYankee says:

    Actually, there are already federal funds ear-marked for this. The Athens line (that runs through Gwinnett) is supposed to be the next line built after the Lovejoy line. What crazy politics created the priority for the line to Lovejoy, I’ll never know.

    Most of the more recent projections for rail systems have been pretty conservative. Most of the systems that have been built around the country actually have exceeded the expectations rather quickly.

    The segments of this line that are intruiging are the parts that connect through Emory, Atlantic Station, and Downtown Atlanta. That stretch is already pretty dense and congested. I believe that this could be a great asset to Atlanta.

  3. Harry says:

    “What crazy politics created the priority for the line to Lovejoy, I’ll never know.”

    I think Norfolk-Southern needed some railbed improvements on that line.

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