Ayers Around Handel

Okay, corny title. As I was departing Atlanta for Washington today, my Treo buzzed with a press release from Karen Handel’s team noting the hiring of Jamie Ayers, Nick’s wife. She’ll be the Deputy Political Director and Deputy Finance Director.

I’m not even going to waste time calling around and asking questions only to get diplomatic non-denail denying admissions. One can hardly imagine Mrs. Ayers going to work for a Republican in a contested state wide primary without the blessing of her relative the Governor, who we know is already a fan of Karen’s. Will he issue a formal endorsement and will that set him at odds with the Senate leadership?

Likewise Robert Hennessy, who had worked on Dylan Glenn’s campaign, will be the campaign travel aide. I did not realize until the other day that my friend Steve Butler is Karen’s COS in Fulton County. This seems to be another blending of the Glenn/Perdue group that was with Dylan when he ran for Congress.

I can only expect Lynn Westmoreland, who continues to grow in popularity with the base, to start beating the bushes for Bill Stephens.


  1. Beth says:

    I saw it as well. You didn’t mention Michael O’Sullivan from the state party has also joined the team.

  2. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Dylan Glenn? Isnt he at home now? Surrounding yourself with losers wont make you a winner.

    As you say, watch for Lynn Westmoreland, the 2010 Governor if he wants it, to get involved soon.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    One can hardly imagine Mrs. Ayers going to work for a Republican in a contested state wide primary without the blessing of her relative the Governor, who we know is already a fan of Karen’s. Will he issue a formal endorsement and will that set him at odds with the Senate leadership?

    This entire paragraph drips with what appears to be an immense amount of distaste about Karen Handel from you, Erick.

    To presume that Mrs. Ayers is unable to make a decision without “consulting” with her relative smacks of blatant sexism.

    For the record, I doubt very seriously that Perdue would endorse Handel. That…musing sounds more like something that would come out of GAWire’s or Silence’s mouth than yours. Maybe you’re still on some medication, Erick, to compose such a post.

  4. Beth says:

    Stephen’s bank account. Handel had more cash on hand the last disclosure. Maybe he could have taken a loan that he’ll default on while they are in session.

  5. Erick says:

    Good Lord, Bill. Granted you can’t get “voice tone” from posts, but I maintain the position. I really doubt that Jamie would take a position in this type of race, knowing the inference it would create, without at least talking it over with those close to Sonny, like her husband.

    It is not in any way meant to be an insult to her. Just, for example, I doubt either Jenna or Barbara Bush or even Karl Rove would work for a candidate without at least the implicit permission of President Bush, knowing full well that if they worked for someone it would be seen as the President’s tacit endorsement of the person.

    The same holds true for the governor given that Nick is his campaign right hand and Jamie is a relative.

  6. MountainThinker says:

    In general, I have found a lot of the same people who think Karen Handel is a shoe in or even a very serious contender, are the same ones who thought Bill Byrne was going to win the GOP Governor nomination in 2002 over Sonny Perdue. Handel is an I-285 area candidate against a more experienced and in my opinion more qualified state-wide candidate in Bill Stephens.

  7. law303peachtreeroad says:

    Obviously I don’t have to comment on whether I agree with the Governor’s family being involved in this race, and basically telling Bill Stephens that he shouldn’t be Secretary of State. My issue right now is with “Uga wins 2005”

    The 2010 Governor’s race is Ralph Reed’s if he wants it, not Lynn Westmoreland’s.

    But a note on this latest press release. On top of crafting quality legislation to address voting issues, Stephens does a good job of submitting quality issues every week in his voter outrage releases. They are informative, and speak to the elections issues that will face him when he is Secretary of State. Handel’s campaign on the other hand can’t do any better than to talk about a staffer who’s married to a Sonny staffer, a staffer who worked for a primary loser two years ago and someone from the State Party. Please let me know how vital either of those three are to the office of SoS?

    Who is Michael Sullivan and Robert Hennesey? If you’re going to issue a press release with that little to it you might as well stay quiet.

    My thoughts.

    ~Stephens ’06

  8. RonaldJFehr says:

    I took a long look at all the candidates in the state wide races and feel like I’ve got a good grasp of what each one stands for. I have not decided who I will vote for in any of the races yet, because I believe the substance of a campaign comes out from Memorial Day forward.

    I guess you could call me a “solid red swing voter”. No doubt I’m Republican, but there are no hasty allegiances to candidates before I’m convinced I am ready to work for someone.

    I will say though that if Bill Stephens gets my vote, he will never see me volunteer for his campaign. If Stephens supporters had a clue about the bad image their spite, and venomous words left on their candidate they would be shocked at how poor they make him look.

    I had a good time cracking a joke or two about the financial situation facing Bill Stephens’ campaign after the December disclosure. Anyone who has been in politics for a while would have been just as puzzled by the campaign’s finances as I was, because you normally try NOT to lose money. I would argue that my cracks were not in the same class as some of what I’ve seen Stephens supporters write.

    I wouldn’t want to stuff an envelope, share a banner in a parade or pass out pushcards with a single one of them if the attitudes on this site are an indication of their character or his.

    As for press releases and relationships to elected officials, Bill Stephens is still running and he is still facing Karen Handel. Nothing has changed there. The staffers aren’t on the ballot, and they shouldn’t be a topic anyone cares about.

  9. Brian from Ellijay says:

    You have to remember that Nick was Karens Campaign manager in 2003 when she ran for FCCC.

  10. atlantaman says:

    Do you think that when James Carville works on a campaign it’s an implied endorsement from Bush and Cheney, since Mary Matalin is so close to the two of them?

  11. Jackets over Dogs says:

    Good point. I’ve heard from reliable sources that the Governor and the State Party Chair are crosisng their fingers that Stephens will win.

  12. Beth says:

    Jackets – as I look back though old threads on this race, I discovered that you do not know the difference between Nick Price (a golfer) and Tom Price ( a US Congressman). Your quotes from “reliable sources” really mean a lot.

  13. Bill Simon says:

    I wouldn’t think the Governor is crossing his fingers on that type of conclusion.

    But, Alec Poitivent? Yes, from what I’ve heard for a number of years, there’s a man who believes women should just be happy with living under a man’s thumb and certainly don’t belong running for office.

    The same can be said for Bill Stephens, whose attitude is that women serve him best when they serve under him…on a table, preferably.

  14. Beth says:

    Quality issues every week.

    One week something that happened in 1998…

    Another week something in NC – which uses mutiple types of voting machines, who even know if they are the same as GA

    One week blasting Cobb County – just highlights Stephens vindictive nature (Olens is supporting Handel)

  15. Ben Raspail says:

    Mr. Simon-
    Senator Stephens’ campaign manager is a woman. And, from what I hear, a quite capable one at that. You don’t hesitate to insult anyone from behind that computer monitor, do you?

    I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for you to post a meaningful, issue-related message on this site. Still waiting.

    All we ever hear from you is vitriol… lobbyists make too much money and have no souls; legislators are corrupt, go to strip clubs, and have no souls; Bill Stephens puts women on desks and has no soul. What is wrong with you, you sad, bitter, jealous man?

  16. Bill Simon says:

    Wow, Ben. I had no idea you were waiting for me to do something.

    But, to Bill Stephens’ case, I don’t have a lot of “meaningful” things to offer in regards to his capabilities OR his character. And, as someone who DID ONCE support him, I can say that is the truth and not mindless “vitriol.”

    I just don’t believe in voting for people who would bring complete incompetence to an office. Not a matter of “jealousy, bitterness, or sadness.” A simple matter of strong dislike for Bill Stephens, separate from anyone who is running against him.

    Is that honest enough for you, Ben? You might note that I am not “hiding” behind a false screen name or anything.

    By the way, if you cannot take criticism of your candidate, get out of the kitchen. AND, the next time I witness YOU talking smack about Karen Handel, I’ll be sure to paint you with the “vitriol brush,” Mr. Hypocrite.

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