I think we have a leader here…

I was impressed to see Casey Cagle’s leadership on the issue regarding reducing the income tax on senior citizens.  Here is an article out of the AJC today on this… http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/stories/0314metlegtax.html

Casey Cagle is not only talking, he’s actually leading.  He is demonstrating everyday why it is so important to elect someone with experience in making things happen. 



  1. George Allen 08 says:

    I have a question actually about Cagle. I was talking politics over the weekend with one of my friends (who is a Democrat), and he claimed that Casey Cagle never graduated from college. I was under the assumption that he graduated from Georgia Southern. Could someone from the Cagle campaign answer this question so I can go argue with my friend again? Thanks.

  2. larry smith says:

    Yeah, and he actually founded a multi-million dollar business that’s created dozens of jobs and put hundreds of families in homes. Of course, that’s to say nothing of being a leader on countless issues in the State Senate for over a decade.

    What have you done with your BA from miscellaneous subpar state institution besides learn to post snide comments on a blog, George? I’m willing to bet it’s a pale shadow of what Casey has done, and that you’ll never amount to very much outside fo your own mind.

  3. George Allen 08 says:

    Actually, Larry, I am a college dropout myself and have since become a successful small businessman as the owner of a human resources consulting firm. I was unaware that Senator Cagle dropped out of college too, and that’s why I asked the question, which you did not answer. Good day.

  4. larry smith says:

    I doubt that you’re telling the truth, but on the off chance that you are, my apologies.

  5. HowardDawg says:

    I heard this same crap at the convention. Somehow Reed’s people thought it was some great hit to tell everybody that Casey didn’t finish college and Ralph has a PhD. From Cagle’s website we see he attended college at Georgia Southern and Gainesville College. I asked one of his workers at the convention about the college thing and they told me he had to drop out of Southern after an injury kept him from playing football and when he decided to buy his first business and get married he dropped the college route. Fine by me. The man has more than proved himself. And most Georgians relate to a guy who didn’t have a silver spoon from birth and earned his own way regardless of his college attendance.

    Furthermore to all the Ralph defenders on this site, I will state that that the most ridiculous, incompetent, and arrogant jerks I’ve ever met were PhDs/college professors. And that equally applies to Ralph – and everyone who has met him leaves with the same bad taste in their mouth. The liability as I see it is being an overeducated jackass, not a highly successful non college graduate.

  6. George Allen 08 says:

    If the Reed campaign really did try to make an issue out of Cagle not graduating from college it would be a poor strategy since only a quarter of Georgians have a BA or higher.

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