Upside down numbers and Attack Ads…Do they add up?

Just thinking as I was going through my emails and reading the negative email attacks from candidates who swore they would not go negative before God and country.
The question I have is:  If your numbers are already upside down with your positives less then your negatives.  And it is common knowledge that  negative adds increase your negatives along with your opponents by decreasing turnout. 

  1. How much can you attack someone before you completely destroy yourself, your ideas, and your ticket?
  2. How far is to far?  Going after their family?  Calling them a racist?  Flat out lieing?
  3. Is this just “Politics as Usual,” and is this what has discouraged so many people from casting their vote for freedom over the years?

I am hesitant to mention names for fear that my front page status will be cut off, but you know which campaigns (sorry Erick) I am talking about.  The latest is not posted on a website yet, or I could not find a place to link it from…  It has been mentioned in several posts already though.


  1. spaceygracey says:

    It’s amazing what people will do when they are:
    a.) Losing power
    b.) Are pummelled with fake piety and BS from hypocrites such as Ralph Reed.

    Did everyone see A-5 of the print edition of the NYTimes yesterday? Liberals grew some fangs – finally.

    What’s next? A campaign to boycott Home Depot because Marcus and Nardelli think Righteous Ralphie’s going to do their Fat Cat bidding? Hope so! Talk about throwing good money away.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I believe it is important that the “facts” be on the table. Not a portion of the facts but in total so that people can make an informed decision. This is not negative campaigning. Ralph should know this, he’s done plenty of (remember Skandalakis sp?, his rumor mill against Sen. John McCain). There is plenty of information for people to read and see.

    Here’s the latest tell all from Abramoff in Vanity Fair.

  3. larry smith says:


    If half the electorate were as informed, logical, and morally grounded as you are, political consultants would all be unemployed and corruption in office would drop to zero.

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