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With cross over day and all that this week, a lot has happened, but I’ve been busy with the day job and am headed to the airport.

So here’s an open thread.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    What will be the fallout for the Democrat’s vote against Perdue’s “Hope Chest” amendment?

    Yesterday, while in my car, I heard radio reports of the vote on WGST and WSB. Both described the “Hope Chest” as an amendment to require lottery money to be spent only on the Hope scholarship and Pre-K. Clearly that was the proposal, but the Democrat’s objections were not reported. It seems to me the Dems really stepped in it on this one. Their reason for voting no is hard to put into a soundbite (as the reporters at WSB and WGST demonstrated yesterday) and thus it looks like pure politics.

  2. jacewalden says:

    As of now, Lottery money also pays for other educational related endeavors…such as teaching teachers how to use computers and funding to educational facilities like museums. They felt like taking funding away from those endeavors would somehow be bad…

  3. billy says:

    Not much of a point to paying for a child’s college when you don’t help them in high school too.

  4. billy says:

    My point is, that is issue isn’t hard to spin and may in fact be easier to spin for the Democrats.

    The measure would have made lottery funds unusable for technology and capital improvements- instead of being almost impossible as it stands right now. Most sound bites for the Democrats can come from the basic idea that if you don’t help students while they are in elementary and high school then you probably wont have that many HOPE scholarships to pay out anyway. Education starts with Pre-K and goes through college, not directly from one to the other.

  5. Skeptical says:

    “What should Perdue do to rescue Georgia’s children from our horrible high schools?”

    How about his job?????? And if you think it’s not his job to boost the education level of this state, you’re sadly mistaken. Why would any company executive board want to bring their company to a state that turns out a work force that’s dumb as dirt?

  6. Tommy_a2b says:

    I hate it but I agree with Skeptical on his statement, “Why would any company executive board want to bring their company to a state that turns out a work force that’s dumb as dirt?”

  7. Tommy_a2b says:

    Stop giving teacher raises unless they are performance based. Start vouchers to create competition public vs private. Competition will force improvement.
    To Answer the Question
    I do not have all the answers but that would be my 1st 2 steps.

  8. Cynthia says:

    tommy_a2b, just like how competition was supposed to force improvement in the natural gas industry?? i for one do not want our schools to go the way of my home heating bill…

  9. atlantaman says:

    The whole point of earmarking the lottery funds for College and then Pre-K was so it would not be muddled into the education budget. While it may make for a nice sound bite to say, “What’s the point of sending them to college if they don’t know how to read and write.” It would really end up destroying the system in the future.

    In states where lottery money was mixed in with general education money it didn’t result in more money for education, it just meant less education money came from general state funds.

    Hence the point of keeping it under lock and key in the “Hope Chest”

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Buzz, I’d like to know how this “65%” rule pushed forward by the Governor and our folks will gurantee any improvement? Since when is the solution to something involve throwing more money at it?

    If any Dem had propsed doing that when they were in power, you and every other thinking conservative would have screamed “NO!”

  11. John Konop says:

    Atlantaman is right, you do not build a house without a foundation. We do need to invest more into vocational training.Not every kid needs to go to college.Thanks jk

  12. HeartofGa says:

    I think that Sonny, who I recall opposing HOPE during his legislative days, might want to to duck if he starts hurling stones on this one. Sonny has a track record on education- a track recording of offering lip service and election year”$100 a Vote” cards and that’s about all. Georgia eductors are smarter than that, and I predict they’re going to help send this Governor home in November. Sonny thinks so much of educators that The Georgia Superintendents Association got exactly one day’s notice of his intent to push forward the poltically motivated, empty and dangerous 65% bill. Why? He knew they’d oppose it on it’s lack of merit. He sent his henchmen over to warn them to be quiet, and then when they refused, sent his guys back to demand an apology. Demand and apology??? Are you kidding me? How about consult with the educational experts in Georgia instead of assuming that because you get elected you are suddenly an expert. Is his only capacity following the National Republican Playbook???

  13. Melb says:

    The Lottery Funds were earmarked for 1. Hope 2. Pre-K 3. Lottery Reserve Funds 4. Technology 5. Capital outlay projects. That is what the people of Georgia voted on in the referendum for the lottery. That is part of the original bill. First HOPE and Pre-K must be fully funded and the 10% put into the reserve afterwards money can then be spent on technology and capital outlay. This “Hope Chest” is just a bunch of political spin. The Hope Chest would make it impossible to ever spend any money on technology. So go ahead and ask people if they want the money spent only on HOPE and PreK and they will say yes, and then we’ll say well don’t you think technology in the schools should be provided to bring our children into the new working world and they sure as hell will say yes too! Technology brings good jobs and having children ill-equipped to deal with technology coming out of highschool just doesn’t make sense.

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