The Car Tax

The General Assembly might cut the car tax. I think it is funny how the reporter goes about writing up the article, but it shows a bias on my part as well. She writes

ith 8 million cars, trucks and SUVs on the road, they estimate that would cost the state $500 million a year.

Well yes, the state will not get the money from the citizens it would otherwise get. But, what about the citizenry’s use of that $500 million to spur the economic engine of the state through purchases that would have been made but for that tax?


  1. hccitizen says:

    Political rhetoric. A bill introduced on March 9. Crossover Day is March 13. A well calculated press release, not a bill expected to actually become law.

  2. Jason Rizner says:

    First, let me say that I’m all for lower taxes. And I agree that citizens would use the money they save to spur the economy. However, it’s SO easy to say “Let’s cut/eliminate the tax on xyz”. The hard part comes in figuring out how to:

    – make up that revenue through some other source, or
    – eliminate programs, or
    – pass that burden on to other levels of government.

    I hesitate to blindly support a proposition such as this without knowing exactly how the loss of revenue will be dealt with.

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